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Nathan Thomas Harrison of Buncombe

Some years ago, a lady named Frances Ebbs Johnson wrote a letter to Mr. Johnson, of Harrison Repository fame. This info sheds more light on the Harrisons and Granthams and Johns of Buncombe, relatives of my Pattersons.


Nathan Thomas Harrison

Nathan Thomas Harrison, born 1779, NC or VA and wife Sarah Ogelsby are the ancestors of many in Madison County, NC. Early on he was an itinerant Methodist minister to churches in Old Buncombe County. About 1835 Rev. Nathan and family moved from the Sandy Mush area [wp: Buncombe Co NC, where the Pattersons et al lived] and settled into the Cherokee stronghold of Spring Place, Murray County, Georgia a few years before the Cherokee Removal. Known Children: John Valentine m Jane Bell; Rev. Samuel Robert. m Minerva Bell; Jeremiah m (1) Loucinda Lee (2) __________England; Abraham Pickens m Sarah Watters; Sarah m Dr. Tarver; Nathan m Jane_______; Cecil; Thomas, blind since age 17, m Ann (Lord?); Mary m Henson Gossage; Margaret m Edward F. Farrington; Rachel m James Madison Ellis, called "Too Dottle Too" by the Cherokee in reference to his red hair and literacy. Possible children were William C. and Lydia m Rev. Joab Humphries. Rev. Nathan m 2nd Nancy (Bailey?) but had no children. Rev. Nathan died 1852 at Spring Place.

Nathan’s son Thomas was my great great grandfather. He alone of the brothers remained in Buncombe where he lived on Turkey Creek on property owned by his parents. Thomas and Ann’s known children: Jesse, eldest; Mary A.; Robert m Martha ______; Harriet E. and Martha. Thomas and Ann were living with their son Jesse and his bride at Sandy Bottom in 1850, but 1860 they were living in Polk County, TN with their son Robert, a blacksmith, and his family.

Jesse, my great grandfather married Althia Caroline Hawkins, the girl next door on Turkey Creek. She was the daughter of Thomas Hawkins Sr. and Dorothy Worley. Jesse with his 16 year old bride, parents and siblings, moved to Sandy Bottom in 1850 where Jesse was a blacksmith along the Buncombe Turnpike. Children: Harriet Jane m Gabriel Cody; Sarah C. m Adolphus E. Treadway; Julia Ann m Charles Z. Netherton; James Madison m Susan V. Hunnicut; Mary m Frank Randall Treadway; John Frederick m. Rebecca Treadway (my grandparents - see Treadway Ancestry); Lucinda R. m David Wright Reeves; Thomas Jefferson m Emma Elvira Cowan; George Washington m Ana Laura Smith and Allice Belle m John W. Misner.

Rev. Nathan Harrison’s parents are unknown. He appears to be connected to several households in the 1800 Buncombe County Census. #1. Thomas and (Eleanor?) Harrison with a household of 14 including several adult males, in the Turkey Creek area. #2. John Harrison m _____(Davis?). #3. Ezekiel John m Lydia (Harrison?). #4. Rev. John Grantham m. Elizabeth Harrison, daughter of Thomas. She is said to have been born in Buncombe 1776 (then Indian country). Their eldest son was Isaiah, which suggests a relationship to the Isaiah Harrison Clan of Virginia, from the book, Settlers By The Long Grey Trail, by J. Houston Harrison.

A Thomas Harrison Jr., a prominent manufacturer of Belleville, Illinois gave a history of being born in York District, SC 1779. His father moved to Rutherford Co NC, then settled in Georgia [wp: probably Walton Co, Ga] then in Buncombe and then with others moved to Illinois in 1804. He had a nephew John P. Grantham whose father lived in Montgomery Co. IL (Rev. John Grantham). Probably also connected to these households were Rev. Jeremiah Harrison m Sarah Addington, and Nathaniel Harrison m Sarah Carrell.

The above Harrisons appear to be related to the Joseph and Margaret (Hill) Harrison family which came about 1803 from York Co. SC /Rutherford NC region to Turkey Creek, Buncombe County. A great grandson of Joseph, Nathaniel Ballard, wrote, long ago, that he remembered his cousins Nathan, Jeremiah and Thomas. [wp: this Joseph Harrison was son of Nathaniel and Rachel Harrison of York Co SC]

Frances Ebbs Johnson
8514 Rockmoor
San Antonio, TX 78230

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  1. For more info on John Grantham and Elizabeth Harrison, see

    1. JOHN*5 GRANTHAM (WILLIAM*4, JOHN*?3, EDWARD*2, EDWARD*1) was born July 27, 1773 in GA? NC?, and died April 29, 1835 in Irving, Montgomery, ILL. He married ELIZABETH* HARRISON December 19, 1795 in Buncombe Co, NC, daughter of THOMAS HARRISON.


    2. i. ISAIAH6 GRANTHAM, b. December 19, 1796, Ashville, Buncombe Co, North Carolina; d. December 07, 1857, Irving, Montgomery Co., Illinois.

    3. ii. JAMES GRANTHAM, b. January 17, 1799, Ashville, Buncombe Co, North Carolina; d. September 11, 1845, Irving, Montgomery, Illinois.

    4. iii. THOMAS L. GRANTHAM, b. January 27, 1801, Buncombe Co, North Carolina; d. February 10, 1870.

    5. iv. LYDIA GRANTHAM, b. January 23, 1803, Christian Co., Kentucky; d. September 25, 1845, Irving, Montgomery, Illinois.

    6. v. EZEKIEL* GRANTHAM, b. November 30, 1804, Henderson Co., KY; d. July 04, 1867, Irving, Montgomery, ILL.

    7. vi. ANNA GRANTHAM, b. June 04, 1806, Kentucky; d. January 09, 1836, Irving, Montgomery, Illinois.

    8. vii. WILLIAM J. GRANTHAM, b. January 26, 1809, Christian Co., Kentucky; d. September 20, 1901, Albany, Gentry, Missouri, '.

    9. viii. ELIZABETH GRANTHAM, b. February 10, 1811, Christian Co., Kentucky; d. March 01, 1895, Gentry Co., Missouri.

    10. ix. JOHN POSEY GRANTHAM, b. October 25, 1812, Christian Co., Kentucky; d. IN/DC.

    11. x. MARY (POLLY) GRANTHAM, b. November 26, 1814, Christian Co., Kentucky; d. November 08, 1888, Irving, Montgomery, Illinois.

    12. xi. MALACHI (JOHN) GRANTHAM, b. May 28, 1816, Kentucky; d. June 11, 1900, Clackmas Co., Oregon.

    xii. MARTHA GRANTHAM, b. February 18, 1820, Christian Co., Kentucky; d. September 19, 1900, Gentry Co., Missouri; m. WARREN OSBORN, January 17, 1839, Hillsboro, Montgomery, Illinois.

    13. xiii. HARRISON D. GRANTHAM, b. May 14, 1823.


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