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Pemberton's Branch & the Broadkill River

I've been working on my Patterson book again, here of late (while job hunting, of course). This book is the "big saga" book I've always wanted to write, documenting my Patterson family, and also providing a little "spice" along the way (not just names and dates).

The book is about Robert Patterson, who was born circa 1711. I don't know an exact year he was born, but he bought his first tract of land in 1732, in Sussex Co., Delaware. He was a yeoman, and the custom of that area in those days was one had to be 21 to buy land, at least from what I've read concerning the Harrison family of NY and DE. It seems a safe bet that Robert was 21 when he bought the DE land in 1732. Perhaps more evidence will show up to confirm this at some point.

With that in mind, it sure would be nice to have this book done in time to publish it in 2011, the 300th anniversary of Robert's birth.

The DE tract he bought in 1732 was on the south side of Pemberton's Branch, one of the source branches of the Broadkill River. This land was located just west of Milton, DE, along Burton Rd best I can tell.

G7-030. 7 November 1732 Matthew Ozbon Jr. of Sussex County, Delaware to Robert Patterson yeoman, of same for 50 pounds, 106 acres on the South side of Pemberton’s Branch, one of the branches that runs into the Broadkill Creek below the county road. Tract was taken up and surveyed for Matthew Ozbon by commissioners warrant granted to Robert Lodge, carpenter of Sussex by proprietors in Philadelphia on 8 December 1718. Robert Lodge sold to Matthew Ozbon dated 2nd day 10th month of 1719. Land was surveyed by Matthew Ozbon and found to contain 212 acres of which half is sold to Robert Patterson. Bounded by Pemberton’s Branch, by a small branch below the county road. Witnesses: Phil. Russel, Robt. Shankland. Acknowledged: 7 February 1733
G7-287. 7 March 1738 Robert Patterson, yeoman of Sussex County and his wife, Sarah, spinster to John Isaac and Jonathan Dunton, late of Summerset County, now of Sussex for 40 pounds, 106 acres on the South side of Pembertons Branch below the County Road and was taken up and surveyed for Matthew Ozburn Jr. by commissioners warrant granted to Robert Lodge, carpenter of Sussex by proprietors in Philadelphia on 8 December 1718. Robert Lodge sold to Matthew Ozburn dated 2nd day 10th month of 1719. Land was surveyed by Matthew Ozburn and found to contain 212 acres of which half is sold to Robert Patterson. Land is bounded by Pembertons Branch below the road, and by the dividing line. Signed: Robart Patterson (his "R" mark), Sarah Patterson (her "S" mark). Witnesses: Jeremiah Claypoole, James Smith. Acknowledged: 6 March 1738
Last night I sent an email query to two men from the DE state DOT regarding the history of that area, in an attempt to locate this land more definitively. Here is the message I sent:

Mr. Kent and/or Mr. Smith,

My name is Wes Patterson and I have an historical question for you. I am trying to locate a particular road that was referenced as the "County Road" - in 1732. This was a Sussex Co DE deed, and the tract contained 212 acres, "South side of Pemberton's Branch... below the county road."

Now I know for a fact that this Pemberton's branch runs west to east, starting around Thicket Rd, and runs east towart Milton, crossing Gravel Hill Rd - all the while running south of and parallel to, Saw Mill Rd. I'm assuming that the tract in question, being on the south side of the branch, was therefore located along parts of Thicket and/or Burton Rd.

Nonetheless, my assumption is that the Milton Ellendale Hwy was not constructed until much later, therefore the old "county road" in this vicinity was most likely what is now called Saw Mill Rd.

Is there anyway this can be verified? Thank you for your time.

Wes Patterson
Winston-Salem, NC

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John & Margaret Patterson cemetery

Last Revised: 27 December 2018

After my latest trip to north GA I have become 99% certain that my gggg-grandparents are buried at Bethlehem Baptist Church Cemetery in Lower Young Cane, GA, just west of Blairsville (Union Co).

Bethlehem Cemetery, south of Ivylog, west of Blairsville, GA

I will never be able to prove it, for certain. But a considerable amount of evidence has come to light in regards to the locations of their children's farms during the 1830's and 40's, and where John and Margaret lived in relation to them during that time.

John and Margaret (J&M) did not own their own farm, by the way. So that effectively removes a family cemetery from the equation.

In 1840, the last census on which John was recorded, they were living next to Isabella Price. But Isabella wasn't even buried in a family cemetery, as she was later buried at Bethlehem Cemetery also. All of these family lots (Amos, George, Joseph, plus Isabella) in Lower Young Cane were within a mile or two of Bethlehem, and a couple were within a half mile. In fact, the lot which was the furthest away was Isabella's lot, but she was later buried at Bethlehem. Isabella was not a daughter of John and Margaret, but she was apparently close to them.

My g-gf was Elijah Patterson (1871-1957). He is buried at Bethlehem Cemetery (BC).

His parents were Bill and Betty Patterson (Wm H. Patterson, 1832-1883, and Elizabeth Akins Patterson, 1836-1914). Both Bill and Betty are buried at BC - next to Isabella Price.

Bill's father was George Patterson (1800-1860)... I now know that George died in 1860 sometime between July when the census was taken, and December when his widow Sophia wrote a letter to her family regarding his death. He was buried a couple miles north next to his wife Rebecca Chastain Patterson, who had died during the mid to late 1840's when they lived on a lot in Ivy Log. George later lived very close to BC, and I found out this week via telephone that George attended Bethlehem Church. Logically, he chose to be buried next to his wife, and therefore he is not at BC.

My gggg-gf was John Patterson (1762/65-1840's), father of George. John and his wife Margaret, are the first generation of Pattersons whom I do NOT know where they are buried. Bethlehem Church was established in 1848. Usually, churches were established by like-minded people in a growing locale, and quite often established near a cemetery already in use by the community or one of the families. I now know that John could have been born as early as 1762 and no later than 1765. I believe it was around 1762/63 time frame.

BC has at least 30 unmarked graves (field stones with no markings on them) in the heart of the cemetery. And the main Patterson (and Price and Gray) rows are located all around these unmarked graves at the entrance to the cemetery. White folk began moving into the area in the late 1820's and early 1830's, so none of these graves would likely pre-date 1830.

Where were John and Margaret Patterson buried? Where was their oldest son Joseph B. Patterson (1789-1860) buried? Where was Joseph's daughter, Peggy, and her husband, Gravet E. Foster, buried?

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Job Search

Most weeks, my spare time is partially consumed by genealogical and historical searches, and various related pursuits.

Since April 30 of this year, however, my searches have been for employment. My employer of the last 2 and a half years chose to go in another direction and no longer needed my skill set. It was a business decision, and one they have a right to make. In spite of the fact that I respect their decision, it was difficult to take, nonetheless. I will certainly miss everyone at MICA Information Systems. God speed.

So, as I stated previously, my time since then has been consumed with my current need for suitable employment. Thus the reason for my lack of blog posts over the last month. In time, my genealogical pursuits will re-emerge. That doesn't mean I have ignored my research interests of late - because I haven't completely - but the time devoted to them has been dramatically impacted - understandably.

At this time, my goal is to be in a new job by July 1st. Lord willing, things will be worked out by then. But His timing is best, and this too shall pass. So far, I have applied to over 25 jobs - and counting. I have to do my part also, and I am doing just that. But I depend on my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, and His guidance and provision. All good things come from above.

And, just this evening, my wife and I were discussing the possibility of traveling to north Ga in a couple weeks for an overnight trip - the 3 of us. My purpose in going however will be to research deeds in Union Co Ga - something I've been needing and wanting to do for several months. Now is a good time to do this without worrying about taking vacation time. I spend 5 to 8 hours everyday working on my job search. I have no problem taking 2 weekdays in the near future to get away and have some fun.

So, while I'm neck deep in the job hunt, I'm still perculating on the family hunt. It's good balance, I suppose.


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Robert Patterson of Rusk TX (b 1796)

Robert Patterson of Rusk Co Tx was enumerated on the 1860 census there. He died sometime between that year and 1870. For years I have been researching this man and his family, and their connection to my John and Margaret Black Patterson family of Union Co Ga. I have become convinced that Robert (born ca 1796) was a son of John and Margaret. As a point of reference, I descend from John by his son, George (b 1800). I have additional notes on this Robert on a page at

In December 2009, Marty Grant was updating his website and he did some follow up research on this Robert and was able to find him on the 1840 (St Francis Co AR) census, and perhaps also in 1830 (Clarke Co GA). No one had previously located him on any census except 1860. The following research notes are excerpts of communications initiated by Marty Grant on 10 Dec 2009. These notes are from Marty Grant, and supplemented by Wes Patterson in Dec 2009 and April 2010.

