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Reply to Dick Simpson concerning Patterson - Cravens Connection

Dick, thanks for writing and asking this.

The info I have on these Cravens and Blacks are as follows. Robert "R" Cravens (made his mark "R") was b ca 1696 and d 1762. His wife was Mary Harrison, b 25 May 1696 and d 1781. They married 1720-21 in Sussex Co De. Their daughter Maggie / Majey / Madge was born ca 1731-33 in DE, although I think it's possible she could have been born a little earlier, possibly.

She married Robert Black ca 1748. He was born ca late 1720s or so. It is believed by several of us Black researchers that Robert Black had a brother name Gawin / Gavin and another brother named Joseph and that they were sons of Matthew and Mary Black. All 4 of these households were granted land on Clarks Fork in York Co SC. This Joseph Black was born ca 1740, married Sarah Patterson (sister of our Thomas Patterson), and is named on Robert "R" Patterson's 1775 will.

It is my belief that our Margaret "Peggy" Black (b ca 1767) was their daughter, along with Susannah Black Kincaid, a Sarah "Sary" Black Durham, a George Black, another Joseph Black, a Robert Goin Black, and others, too, perhaps.

Another younger Matthew Black was born ca 1750 and appears to be a son of Robert and Majey Cravens Black. This Matthew Black also had a son named Joseph Black. So there were 3 known Joseph Blacks from the 1700s, but the oldest one I believe is our ancestor.

To make matters worse, I also believe our John Patterson had a sister named Sarah "Sary" Patterson who married the 3rd Joseph Black I mentioned. See my page at for more explanation on that scenario.

Now, concerning the Cravens link.......

I still cannot prove anything, but my suspicion is that either Thomas Patterson was married to a Cravens OR Robert "R" Patterson's wife Sarah was a Cravens. The latter option actually holds more weight in my opinion for several reasons. There was a Craven(s) family in Salem Co, NJ (West Jersey) in the late 1600s and early 1700s. Many of the Harrisons of Sussex Co DE resided over in Salem Co NJ. It is believed that Isaiah Harrison, Jr lived there before coming to Augusta Co Va AFTER the rest of the Harrisons have moved there. It is also believed that it was HIS son Nathaniel Harrison who signed Robert Patterson's 1775 will in SC. And, it was Isaiah Jr's daughter, Jane Harrison, who married Samuel Stewart, a long time next farm neighbor to Robert Patterson both in DE and in Va. Anyway, this Craven family included several Thomas and Peter Craven(s).

I think it is "possible" (purely guess work for now, though) that our Sarah _____ Patterson (m Robert "R" Patterson), who was born ca 1715, could have been a daughter of one of the Thomas Cravens who was there, and therefore a sister of another Thomas Craven and a Peter Craven (b 1712). We know that Sarah and Robert Patterson named their first son Thomas Patterson, and the next Peter Patterson, and the next Robert Patterson, and the last William Patterson. Robert (Sr)'s father was also named William. The names Thomas and Peter most likely came from Sarah's family.

Furthermore, this Peter Craven b 1712 moved his family to Augusta Co Va around 1742-44, roughly the same time as Robert and Sarah moved to Va. Robert Craven moved there about 1739, btw. Peter Craven then moved his family to Randolph Co, NC in the mid 1750s along what is now the Deep River not far from the city of Randleman, NC. Peter and many in his family were Regulators, and then Loyalists during the Revolution.

In York Co SC, our Thomas Patterson and his younger bro William, and 3 bros-in-law were all listed as Loyalists, along with the Blacks (including Joseph Black), Ponders, Harrisons, and the Julian clan. This Julian clan also then moved to Randolph Co NC right after the war, not far from the Cravens. This would explain the reason for my searches for Thomas Pattersons in NC for 1790, particularly in Randolph Co. One was there, by the way, but I'm not yet sure if it was ours. It may have been. There was also an Alexander Patterson there and a John Patterson with the same household make up as OUR John Patterson in Pendleton District, SC in 1790. None of these 3 Pattersons are in Randolph in 1800. Oddly enough, there are all 3 names in Buncombe in 1800. I still have to study those records more to get a more accurate analysis, though.

These Pattersons in 1790 Randolph were not living near the Craven families OR Julians, but it also appears that sections of the enumeration were alphabetical somewhat, so that may not mean anything then.

What am I saying? I'm saying the Craven family has ties to our family somehow, it appears, but I cannot nail it down yet. If I was a betting man, though, I'd say that Thomas' mother, Sarah, was a Craven. The next question, then, is were the Peter Craven family and the Robert Cravens family related or not? Don't know that either, but I'd be surprised if they weren't somehow.

I believe John (son of Thomas Patterson) and Margaret (dau of Joseph Black) were 1st cousins. Their oldest son was named Joseph Black Patterson, and HIS two oldest sons were Joseph Black Patterson and William Craven Patterson. They were named that for a reason. I think it is also possible that Thomas Patterson may have been married to a Craven(s) but have never been able to determine that.

More later....


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