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John Patterson 1790 - Where was he?

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For decades it was accepted that John and Margaret Black Patterson were living in Pendleton District, SC in 1790. As a result, the broader assumption was that their oldest son Joseph B Patterson was born there in 1789, and they must have married there about 1788.

But did they EVER live in Pendleton?

None of their relatives seem to have lived in Pendleton. Both the Blacks and the Pattersons had roots in York Co, SC (Camden District). Many of the families who migrated to Buncombe Co NC in the 1790s and early 1800s did so directly from other neighboring counties. Many of John and Margaret's relatives came directly from York Co SC and Burke Co NC, etc.

John and Margaret's (J&M) daughter, Amy Jane, was born in 1793. She lived until 1889 and always told her descendants that they were from Camden District, SC. Interesting... Camden did include York Co SC, but John was not there in 1790. Camden also included other SC counties such as Lancaster, but NOT Pendleton.

Recently, Marty Grant proposed the theory that the 1790 Pendleton SC John Patterson (1-1-1-0-0) is a better fit for the Patterson / Chapman clan, not John and Margaret Black Patterson. I tend to agree with that theory.

Where does that leave us in regards to the actual location of J&M in 1790? Several questions immediately come to mind. Where exactly were they in 1790? How many children did they actually have then? When did they marry, and where?

At the time I initially wrote this post, the two strongest possibilities I knew of were 1) Randolph Co, NC and 2) Camden District, Lancaster Co, SC. One might also propose that they were in both, but that could not be true as the family demographics were not the same in both locations. So if J&M were one of these, they were ONLY one or the other, not in both locations. I have since learned more about the Randolph Co NC Pattersons and they do NOT seem to have any connection to the Buncombe Co NC Pattersons. So for now, the Lancaster Co SC (Camden District) option seems to be the best option for John and Margaret Black Patterson.

Camden District, Lancaster Co, SC

Now consider 1790 Lancaster Co, SC which was in Camden District as Amy Jane Patterson (Kincaid) told her family. The John Patterson listed there had a HH described as 1-2-2-0-0 which means there was another son under age 16 and another female. Another item to consider concerning this John Patterson in Lancaster, SC is that he was enumerated next to a Daniel Fleming (1-1-3-0-0).

There was a Daniel Fleming (Pleming) in Buncombe and Haywood counties NC at the same time John and Margaret Patterson were there. There is enough evidence to believe he was the same man.

There was an 1810 Buncombe Co NC deed, as follows:

(Book C/Pg 169) Dated 10/2/1810 and Entered 11/26/1810
Hezekiah Allen to Joseph M. Morrow, 50 acres, "…on a branch of Newfound Creek running into the north side of said creek a little below Benjamin Gudger's land…, …west side of Gudger's land…"
Witnesses: John Hays & Daniel Pleming

Also notice these deeds:

(Book 11/Pg 26) Dated 8/31/?1811 and Entered 6/22/1818
Thomas Plemmons to James Morrow, 100 acres, "…small branch that empties into Newfound Creek, …Johny Williams' line…"
Witnesses: Johnathan Hicks & Joseph M. Morrow

(Book 11/Pg 52) Dated 2/22/1816 and Entered 6/23/1818
James Morrow to David Cole, 60 acres, "James Morrow of Haywood Co., NC; …both sides of Newfound Creek, …Rogers' line…"
Witnesses: James Gudger & Joseph Cole

And last, but not least:

(Book 4/Pg 657) Dated 8/2/1802 and entered 7/?/1803
Richard Morrow to John Patterson, 100 acres, "West side FBR (French Broad River), between mouth of NewFound and Sandy Mush on Jenkin's Branch, runs north…" (proven in court by Daniel Ponder)
Witnesses: Daniel Ponder & James Morrow & Andrew Patterson

(Book 8/Pg 180) Dated 7/17/1802 and entered 7/?/1804
William Hunter to Daniel Ponder, (?) acres, "West side FBR, between mouth of NewFound and Sandy Mush on Jenkin's Branch, …a tract of land that the said Ponders now lives on..."
Witness: Jonathan Hicks

There are plenty more deeds to consider, but these are the most pertinent to this discussion about John and Margaret Black Patterson and this Daniel Fleming (Pleming), which seem now to have been living next to each other in 1790 in Lancaster Co (Camden Dist), SC.

The John Patterson in the above deeds is definitely mine. The Daniel Ponder was his uncle. Andrew Patterson appears to have been a son of Peter Patterson, and therefore a 1st cousin of my John. John's uncle Peter Patterson seems to have his children and their families moving into Buncombe b/w 1800 and 1810, so this fits.

As for Daniel Pleming, you see in 1810 that he was a witness for Joseph M Morrow's land purchase. The very next year, Joseph Morrow and Jonathan Hicks witness a deed from Thomas Pleming (Plemmons) to James Morrow.

The significance of this is that Jonathan Hicks was a relative of Sally Hicks, who married John Patterson Jr. Furthermore, James Morrow married Elizabeth, who I believe to have been a daughter of Peter Patterson, and therefore a sister to the above Andrew Patterson. This same James and Elizabeth Morrow lived 2 households away from John Patterson in 1840 Union Co Ga.

And then throw in the fact that John Patterson bought his land in 1802 from another Morrow, and that James Patterson (another presumed son of Peter Patterson of York SC), married Sarah Morrow in 1810 and they lived next to John Patterson.

Daniel Fleming was in Haywood Co NC in 1810 and listed as 00201-04201-00. Many of these Morrows and Pattersons began moving into Haywood County around 1810 and later.

So which John Patterson was mine? Pendleton SC? I no longer believe so. Lancaster SC? Seems likely given the Daniel Fleming neighbor and that they were in Camden District (as John's daughter told her descendants), and that the Randolph Co NC Pattersons now appear to have no connection at all.

So... where was John's father, Thomas Patterson, residing in 1790?

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