The following notes begin with Marty’s data collection and analysis.

Franklin Co., GA Marriages to 1850:
9 Oct 1806 Rachel Patterson & James Bohannan
26 Nov 1825 John Strange & Ann Johnson
23 Mar 1830 Milly Patterson & Absalom H. Shelton
9 Feb 1832 Calvin W. Patterson & Elizabeth Attaway
11 Oct 1832 Nancy Patterson & H. K. Phillips
25 Aug 1833 Hampton Patterson & Mary Bowers
11 Oct 1835 Robert Patterson & Ann Strange
18 Jul 1840 Tryon Patterson & Eliza Prewitt
22 Nov 1842 Samuel Patterson & Frances M. Patterson

Jackson Co., GA marriages to 1850:
29 Aug 1808 Rachel Patterson & Patton Gardner
25 Dec 1817 Charlotte Patterson & Grigsby Grady
14 Apr 1819 William Patterson & Rebecca Coffee
15 Feb 1821 Tabitha Patterson & James Candle
10 Oct 1828 Katharine Patterson & Stephen Caudle

Clarke Co., GA marriages to 1850:
20 Apr 1809 Nancy Patterson & Henry Langford
29 Jan 1818 William Patterson & Rodey Runnels
28 Oct 1827 James Patterson & Nancy Howard
13 Feb 1834 Littleton Patterson & Elizabeth Dupree

Madison Co., GA marriages to 1850:
12 Jun 1817 Celia Patterson & Charles McDaniel
2 Jan 1829 Elizabeth Patterson & James S. Palmer
22 Nov 1840 Elizabeth Patterson & Ezekiel Bray
25 Nov 1847 Joshua M. Patterson & Prudence Chetham
7 Dec 1848 Mary E. Patterson & James R. Anderson
3 Jan 1850 Martha A. Patterson & Thomas B. Thompson

1820 Census - Georgia
Clarke County - No Pattersons
Franklin - None

Jackson -
1- Wm Patterson 000200-10010 no slaves
2- James Patterson 110101-00001 no slaves
3- Wm Patterson 000001-00010 no slaves
# 1 and 2 were very near each other

Madison - None

1830 Census
Clarke -
David Paterson (c1790/1800) 100001-12001, 55 slaves
John Paterson (c1790/1800) 210001-010001, no slaves
Robert H. Paterson (c1790/1800) 200001-10001, no slaves
No Morrow, Marr or similar. No Kincaid

Franklin -
John Strange (c1800/10) 20001-10001, no slaves, 1 slave
Claborn Johnson (c1780/90) 2011001-0120001, 8 slaves, next to John Strange
William Strange (c1790/1800 or 1800/10) 200011-00001, no slaves, 8 houses from John Strange
George Patterson (c1800/10) 20001-10001, 1 slave, 5 houses from William Strange
Tryon Patterson (c1770/80) 00021001-00110001, no slaves
William Patterson (c1800/10) 00001-200010001, no slaves
James Strange (c1800/10) 10001-00001, no slaves
Seth Strange (c1780/90) 00011001-00000001, 12 slaves
Seth Strange (c1800/10) 00001-1001, 2 slaves

Jackson - none
Madison - none

From the Franklin County records you can see that John Strange (1st husband of Ann Johnson) was next to Claborn Johnson, perhaps her father [WP: he definitely was Ann's father]. They weren't far at all from George Patterson. Don't know how George ties in with Robert or if he does.

By 1840 there were only two Strange families in Franklin: Seth and William.

I also found this in St. Francis Co., AR in 1840 side by side in Johnson District (or Township):
pg 196 Claborn Johnson (c1780/90) 00010001-00010001, 11 slaves
pg 196 Robert Patterson (c1800/10) 212001-012101, 4 slaves

This is almost certainly the same Claborn Johnson from 1830 Franklin, and this would be his son-in-law Robert Patterson and wife Ann Johnson Strange Patterson. It also fits to be your Uncle Robert Patterson except we didn't know they were ever in Arkansas (or at least *I* didn't know it). William King was next door. I mention that because Robert's daughter R. E. married a King in the 1840's.

There is a William H. Patterson (c1790/1800) in 1840 St. Francis also, but not nearby.

Looking for them again in 1850 (I tried to find Robert in 1850 before but failed), I first looked for Claborn Johnson, and found him in Rusk Co., TX, right where he ought to be! He was by himself, age 66 born SC, no occupation, no real property, Rusk District, house and family # 430/430. No obvious relatives nearby, and still no sign of the Robert Patterson family in 1850. I checked for them in St. Francis Co., AR in 1850 but they weren't there. William H. Patterson (c1803) and family were there in 1850, probably same from 1840.

On a hunch I checked the 1850 Slave Schedule for Rusk and found "C. Johnson" listed with two slaves. That is probably Claborn. No Pattersons were listed in Rusk County, TX with slaves.

Marty Grant (Marvin A. Grant, Jr.)

*** and then my consolidated responses to Marty ***


You've gotten my attention for sure! Yes, Claborn Johnson WAS Ann's father. There is no question about that from the previous research I've done. And yes, he arrived in Tx prior to Robert and Ann coming. There WAS a young John Patterson living with Elizabeth Ferguson in Rusk Tx in 1850, and I believe him to have been the oldest son of Robert Patterson by his 1st wife.

St Francis Co AR is on the eastern border of the state - with Mississippi. This is certainly in the direct line of travel from GA / AL etc toward Tx. The 1840 AR Robert Patterson and his wife both appear to be too young by one column, but I realize that census records are not always correct - depending on who actually gave the data to the census taker.

Given that Patterson is next door to Claborn Johnson, that is a HUGE factor in believing this is most likely the Robert Patterson who married Ann Johnson Strange and ended up in Rusk Co Tx.

Now - here's the next question I have for you. Do we think this is John and Margaret's son born in 1796? Or do we think this is their nephew, son of Robert and Elizabeth Patterson of 1800 and 1810 Buncombe and 1820 Haywood? I don't have those census records in front of me right now, but I know that Robert had at least 3 sons. Could the 3 Patterson males from 1830 Clarke Co Ga be the sons of Robert and Elizabeth? And, therefore be nephews of my John? [WP: in 1800 Buncombe Co NC census, Robert Patterson had 2 males 0-10 in his household. So it's possible that the Robert of Clarke 1830 could have been a son of 1800 Buncombe Robert, but all 3 of these 1830 men were not his sons, if any. I believe the evidence will show a closer kinship to John of 1800 Buncombe.]

1830 Census
Clarke -
David Paterson (c1790/1800) 100001-12001, 55 slaves
John Paterson (c1790/1800) 210001-010001, no slaves
Robert H. Paterson (c1790/1800) 200001-10001, no slaves

Either way, there was a huge connection b/w the Patterson/Johnson group of Pattersons and then Amos Patterson's sons - in Rusk Co Tx. They all served together in the 14th TX Cavalry under Col Middleton Tate Johnson, brother of Ann Johnson Strange Patterson!!!

Here's more info on Claborn Johnson, who's full name was Matthew Claiborne Johnson, b 1784 SC. He died in 1853 in Rusk Co Tx, and was in Tx as early as 1839, although he apparently was back in AR for the 1840 census.

And, here's another page about Claiborne Johnson's family, his father being Rowland Johnson of Amelia Co, Va and Spartanburg Co, SC.

Marty, you mentioned that Robert Patterson's daughter (R.E.) married a King in the 1840's. I found some info on the Robert Patterson daughter who married a King. You mentioned:

I also found this in St. Francis Co., AR in 1840 side by side in Johnson District (or Township):
pg 196 Claborn Johnson (c1780/90) 00010001-00010001, 11 slaves
pg 196 Robert Patterson (c1800/10) 212001-012101, 4 slaves

This is almost certainly the same Claborn Johnson from 1830 Franklin, and this would be his son-in-law Robert Patterson and wife Ann Johnson Strange Patterson. It also fits to be your Uncle Robert Patterson except we didn't know they were ever in Arkansas (or at least *I* didn't know it). William King was next door. I mention that because Robert's daughter R. E. married a King in the 1840's.

