Friday, February 2, 2024

Coming Soon - Book on John Patterson

I am still on target for finishing up the book on John Patterson in the next month or so. Hopefully by April 1st we could be going to print. 

John Patterson of Jenkins Branch, Buncombe County, North Carolina is the current working title. 

This has been a fun project to work on. Getting all my notes and documentation and photos and charts and maps updated, double checked, assembled in one place... it's been a long time coming. All previous attempts were just too large in scope. Once this is published, I can then branch off and focus on various lines, such as one specific child of John, or perhaps John's brother Robert Patterson, or their father, Thomas Patterson of Clarks Fork, and one day HIS father, Robert Patterson of Linville Creek. 

First draft of John's book is complete. I'm now going through and filling in a few gaps, and sourcing pieces missed in the first pass. Then I'll finish up the bibliography and the index and send off to editors for reviewing. 

More coming soon!


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