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Wife of Thomas Patterson Was Definitely a Harrison

March 17, 2015 Initial Report

Those of us who descend from John Patterson and Margaret Black know that John's father was Thomas Patterson. Several years ago, Harald Reksten found a book that had published some time back that dealt with various church records from the Shenandoah Valley of VA in the mid 1700's. In that book, it showed that our Thomas Patterson married in 1761, but the ink was very faded when this author looked over the original records. According to him, he thought the bride was Margaret Harrison.

Harald has viewed the microfilm of this, again a few years ago, and that part of the page where Thomas Patterson's marriage record was recorded, the ink was too faded to even show up on the microfilm.

Harald tracked down where the Presbyterian Church Archives are now stored. It had moved a few times over recent years. Currently they are stored at Columbia Theological Seminary in Decatur, GA, which happens to be where I was born. Not the seminary, of course..... but Decatur, Ga.

These records are only available to the public for viewing on Fridays, and by appt only. I have an appt for Friday this week to view the original records from 1761. I don't hold much hope (if any) to even see anything on this paper, but I'm going to make sure. I hope to be able to corroborate the author's interpretations from 15 or 20 years ago when he viewed it. If I cannot, I guess his interpretation is better than nothing.... which is precisely what we had before this. The author (Richard K. MacMaster) transcribed the pastor's (Alexander Miller) records as follows:

Married in 1761, 10br. 24th (WP: December 24, 1761), Thos. Peterson and Margt (Harrison?)

All of the Patterson records are spelled Peterson, and all of the Cravens records are spelled Crevens, by the way.

Wish me luck....

Wes Patterson, g-g-g-g-g-grandson of Thomas Patterson and Margaret ?Harrison.

March 21, 2015 Follow Up Report

I consider today's visit to the Presbyterian Church Archives in Decatur, Ga a total success. I was not expecting to see anything in that lower right corner of the list of marriages from 1761. But I was very pleasantly surprised. At first, I had to find it on the microfilm (their requirements). Even there, I could see a faint record of it, more so than on past digital images of the microfilm record. 

But once I was able to view the original book that contained the records, there was absolutely no doubt in my mind that Thomas Patterson married Margaret Harrison. It's evident there are 8 letters in the last name, so it wasn't a Harris or Herron or Herring, or some other "H" name that was common in Augusta Co VA at that time. 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Robert Patterson Neighbors in Sussex Co., DE

A few nights ago I did some analysis on the Pattersons and their neighbors in Sussex Co., DE during the 1730's and later. Based on the deeds, court records, wills, etc, and based on the names of the creeks/water ways, there were some interesting details that I found.

One key detail that jumped out at me in the end, something I had never picked up on before, is that any reference you see for "Cypress Branch" of Broadkill, and any reference for "Pembers/Pemberton Branch" of Broadkill -- they're one and the same. The details of the transactions over time bear that fact out.

So, the Broadkill flows from west to east through Milton, and to the coast. There are several branches of importance to us that flow into the Broadkill. Farthest to the west and flowing east or NE or north into the Broadkill, is Pemberton Branch aka Cypress Branch. 

The next branch to the east is on modern maps as Ingram Branch, but that is what is called in the old deeds Long Bridge Branch, and formerly known as Southwest Branch. It flows north or NE into Broadkill.

Next to the east is Round Pole Branch and it also flows N/NE into the Broadkill.

Next to the east is Beaverdam or Bright's Beaverdam Creek/Branch. Likewise, it flows N/NE into the Broadkill.

Others to the near east are Mill Branch and Cold Spring Branch.

Now.... follow where these families owned land.... and when...


pre 1730 - Daniel and John Ponder bought
1729 - Z. Goforth to Samuel Stewart (wit: Robert Cravens, Ann Brown)
1729(30) - Samuel Stewart to Robert Cravens (bounded by Peter Marsh, and on south side, a bridge and county road)
1735 - Peter Marsh to Charles Perry/Peery (bounded by John Ponder)
1747(8) - Robert Cravens sold, by POA James Hood
1748 - Daniel & John Ponder to Smith Onley


1721 - William Stewart bought (bounded by southernmost fork of the branch)
1726 - William & Mary Stewart to John Hall (wit: Samuel Stewart, Thomas Cade)


1732 - Matthew Ozbon Jr to Robert Patterson (bounded by Thomas Black and on north side, the county road)
1732 - Matthew Ozbon Jr to Thomas Black (bounded by Patterson)


1000 acre Millford tract, passed through families of Dawson, Clark, Rowland, others, Osburns, and John Gum (Millford was on SE side of Broadkill, SE side of Long Bridge Branch aka SW Branch, both sides of Round Pole Branch, and was 10 miles west of Lewes town)

1720(1) - John and William Stewart (S. Side of Long Bridge Branch, bounded by Thomas Davock, and swamp; WP: Thomas Davock was the step father of David Stewart, who in turn was the father of Samuel Stewart that married Lydia Harrison.)