If you go to and search for King you'll find the George and R.E. King household. Whoever transcribed this page added some annotations to this family, which sheds light on the fact that this Rhoda E. was a STRANGE, and therefore apparently the daughter of Robert Patterson's wife Ann, by her first husband.

18-1434/1452 KING George 36 M W M.D. 1,000 6,300 TN
19-1434/1452 KING R. E. (Rhoda E. STRANGE) 29 F W - - - GA (m. 1 Jan. 1850)
20-1434/1452 KING E. C. 8 M W - - - TX
21-1434/1452 KING William G. 6 M W - - - TX
22-1434/1452 KING J. E. 4 M W - - - TX
23-1434/1452 LUMMUS (?) Elizabeth 15 F W - - - GA

And then a page or two further down we find Amos and Kimsey Patterson living next to each other. Amos was a younger brother supposedly, of Robert Patterson, and Kimsey was a son of George and therefore nephew of Amos.

12-1446/1464 PATTERSON S.K. 32 M W farmer 800 200 GA
13-1446/1464 PATTERSON M.E. (Mary F. JOWELL) 20 F W - - - AL (m. 13 Dec. 1855)
14-1446/1464 PATTERSON H.B.J. 2 M W - - - TX
15-1446/1464 PATTERSON L.B. 5/12 M W - - - TX
16-1447/1465 PATTERSON Amos 51 M W farmer 3,000 550 NC
17-1447/1465 PATTERSON Parmelia (A. MORRIS) 40 F W - - - AL (m. 12 Sept. 1858)
18-1447/1465 PATTERSON Lumpkin 30 M W f laborer 300 – GA
19-1447/1465 PATTERSON J.J. 25 M W – 150 – GA
20-1447/1465 PATTERSON Margaret 22 F W - - - GA
21-1447/1465 PATTERSON Nancy 20 F W - - - GA
22-1447/1465 MORRIS Eliza 10 F W - - - TX
23-1447/1465 MORRIS Martha 8 F W - - - TX

S K Patterson (Silas Kimsey), was the son of George (b 1800) and nephew of Amos (and Robert).

The Morris girls were daughters of Amos' 2nd wife, Parmelia _____ (Morris) (Patterson), by her first husband.

Another big clue along the way in believing that Amos and Robert of Rusk were brothers, is the following deed:

H/532 - B. C. H. Johnson to Amos Patterson, a tract of land 25 mi. s.e. of Henderson (now known as Caledonia Community), 215 acres, filed 12-26-1853.

This was Berryman Cicero Holt Johnson, brother of Ann Johnson Patterson, and therefore brother-in-law of Robert Patterson - selling land to Amos Patterson! Robert Patterson named one of his sons B C H Patterson, as well.

Furthermore, these same Johnsons were intermarried with the Davis clan, including Jeremiah Gurley Davis. One of Jeremiah Gurley Davis's daughters married Wilson Lumpkin Patterson, son of Amos Patterson.

Wes Patterson (ggg-grandson of George Patterson – b. 1800)


Additional thoughts, April 2010:

So what does all this mean? I do believe the 1830 Clarke Co Ga record to be this same Robert Patterson. He had two sons in 1830 which match the ages of his two older sons in 1840. Also in 1830, Robert H Patterson of Clarke Co Ga had a daughter, which could be one of the older daughters in 1840. We also know that his second wife, Ann Strange (widow of John Strange from 1830 Franklin Co Ga), had a daughter by 1830. That only accounts for one of the 3 older daughters of Robert in 1840 (plus his own older daughter), leaving a third older daughter, age 10 or higher, unaccounted for. It could be that Ann or Robert, either one, had another daughter born right around 1830, who was not enumerated in 1830 but was listed as 10-15 in 1840.

The remaining children in Robert's 1840 household are accounted for. So if Robert is this Robert H. Patterson from Clarke Co Ga in 1830, what does the middle initial "H" stand for? I would be shocked if it was NOT "Harrison". Robert was born in 1796, at which time the Patterson family was relocating to Buncombe Co NC with all of their Harrison and Black relatives. Robert's paternal grandmother was named Margaret Harrison (Patterson). I cannot prove this, so don't write it down as gospel, please.

So that leaves two census years in which we are still missing Robert. He is not located in 1820 yet, and perhaps was living in another household as a farm laborer. That doesn't surprise me. But in 1850 he's also missing. Perhaps one day we'll locate that record.


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Edward Hughes facts

Facts to keep in mind as I plot the Yadkin Valley tracts:

1) On 27 May 1757- Edward Hughes to Edward Underhill of Chowan CO 188 acres s/side of Yadkin adj to Abraham CREASON -- Jon. Hanby and William Sheppard

2) Samuel Davis 579 acres directly opposite George Forbush, passed into Edward Hughes' hands in 1752. Source

3) John Pelham lived adj Edward Hughes near the Shallowford before 1756. In the spring of 1756, Pelham sold his tract to Nathaniel Wiltshire. Source

4) Nicholas Harford bought 331 acres from Edward Hughes at the shallowford in 1753. Harford was in the Shenandoah by 1742 and the Yadkin by 1753. Source

Nathan Thomas Harrison of Buncombe

Some years ago, a lady named Frances Ebbs Johnson wrote a letter to Mr. Johnson, of Harrison Repository fame. This info sheds more light on the Harrisons and Granthams and Johns of Buncombe, relatives of my Pattersons.


Nathan Thomas Harrison

Nathan Thomas Harrison, born 1779, NC or VA and wife Sarah Ogelsby are the ancestors of many in Madison County, NC. Early on he was an itinerant Methodist minister to churches in Old Buncombe County. About 1835 Rev. Nathan and family moved from the Sandy Mush area [wp: Buncombe Co NC, where the Pattersons et al lived] and settled into the Cherokee stronghold of Spring Place, Murray County, Georgia a few years before the Cherokee Removal. Known Children: John Valentine m Jane Bell; Rev. Samuel Robert. m Minerva Bell; Jeremiah m (1) Loucinda Lee (2) __________England; Abraham Pickens m Sarah Watters; Sarah m Dr. Tarver; Nathan m Jane_______; Cecil; Thomas, blind since age 17, m Ann (Lord?); Mary m Henson Gossage; Margaret m Edward F. Farrington; Rachel m James Madison Ellis, called "Too Dottle Too" by the Cherokee in reference to his red hair and literacy. Possible children were William C. and Lydia m Rev. Joab Humphries. Rev. Nathan m 2nd Nancy (Bailey?) but had no children. Rev. Nathan died 1852 at Spring Place.

Nathan’s son Thomas was my great great grandfather. He alone of the brothers remained in Buncombe where he lived on Turkey Creek on property owned by his parents. Thomas and Ann’s known children: Jesse, eldest; Mary A.; Robert m Martha ______; Harriet E. and Martha. Thomas and Ann were living with their son Jesse and his bride at Sandy Bottom in 1850, but 1860 they were living in Polk County, TN with their son Robert, a blacksmith, and his family.

Jesse, my great grandfather married Althia Caroline Hawkins, the girl next door on Turkey Creek. She was the daughter of Thomas Hawkins Sr. and Dorothy Worley. Jesse with his 16 year old bride, parents and siblings, moved to Sandy Bottom in 1850 where Jesse was a blacksmith along the Buncombe Turnpike. Children: Harriet Jane m Gabriel Cody; Sarah C. m Adolphus E. Treadway; Julia Ann m Charles Z. Netherton; James Madison m Susan V. Hunnicut; Mary m Frank Randall Treadway; John Frederick m. Rebecca Treadway (my grandparents - see Treadway Ancestry); Lucinda R. m David Wright Reeves; Thomas Jefferson m Emma Elvira Cowan; George Washington m Ana Laura Smith and Allice Belle m John W. Misner.

Rev. Nathan Harrison’s parents are unknown. He appears to be connected to several households in the 1800 Buncombe County Census. #1. Thomas and (Eleanor?) Harrison with a household of 14 including several adult males, in the Turkey Creek area. #2. John Harrison m _____(Davis?). #3. Ezekiel John m Lydia (Harrison?). #4. Rev. John Grantham m. Elizabeth Harrison, daughter of Thomas. She is said to have been born in Buncombe 1776 (then Indian country). Their eldest son was Isaiah, which suggests a relationship to the Isaiah Harrison Clan of Virginia, from the book, Settlers By The Long Grey Trail, by J. Houston Harrison.

