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Stewart Timeline

The following records are in chronological order and serve as an event timeline related to the Stewart Clan in North Carolina.

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The Yadkin River flows east and then south. That location is known as East Bend, for obvious reasons. Just below the east bend there is a creek flowing west called Hughes Creek, and at later times it was known by other names, including Miller Creek. This appears to be where Samuel and Lydia Stewart obtained a tract of land at some point, which Lydia referred to in her 1771 will. Then flowing east from that same general part of the Yadkin (but a little further south) is "Bathsheba" Creek, aka Bersheba aka Bashavia Creek. There and south is where Samuel Stewart apparently owned 508 acres entered in 1753 (grant issued 1757), as well as his sons David and Samuel Jr. Further to the east of that is Stewarts Creek where Samuel's son, David owned land beginning 1781. The Great Wagon Road crossed Stewarts Creek, at approximately where the creek crosses modern day Robinhood Rd at Chickasha Rd. South of that is Gorgales Creek, aka Muddy Creek.

  1. 1747 (Jan 21), "David Stuart & Abigal Herrison, adult persons baptized after profession of faith and obedience." This was the record of baptism of David Stewart and his future wife, Abigail Harrison, recorded and baptized by Rev Craig of Augusta Co, Va. This also shows that David Stewart was still in Va at the time.

  2. 1748, (Stewart Entry #1) David Stewart entered 138 acres on the Yadkin River, Anson Co., surveyed 10 Jan 1748/49 (1749 by today's calendar). Per Hofmann's Granville District of NC 1748-1763, Vol. 4, grant #285 says "David Stewart, plat dated 10 Jan 1748/49, 138 acres (Anson Co) on the North Bank of the Yadkin River opposite Eagleton, joining the river bank; CC: Abraham Potter, Antony Heavely; C. Robinson Surv." This tract was definitely along the bank of the Yadkin River. David was the first of the Stewart clan to enter land in Anson Co. However, there is no record of any grant ever being issued for this 138 acre survey. There may have been, but I can find no record of it. (revised 6 Apr 2010)

  3. 1750 (May 23), Augusta Co Va court records show that Isaiah Harrison has "removed to Carolina". This Isaiah may have been the son of Joseph Harrison who died in Augusta Co VA in 1748. I believe that Isaiah's aunt was Lydia Harrison Stewart, wife of Samuel Stewart. This Harrison clan has begun the move to the Yadkin River valley, which includes Harrisons, Wrights, and Stewarts (as well as Linvilles, Boones, and Bryans). They left the Harrisonburg, Va region to come to what was then Anson Co, NC. It is possible that the Joseph Harrison of the Yadkin was a son of the afore-mentioned Joseph Harrison who died in VA in 1748. (revised 9 Aug 2011)

  4. 1751 (Oct 9), (Stewart Entry #2) Samuel Stewart, Entered 640 acres on 9 Oct 1751, Warrant for survey dated 1 April 1752. Survey date is not known, but Grant was issued 10 Jan 1761 according to the warrant cover. This grant was for 640 acres on a branch of Muddy Creek above the head of Stewarts Run at a White Oak Mark'd. I found no grant paperwork for this, but again, the warrant cover had a notation that a grant was issued on the date previously noted. Also on the warrant cover, under Samuel Stewart's name, was "Muddy C" with the rest of "Creek" blotted out. Then under that note was "Esaih" and obviously something else after that blotted out. This would be a good time to note that many Harrison researchers have said that Isaiah Harrison Jr received a 640 acre grant in Anson Co NC under the name "Esaiah Harrison". I have never been able to find this grant at the NC Archives. Perhaps this particular grant was originally for him, but then was assigned to Samuel Stewart instead? Again, I believe the Isaiah who came to the Yadkin River area though was actually a son of Joseph Harrison who died in 1748 in VA. (revised 9 Aug 2011)

  5. 1751 (Oct 9), (Stewart Entry #3) Samuel Stewart Junior, Entered 646 acres on 9 Oct 1751, Warrant for survey date is unknown, but a survey was completed on 23 Apr 1753, with chain carriers David and John Steward. No grant paperwork has been found, so it is not clear to me there was ever a grant issued for this survey. This survey was for 646 acres on the NE side of Yadkin River and on waters of Reed Creek, beginning at David Stewards corner. I believe that Reed Creek may have been south of Bashavia Creek and possibly somewhere in the vicinity of the Shallowford or even Double Creek. At this time, given that David Stewart's lands appear to have been between the Shallowford and Bashavia Creek, I'll assume Reed Creek is in that area as well. (revised 6 Apr 2010)

