Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Frank Patterson - My Father, My Legacy

Francis O. "Frank" Patterson
1940 - 2015
My dad was a wonderful man. We lost him a few weeks ago on July 31st (2015). He was 75 years old. But there was so much more to the man than cold hard facts. It will be my endeavor to share many stories about my father over the next days and weeks. This page will, perhaps, be the jumping off point for additional posts regarding his life, his legacy, his passions, his struggles, and his final days on this earth. But if you knew my father, and his relationship with a living God - the Lord Jesus Christ - you will concur that the story does not end with his death. It really only began. Eternity is a very long time, and he has entered into that next stage of life - eternal life, in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Frank was born Francis Oliver Patterson, on June 25, 1940 in a small farm community called Ivy Log. This was a few miles north of Blairsville, Georgia, in Union County. He was married to Vanza Davis on June 1, 1962, in Trinity, NC. Dad went into the hospital on Father's Day this year, June 21, 2015. After 40 days, he was transferred to Hospice Home in Winston-Salem, NC (Forsyth Co.), on Friday, July 31. Six hours later, with the entire family by his side, he breathed his last breath on this earth, and entered into the waiting arms of his Saviour.

In subsequent posts I plan to share many interesting details about dad, including pictures, his passions, and his travels to foreign countries (26 major trips from 1973 to 2008) to teach the Bible to men and women who in turn would go forth and share the Gospel to their own people.

I also plan to post copies of his obituary from the Winston-Salem Journal, as well as the letters that my brother and I wrote to be read at his funeral on August 3, 2015. These were our parting tributes to our father, and were written in such a way as to honor him in the best possible way we could imagine, which was to honor the Lord Jesus Christ, primarily. Dad finished his life strong for the Lord. That's what mattered the most to him.

I love you, Dad. I miss you. But I know I'll see you soon.


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