A Thomas Harrison Jr., a prominent manufacturer of Belleville, Illinois gave a history of being born in York District, SC 1779. His father moved to Rutherford Co NC, then settled in Georgia [wp: probably Walton Co, Ga] then in Buncombe and then with others moved to Illinois in 1804. He had a nephew John P. Grantham whose father lived in Montgomery Co. IL (Rev. John Grantham). Probably also connected to these households were Rev. Jeremiah Harrison m Sarah Addington, and Nathaniel Harrison m Sarah Carrell.

The above Harrisons appear to be related to the Joseph and Margaret (Hill) Harrison family which came about 1803 from York Co. SC /Rutherford NC region to Turkey Creek, Buncombe County. A great grandson of Joseph, Nathaniel Ballard, wrote, long ago, that he remembered his cousins Nathan, Jeremiah and Thomas. [wp: this Joseph Harrison was son of Nathaniel and Rachel Harrison of York Co SC]

Frances Ebbs Johnson
8514 Rockmoor
San Antonio, TX 78230

Harrisons of Buncombe NC

The following email was archived on the Internet. It's a little hard to read there, but worth it. I have edited it here for clarity. There's some good history in here concerning the Harrisons of Buncombe Co NC and York Co SC, and even the comment that Nathaniel Harrison of Clarks Fork was just to the south of Kings Mountain.

From: Charles W. Johnson
Subject: Joseph Harrison
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 1999

Great to hear from a descendant of Nathaniel Harrison [wp: of York Co SC, who signed the will of Robert Patterson in 1775]. I do not think I have ever heard from one before! I am fascinated with your description of ability but morose personality. It is hard to figure why he left Buncombe where he was so successful and such a big property owner. He was variously Sheriff, State legislator and long time County Clerk. Once I was in the Buncombe Genealogy Society and met a researcher, a retired Judge I think of Florida and with his son a present Federal Judge of Tallahassee, Fl. I am not sure about what if any relationship he had to Nathaniel but he was very curious how he could be so successful yet coming from modest means. He thought perhaps that his marriage to Sarah Smith (his second marriage) may have been a big boost since her father was perhaps the wealthiest man around: James M. Smith who was said to be the first white person born in Buncombe. Maybe that is part of the answer.

As county clerk he ran the courthouse and if I count correctly, the courthouse had three record damaging fires while he was in office. Consequently, Buncombe is sadly deficient in Wills and Estate papers. The deeds were destroyed also but people came back in and re-registered their deeds and there are several volumes of re-registered deeds. He signed his name as N. Harrison.

Once he went to Ohio to fetch his sister [wp: Rachel Harrison Snelson] and her children. Her husband [wp: Joseph Snelson], a son of the pastor of Newfound Baptist Church had died in Ohio where he and his father [wp: John Thomas Snelson was pastor of Newfound Baptist Church from 1802-1815] and numerous others had gone for mining. Nathaniel brought her back to Buncombe where she remarried to David Miller, who had lost his wife and David Miller replaced Nathaniel as County Clerk when Nathaniel moved to Georgia. Abel Hill Harrison lived a long time and not morose as far as I can tell. He was a prosperous merchant in Villa Rica GA as well as their legislator for GA. He was admired as a philosopher and confidant. When he died all of his siblings were dead and he had no children. His considerable wealth therefore was to go to his siblings children and/or grandchildren. The court ordered an "official" genealogy of the heirs which produced much information about his siblings and their descendants.

Another document of interest, we call the "Ballard" document. It was a writeup of the family and going back into Buncombe and the writer, a descendant of Nathaniel and a Physician, told about knowing his cousins, as a child, Thomas, Nathan and Jeremiah and he told about Nathan, who became Rev. Nathan Thomas Harrison, my late wife's ggg-grandfather who also moved to GA to Murray County, as did Rev. Jeremiah, another Methodist Minister. The Thomas he probably referred to was Rev. Thomas Harrison who went to St, Clair Co. IL (Belleville) right across the Mississippi from St Louis where he was a Methodist Minister but also became a very wealthy man in the wheat and flour milling business and banks, hotels, heavy machinery manufacturing and philanthropy. Dr. Ballard referred to these as cousins but they could not be first cousins we figure since Nathaniel's father, Joseph was an only son. We do not know the relationship but close we figure.

Your Nathaniel was the son of Joseph and Margaret Hill, daughter of Abel Hill of SC. This Joseph is not to be confused with the Joseph who started this all out [wp: "this" meaning the thread of conversation they were engaged in at the time of this email]; Joseph of Charles City County, MD. There is no relationship that we know of but some old genealogical records of Buncombe claim that your Joseph was fom Charles City County. Moreover it claims that Joseph was a cousin to President William Henry Harrison Balderdash, but these mistaken records prompted the DAR to put a marker on Joseph's grave in Newfound Baptist Cemetery in Buncombe stating more errors such as calling him the famous pioneer preacher of Historic Three Forks Baptist Church in Watauga Co., NC - preposterous. This marker ceremony was with a ceremony and the press and pictures and such in the 1930's. The marker has apparently been quietly removed, but the errors persist.

Your Joseph was the son of Nathaniel Harrison of Clark's Fork of Bullock's Creek in York County, SC just south of the famous King's Mountain. Nathaniel's loyalty to the American cause in the Revolution is questioned. He may have been a loyalist and property confiscated and he could have been executed perhaps, but Joseph regained the property and he and his mother [wp: Rachel Harrison] sold the property and moved to Buncombe with some relatives, the Blacks and Ponders [wp: we can add Pattersons to this list, as Thomas Patterson of Clarks Fork SC and also Buncombe Co NC was a neighbor of old Thomas and Nathaniel Harrison on Clarks Fork, and then also a neighbor to Thomas Harrison in Buncombe. Furthermore, Thomas Patterson was married to a Margaret Harrison, of the same age as Nathaniel and Thomas Harrison]. The Ponders were notorious Tories and the last I heard the Sheriff of Madison Co. NC which was part of Buncombe has long been a Ponder. We do not know the parents of Nathaniel, father of Joseph, but we think we find him in the book SETTLERS BY THE LONG GREY TRAIL by J. Houston Harrison and we feel that all the other Harrisons of Buncombe are from this same family but probably from a missing link we have not yet found. I belong to a group of researchers of the Buncombe County Harrisons and we have never had anyone from your Nathaniel's family. Welcome! We have much more information and members of that family but I guess that this is enough for now. One other item. We were in the Atlanta Archives and we found a letter from someone in Hollywood CA who sounded important but I had never heard of. The letter was addressed to the Governor seeking information on your Nathaniel and his brother Abel Hill Harrison and their GA legislative file. The Governor sent this letter to the head of the Archives and asked him to respond, which he did. It told that Nathaniel was born in SC in the Greenville area, but did not say where Abel Hill was born . This suggests to me that his mother went home to SC to have her baby with her parents, the Abel Hills.

In the 1800 census your Joseph was shown in Rutherford County NC (always confusion as to just where the border was between N and S Carolina in this area. But in Buncombe was Thomas Harrison with a household of 14 including a number of adults. Nearby were households of John Grantham whose wife was Elizabeth daughter of Thomas Harrison and Eleanor his wife, and also nearby was Ezekiel John whose wife was a Harrison, and John Harrison whose wife was Davis. This household seems to be a hot bed of future Methodist preachers named Harrison and Grantham. It was a year later in 1801 when your Joseph and Margaret Hill Harrison acquired property near "our" Harrisons in Buncombe.

Sincerely, Charles W. Johnson, M.D. ...please keep in touch.

Wes' thoughts continuing here:

Apparently, the 3 fires in Buncombe took out the wills and estate papers, and many of the deeds, too - but people came back in and re-registered many of the deeds - thankfully.

The Nathaniel Harrison of Buncombe (son of Joseph Harrison and Margaret Hill Harrison; and therefore a grandson of Nathaniel of Clarks Fork) was not only the county clerk, but sometimes a sheriff, and also a state legislator. According to Mr Johnson (who's notes are online on what's called the Harrison Repository), this Joseph (b 1762) was the only son of Nathaniel of Clarks Fork. Something to keep in mind, although I'm not sure what that declaration is based on.

