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Forsyth Memorial Park - Fishburne / Holton

This post is to document the location of Holton and Fishburne graves at Forsyth Memorial Park. The cemetery is located in Winston-Salem, NC (Forsyth Co.). Virginia was the mother of Ginna Fishburne Patterson, as well as Chip Fishburne, and Dana Fishburne Kwiatkowski. Virginia was married to Charles Carroll Fishburne, Sr.

Here is the Location of Cemetery on Google Maps.

Here is a Map of Grave Locations in the Cemetery.

Here is my Photo Gallery of Pictures taken in this Cemetery.

Family Graves in Cemetery

Virginia Holton (Fishburne)
1922 - 2006
#1 in map

Posted by Wes Patterson

Ginna Fishburne Patterson's Ancestors

My wife, Ginna, and I have recently been digging into her family tree again, taking various lines of her genealogy further back as we discover more through research. One aspect of this recent push in research has been to find the cemeteries and graves of her ancestors, starting of course with her grandparents and going back. Over the coming days and weeks I will be adding information here to that effect. Initially, it will cover more of her mother's family, as they are closer to us in proximity, but will eventually get into her father's line as well, as we do have much on that side also.

Ginna's parents are Charles Carroll Fishburne, Sr. and Virginia Holton (Fishburne). Charles was born in 1919 and is still living, with his second wife, Jane Smith (Fishburne). Virginia was born in 1922 and passed away on March 20, 2006.

At the end of this post you will see a chart that shows Virginia and her ancestors going back four generations prior to her.... but we have much more than that. To see a full listing of  her genealogy that you can navigate through -- and, if you have access to trees -- feel free to view the genealogy there. Below the chart, there is a second chart that picks up with Isaac Newton Carmichael and that branch of the family and goes back from him. I am including that here as we have found several graves in various cemeteries for some of them as well.

Ancestors Whose Graves Have Been Found

Cemeteries and graves that we have so far found and documented are as follows:

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