  6. 1753 (Mar 15), Ezaiah [Isaiah] Harrison had a Rowan County, NC Land entry for 15 March 1753, of 640 acres in Anson County (later Rowan), on the South side of Yadkin River, known by the Swan Ponds - this according to Harrison researchers (I have never been able to locate this grant or even a land entry). Many Stewart and Harrison researchers have talked about the Swan Ponds and Swan Creek and attributed that description to all of them. However, some lands of the Stewarts show a Swan Creek, and others a Snow Creek and all of them seem to have been on the "north" or "east" side of Yadkin in modern day Forsyth Co. Isaiah Harrison's 640 acre grant is described as "south" side Yadkin, so his may truly have been on Swan Creek or Swan Ponds. This could be near Wilkes Co. On the other hand, there were a number of Harrisons who lived on the east side of Yadkin nearby the Stewarts, constantly witnessing this or that which the Stewarts were involved in. (revised 9 Aug 2011)

  7. 1753, Rowan County formed from Anson County.

  8. 1753 (July 16), (Stewart Entry #4) Samuel Stewart entered 640 acres on 16 July 1753, east side of Yadkin River on the South Fork of Barshaby (Bashavia) Creek, joining his other survey. This entry (Rowan Co) joined the bank of the Yadkin River. Wit: Jno Haywood, David Stewart. Warrant dated 30 Nov 1753, surveyed 24 May 1754 (for 508 acres), deed issued 9 May 1757 (warrant cover), same day as David Stewart's 380 acre grant. CC: John Stewart, John Dawson. The back of the grant described the grantee as "Samuel Stewart Sr". On the grant itself you can see that Samuel Stewart Sr always made his mark "S". This tract of 508 acres was later sold to Matthew Brooks in two parcels (1775 and 1779), both deeds mentioning the "bank of the Yadkin River" and the latter one also said "down the river". The 380 acre tract that David obtained the same day was later sold in 1779 to John Lynch, and was shown to be "on the east side bank of Yadkin River." This was grant #4903 in Hoffman's Granville District of NC 1748-1763, Vol. 3, under Rowan Co. (revised 6 Apr 2010)

  9. 1753 (July 26), (Stewart Entry #5) David Stewart entered 640 acres on 26 July 1753, east (north) side of Yadkin, (Rowan Co) adj Joseph Hartford, Wagners line, John Miller, and the several courses of the sd river. Warrant for survey dated 30 Nov 1753 (warrant cover), surveyed 23 May 1754 (for 380 acres), deed issued 9 May 1757 (deed cover), same day as Samuel Stewart Sr's 508 acre grant. CC: John Stewart, John Dawson. This 380 acre tract was later referred to as David Stewart's Fishing Place, and then again later was described as containing a "Fish Pott" and "Seine Landing", the latter being a type of fishing net. I believe this land to have been at or near the modern day "Old 421 River Park" in modern day Forsyth Co NC. Another possible location for this tract is a little further south, below the Shallow Ford, and not far from Double Creek. This was grant #4898 in Hoffman's Granville District of NC 1748-1763, Vol. 3, under Rowan Co. (revised 6 Apr 2010)

  10. 1753, approximately the same time David Stewart and Samuel Stewart Sr entered their 1753 lands, Thomas McCaul (McCall) was entering his own land. McCall entered 656 acres in Rowan Co on Stewards Run, surveyed 21 April 1753 (a month prior to the Stewarts' surveys), and the grant was issued on 12 May 1757, just three days after the Stewarts grants. CC: Samuel Steward, David Steward. This was grant #4721 in Hoffman's Granville District of NC 1748-1763, Vol. 3, under Rowan Co. (revised 3 Feb 2010)

  11. 1753, David Stewart Constable, on the north side of Yadkin from Muddy Creek and upward... (HISTORY OF ROWAN COUNTY by Rev. Jethro Rumple. p 54)

  12. 1754 (Jan 24), After the noon liturgy Brother Herman went 8 miles to order certain things from David Stuart. (Moravian records)

  13. 1755 (Feb 28), Edward Hughes was granted 331 acres on North East side of Yadkin River, adj Jos. Harris.; CC: Jos Harris, Daved Steward. The grant itself clearly shows the neighbor and chain carrier as "Joseph Harrison", however. This grant was issued two years earlier than the Stewarts and McCall's grants. It was grant #4636 in Hoffman's Granville District of NC 1748-1763, Vol. 3, under Rowan Co. (revised 5 Apr 2010)

  14. 1755 (June 30), Brother Kalberlahn went to Mr. Steward's to see his patient. (Moravian records)