1722(3) - John Fisher to Gideon Harrison
1730 - Daniel Harrison acquired the land of Gideon Harrison, dec'd
1737 - Daniel Harrison to Henry Scidmore (this land was part of "Millford")

1000 acre Millford tract, passed through families of Dawson, Clark, Rowland, others, Osburns, and John Gum (Millford was on SE side of Broadkill, SE side of Long Bridge Branch aka SW Branch, both sides of Round Pole Branch, and was 10 miles west of Lewes town)


1697 - Charles Bright acquired 300 ac. on east and west sides of Beaverdam Branch, by Thomas Pemberton, adj. Wm. Durvall and Wm. Light (remember that Wm. Durvall is who sold Maiden Plantation to Isaiah Harrison)
1707 court case between John Ponder and Charles Bright
1721 - Wm. Darval to Isaiah Harrison (907 acres)
1732 - Isaiah Harrison to Thomas, Daniel, Jeremiah Harrison
1740 - Daniel Harrison to George Campbell, etc.


1724 - John Steward, N. side of Mill Creek, near Cold Spring Branch (next to Matthew Ozbon) - this was just to the east of Beaverdam Branch
1725 - Robert Smith, NW side of Cold Spring Branch
1727 - Wm. Burton, N. side of Broadkill, bounded by Bryan Rowles (wit: Margret Addams)
1729 - John Harrison, N. side of Broad Creek (interesting, as John Harrison and Margaret Adams lived next to each other on Linville Creek in VA - 1-093a. 31 January 1761 John Harrison, 294 acres between branches of Smiths and Linvels Creeks and between Jno. Wright and Widow Adams Lands.)
John Ponder had tracts on N. Side of Broad Creek and also on S. Side of Broad Creek
1737 - John Harrison, N. side of Broad Creek (wit: Willm. Burton)

Regarding the William Burton deed in 1727 with Margaret Addams as a witness... I'm still not convinced this was our Margaret Adams, but given the proximity of William Burton to John Harrison, it causes me to re-think this possibility.

I just found this on the web...

Jones, John. Bought 137 acres of larger tract Hopewell in SXDE by 2 Dec. 1729 from Cornelius Wiltbanck, adj. Bryant Roles/Rowls, on SW of land John Harrison (who bought part of Hopewell), N. side of Broadkiln Ck. [ment in SX Deed F:341]; agreement to buy dated 31 Jan 1731/2 [SX Deed F:421-422].Land of John Jones in Oct 1737 bounded the SW side of 135a of John Harrison, cordwinder and yeoman sold to John Sullivan [Syllovan, Sullevant], planter, of Dorchester Co. MD on the N. side of Broad Ck.; bounded in the NE by land formerly John Dunnovan’s, bought by Edward Naws. This is the land sold to John Harrison by Abraham Wiltbank [SX deed G:230-231]. John Sylavan of SX sold the 135 acres 11 June 1742 to Nathaniel Naws, planter of SX, adj. Edward Naws’ land; on N. side of Broad Kill (Broad Creek) [SX deed H:11].

So this shows that John Jones bought land from Wiltbank in 1729, that was adj. Bryan Rowles, and also adj. John Harrison, on the SW side of Harrison, and it was all on the N. Side of Broadkill Creek. 

We already know that John Harrison had bought his land on the N. Side of Broad Creek the same year, 1729. 

We also already know that William Burton had bought his land on the N. Side of Broadkill in 1727, wit: by Margret Addams. But more importantly, this land of Burton's was also adj. Bryan Rowles, just like John Harrison would be in a couple years.

So then it makes sense that when John Harrison sold his land in 1737, that William Burton was a witness. This proves to me that these tracts are in the same area, and that Rowles, Harrison and Burton were neighbors. So who was this Margaret Addams in 1727?

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