I suspect the Thomas Harrison of Clarks Fork was a brother of Nathaniel, and therefore was probably the old Thomas Harrison of Buncombe, also. He would then be the progenitor of most of these Buncombe Harrisons, and Joseph of Clarks Fork (son of Nathaniel) would be the progenitor of the rest of the Buncombe Harrisons.

I also suspect (believe) that Margaret Harrison, wife of Thomas Patterson, was a sister of Nathaniel and Thomas Harrison, but cannot yet prove that. Thomas and Margaret Harrison Patterson were the parents of John Patterson of Buncombe, my gggg-grandfather.

Harald Reksten and I have a theory that these older Harrisons, who were born in the 1730's and 40's, were siblings and may have been children of the Samuel Harrison, brother of the Joseph Harrison who died in Augusta Co Va in 1748. That Joseph's estate settlement was administered by Jeremiah Harrison (brother-in-law of old Robert Patterson) and was held at the home of Samuel and Lydia Harrison Stewart, along Linville Creek, near Harrisonburg, Va. We think this older Joseph who died in 1748 would have been born ca 1702. We think that he may have been an undocumented son of Isaiah Harrison Sr,. Another possibility is that Joseph could have been a son of Isaiah Harrison Jr, but we are leaning toward the first suggested theory. We believe that Isaiah Harrison, Jr actually died young and never lived in VA or the Carolinas. That the Isaiah Harrison named in VA in 1748 and then later in NC was a son of the Joseph who died in 1748 VA.

Joseph Harrison's clan appears to have moved about this time (1748-1753) to the Yadkin River Valley of NC. While on the other hand, this other group who moved to Clarks Fork in modern day York Co SC, moved there in the 1760's with the Blacks, Pattersons, and Cravens. This latter group was the focus of this post, i.e. Nathaniel and Thomas Harrison and Margaret Harrison Patterson. The Clarks Fork group is the same group who later moved to Buncombe Co NC in the 1790's, give or take a few years depending on the person. It is now my believe that the SC and then later Buncombe NC Harrisons were children of Samuel and Mary Harrison, he being the youngest son of Isaiah Harrison, SR.


August 25, 2016 Update

I no longer lean toward the theory that Margaret Harrison, wife of Thomas Patterson, was the daughter of Joseph Harrison. That theory was mainly due to the extensive collaboration of the primary families (Harrison, Cravens, Patterson, Black, Ponder) who moved to Clarks Fork in York Co, SC in the 1760's, and their connections to the Joseph Harrison, Samuel Stewart, Jeremiah Harrison families, all of whom were involved in Joseph Harrison's estate vendue in 1748 in VA (Augusta Co., near Harrisonburg). The connections of these families in DE and VA were there, but they diverged at that point. The Joseph Harrison and Samuel Stewart clans moved to the Yadkin Valley of NC about 1748, while other Harrisons (most likely only Samuel Harrison - brother of Joseph), and the Cravens, Pattersons, Blacks, and Ponders moved to York Co SC later in the 1750's and early 1760's.

Harrison Influence at Newfound

This was an email I sent out to the Patterson research lists today. I started out with the intent of focusing on the Shatteen name, but ended up falling all over the predominant Harrison influence in the church at Newfound Baptist Church, which is located about 8 miles west of Asheville, NC in the modern town of Leicester, in Buncombe County. Here's the email I sent.


You mentioned a few weeks ago that the name Chastain was pronounced "Shatteen" in the early 1800s in western NC. Guess what I just tripped over today?

I am now in the final editing process on the minutes of Newfound Baptist Church in Buncombe Co NC (1802-1865, more specifically). This church began in 1802, and my Pattersons and Blacks and the Ponders, et al were all members and early founders of this meeting. Apparently the Harrisons were a big part, also, as we'll come to see in a moment.

Right off the bat it has a record of a "Brother Shatteen" in its early records, as follows:

March 20th Day 1803 the church of Christ at Newfound being called together with some of our Brethren from the mouth of Milles River Church also Brother Shatteen from our Sister church at Prathers Creek the minds of the Brethren to wit Thos Snelson, J _____ (Saw? Same?), Eton, Daniel Ponder, Nathan Smith, Jn Grantham to attend on the Saturday Beefore the 1 Sunday in May. ADJourned AD

This writing is extremely difficult to read on some pages, this being one of them. This was from page 4 of Book 1.

Daniel Ponder was the uncle of my John Patterson, who also attended this church. John Grantham was married to Elizabeth Harrison, daughter of Thomas Harrison of Buncombe. It seems we now know that John Patterson's mother was a Harrison. I think it very likely that John's mother, Margaret Harrison Patterson, was a sister of this Thomas Harrison. That is not proven, however.

And then we have Thomas Snelson, who was the first pastor of Newfound, from 1802-1815. His full name was John Thomas Snelson. His son Joseph Snelson married Rachel Harrison, daughter of Joseph and Margaret Hill Harrison. Joseph's father was Nathaniel Harrison (m. to Rachel ____), one of the witnesses to old Robert "R" Patterson's 1775 will in York Co SC. It is believed by many Harrison researchers, including myself now, that THIS Nathaniel Harrison was a brother to the aforementioned Thomas Harrison, and quite possibly also to Margaret Harrison Patterson, mother of my John Patterson. So Snelson was no longer the pastor after 1815. Interesting.... now that I think about it, 1815 was also the last time my John Patterson was in these minutes of the church.

Back to Shatteen.... The original typed transcription I have from the church says Shatteen was from Matheus Creek, but it was a guess at the handwriting. It looks more like Prathus or Prathers to me. I did a quick online search and found that there was a Prathers Creek in old Wilkes Co in the part that became Ashe Co in 1799, and then later in the 1820s or 30s it became Alleghany Co. I'm not sure which Shatteen would have lived there in 1803, but I'm convinced this sister church was Prathers Creek.

Again, my John Patterson's son, George (b 1800), later married Rebecca Chastain, daughter of Elijah Chastain. Elijah was a scoundrel and womanizer though, so I know he wasn't the pastor mentioned in 1803.

Any thoughts, Barbara - or anyone else?

Wes Patterson

I couldn't attach any images to the emails sent to the lists, but here on my blog I can. The following image is that of pages 4 and 5 of Book 1 from the minutes of Newfound Baptist Church. Look toward the bottom left of the image, which is page 4:

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Stewart Land Entries Along the Yadkin River

Last Thursday I spent the entire day in Raleigh, NC at the state archives pulling land entries, surveys, grants, etc on microfilm. My primary focus that day was the Stewarts and Harrisons and their settlements along the Yadkin River in modern day Forsyth Co, but in those days, Anson, Rowan and later Surry counties.

*** The links below are broken, but the images for those can be found here***

I have more details on the Stewarts and their records along the Yadkin on my Stewart Timeline, but as a result of this archives trip, I can now understand the various records much better. In particular, there seems to have been six (6) land entries involving Samuel Stewart Sr and Jr, and David Stewart - from 1748 through 1762. There were subsequent deeds as well, but these six land entries are more specific to land "grants" - a subject full of confusion and speculation for many years as it concerns these Stewarts.

As best I can tell at this point, the following records are the extent of the land entries (application for grant), survey warrants, surveys, and grants, in regards to the Stewarts - east of the Yadkin River. Not all land entries and surveys led to grants. In some cases, grants were issued and later confiscated. So there still remains some confusion, but the following details certainly clear up many previous errors.

