Sunday, December 10, 2017

New photo of William Harden "Billy" Patterson

William Harden Patterson, aka "Billy" was born in 1832 in north Ga. He died from blood poisoning - perhaps Rocky Mountain spotted fever - in 1883. He served in the War for Southern Independence - aka "Civil War" from 1862 - 1864. He was first in Smith's Legion, part of the Georgia Partizan Rangers, and then later his company was merged into the newly formed 6th Georgia Cavalry. 

This picture is from a large framed photograph that was formerly in the possession of the late Nellie Patterson Mason, a granddaughter of Billy Patterson. In the 1980's, my father, the late Frank Patterson (nephew of Nellie) and I both visited Aunt Nellie at her home. We took the picture outside and dad took a few slides of the framed photo. 

In 2017 I was going through some of dad's slides and found these pictures. I in turn took digital pictures of these slides, and these are the pictures I took.

William Harden "Billy" Patterson (1832-1883)

Nellie Patterson Mason and Frank Patterson

Nellie Patterson Mason and Wes Patterson

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