Wednesday, October 21, 2009

John Patterson 1830

Margaret, this is getting interesting. I am reminded once again of the fact that we have never conclusively found my John Patterson (b 1765 SC) in the 1830 census. Likewise, two of his sons and a couple daughters are also MIA that year. But then John and "most" of the others are accounted for again by 1834 in Union Co Ga.

Would you do a search please for all John Pattersons in 1830? He would have 65 years old then. Sons that were "missing" that year were Amos (26 or 27) and Robert (34). By 1830, many of the former territories were states and so more of them should show up in the census I would imagine. Might lead to finding Alexander in 1830 also.

Thanks a million!


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