  • 1748, (Stewart Entry #1) David Stewart entered 138 acres on the Yadkin River, Anson Co., surveyed 10 Jan 1748/49 (1749 by today's calendar). Per Hofmann's Granville District of NC 1748-1763, Vol. 4, grant #285 says "David Stewart, plat dated 10 Jan 1748/49, 138 acres (Anson Co) on the North Bank of the Yadkin River opposite Eagleton, joining the river bank; CC: Abraham Potter, Antony Heavely; C. Robinson Surv." This tract was definitely along the bank of the Yadkin River. David was the first of the Stewart clan to enter land in Anson Co. However, there is no record of any grant ever being issued for this 138 acre survey. There may have been, but I can find no record of it.
  • 1751 (Oct 9), (Stewart Entry #2) Samuel Stewart, Entered 640 acres on 9 Oct 1751, Warrant for survey dated 1 April 1752. Survey date is not known, but Grant was issued 10 Jan 1761 according to the warrant cover. This grant was for 640 acres on a branch of Muddy Creek above the head of Stewarts Run at a White Oak Mark'd. I found no grant paperwork for this, but again, the warrant cover had a notation that a grant was issued on the date previously noted. Also on the warrant cover, under Samuel Stewart's name, was "Muddy C" with the rest of "Creek" blotted out. Then under that note was "Esaih" and obviously something else after that blotted out. This would be a good time to note that many Harrison researchers have said that Isaiah Harrison Jr received a 640 acre grant in Anson Co NC under the name "Esaiah Harrison". I have never been able to find this grant at the NC Archives. Perhaps this particular grant was originally for him, but then was assigned to Samuel Stewart instead? Isaiah Harrison Jr is believed to have been Samuel Stewart's father-in-law.
  • 1751 (Oct 9), (Stewart Entry #3) Samuel Stewart Junior, Entered 646 acres on 9 Oct 1751, Warrant for survey date is unknown, but a survey was completed on 23 Apr 1753, with chain carriers David and John Steward. No grant paperwork has been found, so it is not clear to me there was ever a grant issued for this survey. This survey was for 646 acres on the NE side of Yadkin River and on waters of Reed Creek, beginning at David Stewards corner. I believe that Reed Creek may have been south of Bashavia Creek and possibly somewhere in the vicinity of the Shallowford or even Double Creek. At this time, given that David Stewart's lands appear to have been between the Shallowford and Bashavia Creek and on the river bank, I'll assume Reed Creek is in that area as well.
  • 1753 (July 16), (Stewart Entry #4) Samuel Stewart entered 640 acres on 16 July 1753, east side of Yadkin River on the South Fork of Barshaby (Bashavia) Creek, joining his other survey. This entry (Rowan Co) joined the bank of the Yadkin River. Wit: Jno Haywood, David Stewart. Warrant dated 30 Nov 1753, surveyed 24 May 1754 (for 508 acres), deed issued 9 May 1757 (warrant cover), same day as David Stewart's 380 acre grant. CC: John Stewart, John Dawson. The back of the grant described the grantee as "Samuel Stewart Sr". On the grant itself you can see that Samuel Stewart Sr always made his mark "S". This tract of 508 acres was later sold to Matthew Brooks in two parcels (1775 and 1779), both deeds mentioning the "bank of the Yadkin River" and the latter one also said "down the river". This was grant #4903 in Hoffman's Granville District of NC 1748-1763, Vol. 3, under Rowan Co.
  • 1753 (July 26), (Stewart Entry #5) David Stewart entered 640 acres on 26 July 1753, east (north) side of Yadkin, (Rowan Co) adj Joseph Hartford, Wagners line, John Miller, and the several courses of the sd river. Warrant for survey dated 30 Nov 1753 (warrant cover), surveyed 23 May 1754 (for 380 acres), deed issued 9 May 1757 (deed cover), same day as Samuel Stewart Sr's 508 acre grant. CC: John Stewart, John Dawson. This 380 acre tract was later referred to as David Stewart's Fishing Place, and then again later was described as containing a "Fish Pott" and "Seine Landing", the latter being a type of fishing net. I believe this land to have been at or near the modern day "Old 421 River Park" in modern day Forsyth Co NC. Another possible location for this tract is a little further south, closer to the Shallow Ford. This was grant #4898 in Hoffman's Granville District of NC 1748-1763, Vol. 3, under Rowan Co.
  • 1762 (May 24), (Stewart Entry #6) Samuel Stewart (Sr, but later sold by Jr) was granted 332 acres on 10 Aug 1762, Rowan Co East side Yadkin River and on both sides of Swan Creek, adj David Stewart, George Stown, John Howard, and bank of river. Wit: John Frohock; Surveyed by John Frohock 24 May 1762 (survey cover); CC: David Stewart, Thomas Harrison. Note: Plat was originally done in the name of Joseph Harrison, a line drawn through and Samuel Stewart written above. This survey was clearly on Swan Creek, clearly for Joseph Harrison originally, and clearly Samuel Stewart Sr, based on Samuel's "S" mark on the grant itself. This grant has always been attributed to being Samuel Stewart Sr, and referred to in Lydia Stewart's 1771 will where she left this land to her sons if they could "obtain a clear title". However, I no longer agree with the latter assumption. Lydia's will clearly refers to a tract of land on the "south" side of the Yadkin, and this tract was on the east (or north) side, so this is NOT the land Lydia was referring to. Interestingly, this land was sold by Samuel Stewart JR and his wife Elizabeth Stewart in 1774 to Joseph Williams (Surry Bk A Pg 95), witnessed by John Harrison, and bounded as "adj. David Stewart.... riverbank..." and George Stown to the east and John Howard to the south and west. Subsequent deeds describe this tract as "North side Yadkin River, both sides Snow Creek." It is DEFINITELY the same tract. It could be that Samuel Jr sold this land as an heir, and his wife (Elizabeth Winscott) as a witness of Samuel Sr's will. This 1762 grant was grant #60, Bk 6, Pg 221, Issued 10 Aug 1762 Rowan Co, and was entry #4905 in Hoffman's Granville District of NC 1748-1763, Vol. 3, under Rowan Co.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Status of our Patterson Research

Just this week I sent an email to a fellow researcher (Janice Rosenthal) regarding the status of our oldest known Pattersons and the research / documentation we have to date. Harald Reksten and I have been going through many records of New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, North and South Carolina, etc over the last several months (years).

Janice on the other hand specializes in researching the oldest Patterson immigrants in order to better delineate between the various branches, and also to correct many errors being propagated across the Internet. So, I thought perhaps a third perspective (Janice's) would be good concerning our Patterson family. So, I sent her an email as presented the following information to her, which will serve as a "status" for our family, as of March 2010.

I was reading some of your comments / corrections posted on another researcher's website, and I must say thank you for working tirelessly to get the info right, and then to attempt to set the record straight at so many other errant sources. I'm not sure which is the more difficult task!!!

We've spoken before, but I just wanted to pick your brain for a bit. I, too, used to think I may have a connection to those various Pattersons of PA and so I'm "vaguely" familiar with them. I recognize them when I see 'em, but I have no expertise on them at all. What I've learned over the years is to focus on "my" Pattersons and follow the trail. Mine apparently came over before most of those PA Pattersons.

In the course of your research, have your ever run across any particular line of Pattersons that the following group might "fit in"? Harald Reksten (and others) and I have worked very hard for many years going through the records of MD, DE, NJ, PA, etc (still more to cover though) trying to find our group. Harald's done most of the heavy lifting, ordering books, microfilm rolls, you name it. But we both do a lot of research and we both share everything we get with each other.

We do know that our Robert Patterson was in Sussex Co DE in 1732 and 1738. That we're 100% certain of. He bought 106 acres in 1732 from Matthew Ozbun Jr, and then sold it in 1738 (along with his wife, Sarah), apparently preparing to move to the Linville Creek part of Orange Co Va along with the Harrisons, Stewarts, Cravens, Blacks, and many other families.

We have not conclusively found any record of this family prior to 1732. I believe Robert to have been born ca 1711 (1710-1715). He died in 1775 in Craven / York Co SC. His wife Sarah died there in 1790. We know for certain that his father was William Patterson. We know his mother was Mary Margaret. Many people have tagged her with the maiden name of Donnell, but I have determined in the last couple weeks (conclusively) where that assumption came from (Dellmann O. Hood in his book The Tunis Hood Family), and the assumption made was based on faulty data to begin with. So scratch the Donnell name. There may have been a connection to the Donnell / Donaldson / Donelson / McDonald family, but I say prove it!!!

She went by the name of Margaret, but one time the name Mary was erroneously used in a land patent. Her name was Margaret _____ Patterson Adams. She first married William Patterson, and they had at least two children, but no more than two are known. The oldest child (presumed oldest) was Elizabeth, first wife of Jeremiah Harrison. He was born about 1707, and they were married by 1730 or so, at the latest, probably more like 1727 or 28. I think she was born roughly 1709 ish. Next, was Robert Patterson. He obtained his first tract of land in 1732. He appears to have married after that, and certainly before 1738. I suspect he was born around 1711, but approx 1710-1715.

The Harrisons were in Long Island NY for many years, as early as 1680's, but the Pattersons are not found in any of those records, to my knowledge. The Harrisons were in Sussex Co DE by 1721, and began leaving there in 1737 and later for the Shenandoah. If Elizabeth Patterson married Jeremiah around 1727-30, then my Pattersons were certainly here in America no later than that time, obviously.

I think William Patterson must have died no later than 1715 or so. Margaret remarried by 1720 approximately, to John Adams. She was known most of her life as Margaret Adams or widow Adams. She got her Orange Co Va land patent under the name of Mary Adams, that based on later probate records of her grandson Samuel Adams, making that link. John and Margaret Adams had at least three children, but that's all we know about. The oldest daughter's name is not even known, but we know she must have been born 1720-25, and she married Andrew Donelson (b 1722), who was from Somerset co MD. I don't know where they were when they married, nor exactly when they married. They had 3 children by 1744, and she must have been dead by then which was when Margaret Adams wrote her will, naming Margaret "Dollinson" (actually Donelson) in the will. This was the oldest child of her dec'd daughter and Andrew Donelson. They also had sons Robert and Humphrey Donelson by 1744. Andrew died in 1755 leaving them as orphans.

John and Margaret Adams also had a son Samuel Adams, and a daughter Jane Adams, who married Daniel Love around 1743 or 44. Samuel must have been married by 1744 or soon thereafter, as he died by 1748, but later we see his heir, also named Samuel Adams, inheriting Margaret Adams' plantation in Va after she died in 1769/1770. Apparently John Adams died by 1725-1730 after these 3 children were born.

I don't know when this family immigrated to America. Depending on whether it was in the 1730s, or 1720s, or before 1720, you can see there would be many possible scenarios for how this family could have been recorded. Could have been a Patterson couple with 2 kids, or a Patterson widow w/ 2 kids, or an Adams family with 2 Patterson kids and some Adams kids, or even an Adams family with 2 to 5 "Adams" children listed. "Patterson" may not have even been in the names of their immigration record (I'm hoping one still exists for them).

Of course, the Patterson clan may have come a generation or two earlier for that matter.

The oldest record we know of for sure is 1732 when Robert Patterson bought land in DE. We "know" other events had to have happened a few years earlier in DE, such as his sister marrying Jeremiah Harrison. There may have even been a John Adams and Margaret Patterson wedding to find in some old church record somewhere. And of course, an Adams girl marrying Andrew Donelson, possibly in PA, around 1740 or so.

I'm shooting in the dark here. But Robert Patterson, who made his mark "R", had sons Thomas, Peter, Robert, and William. He had daughters Abigail, Mary, Sarah, Elizabeth, and Lydia. There may have been others, but these we know about, from the late 1730s to the late 1750s. They all were probably born in Augusta Co Va, before they moved south to what is now York Co SC.

Thanks, Janice.

Wes Patterson's Research Blog
Wes Patterson's Website

Friday, March 26, 2010

Richard Morrow's ironic connection with the Pattersons and Chastains

Richard Morrow was a man of means in the late 1700's and early 1800's. He bought and sold a large quantity of acreage over the years, in multiple locations. As far as I can tell, I am not related to him at all. However, I am connected to him by association in what seems to be an unusual way.

Richard received a NC grant (#800) for 100 acres in 1800 on a stream called Jenkins Branch, which is about 8 miles NW of Asheville, NC in Buncombe County. This was recorded in Buncombe Deed Book S1-6 on page 267, dated 1 Sept 1800. This was near lands already being lived on by my Pattersons, Blacks, Ponders, Harrisons, et al.

Then in January of 1802, Richard Morrow bought 790 acres from William Bryson (bk A pg 383) on the Tuckaseigee River (recorded 18 Sept 1807). This location is in modern day Jackson Co, but was Buncombe at the time, and very shortly thereafter, it was Haywood Co. Over the next few years, Richard Morrow obtained 5 more tracts on the same river, all land grants from NC totaling 650 more acres.

Having purchased land on the Tuckaseigee River in January 1802, Richard then sold his 100 acres on Jenkins Branch to my gggg-grandfather, John Patterson, on 2 August 1802 (Bk 4, pg 657). The witnesses for this sale were Daniel Ponder, James Morrow, and Andrew Patterson. Ponder was John's uncle; James Morrow is believed to have married John's daughter Elizabeth before 1810, but this is not yet proven; and Andrew Patterson's relation to John is yet unknown, but Andrew "may have been" John's nephew.

More importantly for the purposes of this paper, it should be noted that John Patterson's son, George Patterson, was born in 1800 in this general vicinity of Jenkins Branch. The relevance of this notation will be more apparent momentarily. This is where George grew up. George was my ggg-grandfather.

Back to Richard, we now see that he has made his move to what would soon become Haywood Co NC, along the Tuckaseigee River. We begin to learn that this land is on both sides of Caney Fork of Tuckaseigee River in 1807, when Richard began selling parts of it to various people, particularly members of the Chastain family. In March 1807, he sold 144 acres to Benjamin Chestine; then in September 1807 he sold 100 acres to Edward Chestain, and another tract (acreage unknown) to Elijah Chestain. In January 1810 he sold another tract to Eligah Chastain, and lastly he sold 50 acres to Abner Chastain in October 1815.

Both tracts he sold to Elijah Chastain were on Caney Fork. It should be noted that Elijah had a daughter named Rebecca Chastain who was born in 1799, making her eight years old when her dad bought his first tract of land from Richard Morrow. There is a Chastine Creek, a branch of Caney Fork, which is a branch of Tuckasegee River. Use this link for google maps, then switch to Terrain view. You can zoom out for perspective.

John Patterson, still in Buncombe, began selling the larger pieces of his land in 1815, the last 100 acres being sold in 1820 to James Black. An 1818 deed described John Patterson as "of Buncombe"; however, this 1820 deed showed he was then "of Haywood", thus having moved sometime between 1818 and 1820. John bought a tract of land on the Pigeon River in 1824, but nothing else is known as to where he lived in the meantime (perhaps on the land he bought?). The Pigeon River flows north through Waynesville, NC and up into Tennessee. West of there and over the next mountain range, is the Tuckasegee River, which flows north through Sylva, NC and up into Tennessee. At this time, I'm not sure how the Chastains and Pattersons met up, but apparently they did.

Around this time, perhaps no later than 1825 but as early as 1822 possibly, love was in the air, leading to a marriage between George Patterson and Rebecca Chastain. Obviously, they met each other in Haywood County (both locations were then in Haywood), they fell in love, got married, and perhaps their oldest child (or two) were born in Haywood. By 1827 or so they moved south into Georgia, where they were enumerated on the 1830 census (Rabun Co). By 1834 they were in Union County Ga, just north of modern day Blairsville, on the east bank of Nottley Lake (which didn't exist then).

So, what is the ironic connection? Most people would never care, but for those of us who descend from George and Rebecca, it is interesting to note that George grew up on Jenkins Branch in Buncombe Co on land his father bought in 1802 from Richard Morrow. Likewise, Rebecca grew up on Caney Fork in Buncombe / Haywood Co on land her father bought in 1807 from the same man - Richard Morrow.

Thanks, Richard! Thanks for providing the land for the childhood homes of my ggg-grandparents! That's pretty ironic to me - some 200 years later.

Wes Patterson
26 March 2010

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Burke Co NC Records

I need to get to Burke county and go through their records. So many of the families who ended up in Buncombe county around my Pattersons on Jenkins Branch were families who had spent the last decade or two in Burke Co.

Also, there was a Benjamin Patterson who received a land grant in Burke in 1792. I need to find out more about him. Was he a brother of my John?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Margaret Patterson Adams - Not Donnell

Margaret _____ Patterson Adams - She Never was a Donnell

Bio | Why Not Donnell | 1744 Will | Timeline | Sussex DE | Augusta VA 

By Wes Patterson (Last Revised: 15 August 2018)

Who was Margaret Adams?

Answer: She was the mother of Robert "R" Patterson who died in York Co SC in 1775.

She has been hailed as Margaret Donnell Patterson Adams in certain published works, and especially on the Internet. I have also perpetuated that name Donnell, but with a "?" in front of it. I have always said that I didn't know where the name Donnell came from, but I couldn't prove OR disprove it.

That has now changed (in 2010), in my opinion. I believe I can disprove it. In other words, I believe I can prove that her maiden name was not Donnell, at least not for the reasons previously assumed.

D.O. Hood and his theory about Donnell

You see, it begins with Dellmann O. Hood's book, The Tunis Hood Family. On page 465 Mr. Hood takes a stab at why he thinks her maiden name would have been "Donnell". Quote:
"...As a general rule in those times middle Christian names were not bestowed on children, but were given occasionally to honor the mother or grandmother. The only middle Christian name accounted for in the immediate family of Jeremiah Harrison and Catherine Adams was in the case of their daughter, Lydia Donnell Harrison.... Hence it seems likely that the maiden name of Margaret Patterson-Adams was Donnell..."

Jeremiah Harrison and his wives

Jeremiah Harrison married his first wife in or around Sussex Co DE about 1730, give or take a year. Mr. Hood believed Harrison's only wife was Catherine, but he had missed the fact that Harrison's first wife was Elizabeth Patterson.

The "daughter" Mr. Hood names as Lydia Donnell Harrison, was born in the early to mid 1730's. We know that Jeremiah's wife Elizabeth was still alive in 1744 when her mother (Margaret Adams) wrote her will. Elizabeth later died, and Jeremiah remarried to a Catherine, last name unknown.

People have always assumed Catherine was an Adams since her "daughter" Esther Harrison was named in Margaret Adams' 1744 will. However, that is another wrong assumption, as Esther was Catherine's step daughter, and the connection was a Patterson connection. In fact, none of Jeremiah Harrison's children (16) descend from the Adams lineage.

Lydia Donnell's Baptism Record

So what? you might say. Well, here's where it gets interesting. Rev Craig baptized this Lydia Donnell girl on 17 May 1743 near the Halfway House, which is where Jeremiah Harrison was baptized in 1740. Here's the entry in Craig's diary:
"Jeremiah Herison, stood sponsor for a child baptized named Lidea Donnel at Halfway House."
The key phrase to notice is where it says "stood sponsor". In all other baptism records for children in Rev Craig's diaries, it names the father then the child's name, but no such phrase like "stood sponsor". To me, this proves that Lydia Donnell was named just that - and not Harrison. She may have been raised by the Harrisons. Perhaps Jeremiah became her guardian, but she wasn't a Harrison by birth.

With that in mind, I'm afraid it renders Mr Hood's assumption utterly baseless. Remember, his declaration of Margaret Patterson-Adams' maiden name being Donnell was based on this girl being named Lydia Donnell Harrison and her being the daughter of Jeremiah Harrison and his wife, which we know now to have been Elizabeth Patterson.

So what WAS the full name of Margaret Adams? We know that she entered a land patent in old Orange Co Va under the name of Mary Adams. This we learn from the following record in Augusta Co Va following her death in 1769/1770:

"15th May, 1770. Samuel Adams, of North Carolina, to Joseph Dictum, power of attorney to convey 340 acres on Linvel's Creek, devised by Margaret Adams and from him descended to Samuel as eldest son and heir, having been patented in the name of Mary Adams. Title yet to be made to Samuel."
However, we have learned in 2018 according to Thomas Jefferson's Memorandum Books that there was a court case involving Margaret Adams' land that cleared up the fact that the name "Mary" was in error. Her name truly was Margaret Adams - not Mary Adams. Therefore, we believe that her name was Margaret ______ Patterson Adams. I can no longer record her maiden name as "?Donnell". I have that info in many places and this is my first attempt at explaining what I consider to be an error. Things like this happen. We all try to uncover hidden clues. But this is a great example of an assumption gone awry.

Hope this makes sense, and perhaps helps clarify some of the mystery surrounding this lady. Margaret Adams (as she was known most of her life) was my 7x-Great-grandmother.


P.S. Jeremiah Harrison, and the Pattersons and Adams families, all came from Sussex Co DE to the Shenandoah Valley of Va in the late 1730's. What many researchers did not know until the last few years is that Jeremiah Harrison was first married to Elizabeth Patterson, daughter of Margaret Adams. Margaret was first married to William Patterson, and they were the parents of Elizabeth and Robert (d. 1775 SC). Thereafter, William died and his widow then remarried to John Adams, who likewise died in the 1720's.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Robert Patterson 1775 Will

While at the SC Archives Saturday (13 March 2010), I took quite a few pictures of Robert Patterson's 1775 will. Robert was my gggggg-grandfather, who died in York Co SC in 1775. I descend from Robert's oldest son, Thomas Patterson. Harald Reksten descends from Robert's son, Robert Patterson Jr. I personally think that Robert (Sr) was born circa 1711, give or take a couple years perhaps. This is based in part on the fact that his first land purchase was in 1732 in Sussex Co DE.

There is a possibility that I may also descend from Robert a second way, via his daughter Sarah who married Joseph Black. I am about 75% sure that one of their children was named Margaret Black, who later married (what would have been) her 1st cousin, John Patterson, son of Thomas. I know what you're thinking... Don't ask! At any rate, this last link has not been proven thus far. This John Patterson is the same John who is named in the will, and his signature is one of the faint ones on the will, probably not visible on these images.

Here are a few pictures taken Saturday. I have more and will be adding them to my website soon.

But for now, I wanted to go ahead and post these, starting with a picture of Harald Reksten and me holding the will, courtesy of Diane Reksten (Harald's wife). Harald is on the right, while yours truly (Wes Patterson) is on the left. Enjoy... (by the way, you may click on each image to view a larger version of it.)

The following pages are Page 1 and Page 4:

The following page is the first visible page, but it is actually Page 2 of the will. Notice that Robert made his mark with an "R" at the bottom right. His witnesses were Nathaniel Harrison and James Dickie.

And the next page is Page 3. Notice all the various signatures, added between 1775 and 1791 when the final probate occurred.

June 2017 Addendum

Here is the text of the will itself.

In the name of God Amen the Twenty First day of July 1775 I Robert Patterson of Craven County farmer being very sick and weake in body but of perfect mind and memory thanks be unto God, therefore calling to mind the mortality of my body and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die, do maeke and ordain this my last will and testament, that is to say Principally and first of all I give and recommend my Soul into the hands of almighty God that gave it and my body I recommend to the earth to be buried in decent Christian burial at the discretion of my Executors nothing doubting but at the General Resurrection I shal receive the same again by the mighty power of God: and as touching such worldly estate wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me in this life I give demise and dispose of the same in the following manner and form

And first of all I constituet make and ordain my beloved wife Sarah and my beloved sons Robert and Peter to be my whole and sole Executors of this my last Will and testament all and singular my lands messuages and tenements whith all household goods dets and moveable affects by them to be executed according to law and for them said Executors to take care and see that all and every one of my beloved family shall have there full share as I shall appoint 

Imprimise I give and bequeath to Sarah my dearly beloved wife her full thirds of all my moveable affects and the homestead place till my son William comes of age and half afterwards while she lives and her hors and saddle.  

Item I give and bequeath unto my son Thomas fifty pounds lawfull mony of South Carolina to be leveed out of my estate and all my cloathes except my fir hat and one gray three year old mare and colt to his son John.  

I likewise give and bequeath unto my daughter  Sarah one cow and calf, and what is between Joseph and me.

I likewise give unto my son William the homestead place after his mother's decease all only from where the line crosses the road that goes to Peter's old place and straight & cors to the old saw pit below the muddy branch and straight on to the outside line and from that said line down to Peter.  

I likewise give and bequeath unto my sons Peter and Robert each of them an equal part of my land and clams in the province of Virginia.  

I likewis give and bequeath unto my children all and every one of them is now single with my daughter's Elisebeth and Lydia each of them an equal part of the remainder of my movable affects by all and every one of them freely to be possesed and enjoyed: and I do hereby utterly disallow revoke and disannul all and every other formal testaments wills legacies and bequeaths and Executors by me in any wise before named willed and bequeathed ratifying and confirming this and no other to be my last will and testament in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the day and year above written
Signed sealed published pronounced and declared by the said Robert Patterson as his last will and testament in the presence of us the Subscribers Nathaniel Harrison, James Dickie

Robrt (R) Patterson

Personally appered James Dickey and Nathaneal Harreson before me and maketh oath as the Law Dericts that the order Presant and Seen Robt. Petterson Dezed  Sinc the within will as it now stands as his last will and that he was in his proper Senses and that the other witnesses to the same.   Sworn by me this ---- third day of November 1775.  
Signed: James Dickie, Nathaniel Harryn.  Sam Swann, J.P.  

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