  15. 1762 (May 24), (Stewart Entry #6) Samuel Stewart (Sr, but later sold by Jr) was granted 332 acres on 10 Aug 1762, Rowan Co East side Yadkin River and on both sides of Swan Creek (Snow Creek, according to the 1774 sale of this land), adj David Stewart, George Stown, John Howard, and bank of river. Wit: John Frohock; Surveyed by John Frohock 24 May 1762 (survey cover); CC: David Stewart, Thomas Harrison. Note: Plat was originally done in the name of Joseph Harrison, a line drawn through and Samuel Stewart written above. This survey was clearly on Swan Creek, clearly for Joseph Harrison originally, and clearly Samuel Stewart Sr, based on Samuel's "S" mark on the grant itself. This grant has always been attributed to being Samuel Stewart Sr, and referred to in Lydia Stewart's 1771 will where she left this land to her sons if they could "obtain a clear title". However, I no longer agree with that assumption. Lydia's will clearly refers to a tract of land on the "south" side of the Yadkin, and this tract was on the east (or north) side, so this is NOT the land Lydia was referring to. Interestingly, this land was sold by Samuel Stewart JR and his wife Elizabeth Stewart in 1774 to Joseph Williams (Surry Bk A Pg 95), witnessed by John Harrison, and bounded as "adj. David Stewart.... riverbank..." and George Stown to the east and John Howard to the south and west. Subsequent deeds describe this tract as "North side Yadkin River, both sides Snow Creek." It is DEFINITELY the same tract. It could be that Samuel Jr sold this land as an heir, and his wife (Elizabeth Winscott) as a witness of Samuel Sr's will. This 1762 grant was grant #60, Bk 6, Pg 221, Issued 10 Aug 1762 Rowan Co, and was entry #4905 in Hoffman's Granville District of NC 1748-1763, Vol. 3, under Rowan Co. (revised 6 Apr 2010)

  16. 1762 (Aug 27), Martin Hauser (II) was granted 256 acres on "Bersheba" Creek (Bashavia Creek), near the Yadkin River on the east. His tract was on both sides of Bashavia Creek (in modern day Forsyth Co); Wit: John Frohock; Surveyed by John Frohock on 21 May 1762; CC: Henry Spoonhour, Martin Hauser. This tract was bounded by Henry Spoonhour (Spainhour) on the east, and then on the western end of the south line of Hauser's tract was none other than "Samuel Stewart". We know this was Samuel Stewart Sr by virtue of the fact that Richard Thomason entered 400 acres on 13 Nov 1778 on North side of the Yadkin River (Surry Co), adj lines of Joseph Stewart and Martin Howzar (Hauser) and Joseph Phillips. It was later granted in 1783, but the bigger issue is that in 1778, Samuel Stewart Sr was dead. His 508 acres bordered Hauser to the north, and this Thomason grant was to the west of Stewart AND Hauser, with Phillips to the north. Samuel Stewart Sr left his 508 acres (that he lived on) to his sons Benjamin and Joseph Stewart. Benjamin sold 124 acres of the 508 to Matthew Brooks in 1775, but the remaining 384 was sold by Joseph and Benjamin together, in 1779, to the same Matthew Brooks. So in 1778, Joseph was still in possession of the original 508 acre tract (or 384 of it) that would have bordered Hauser and Thomason. This not only confirms which Samuel Stewart bordered Martin Hauser, but also reveals conclusively where Samuel Stewart Sr lived. (revised 3 Feb 2010)

  17. 1768 (Aug 20), Samuel Stewart of Rowan County dated his will Aug 20, 1768, and it was witnessed by Preston Crawford, Elizabeth Winscott, and O. Harvey; the will was proved on Aug 4, 1770 in Rowan County. The executors were his sons David and Samuel. In the will Samuel gave all his movable estate to his wife Lydia and left the tract of land on which he lived to his sons Joseph and Benjamin, to be equally divided. [Wes Patterson note: this was the 508 acres later sold in the 1770's to Matthew Brooks.]

  18. 1770 (Feb 15), James Glenn, Joseph Harrison, James Buck, Samuel and David Stewart, Georg Lash, Martin Houser, of the Yadkin, Henry Spoonhour [Spainhour] and Michael Houser of Bethany, Jacob Stoner, Jacob Blecken and John Ranke of Bethabara, and George and Charles Holder of Salem to lay off a road from the Shallow ford of the Yadkin to cross the North Fork of Muddy Creek a little above the mouth of Steward's Creek to the town of Salem. [Muddy Creek a little above the mouth of Stewarts (Tomahawk) Creek is Shallowford / Country Club Rd. The old wagon road came into Lewisville at Shallowford Rd near Lewisville-Vienna Rd. The part of Shallowford Rd that runs from there to Old Salem was not laid out until this time in 1770 apparently. Sam Stewart Sr had already died, so this was Samuel Jr and his brother David.]

  19. 1771, Surry County formed from Rowan County.

  20. 1771 (Jan 11), Lydia Stewart (widow of Samuel) made her will on Jan 11, 1771, and it was proved at the November court, 1772, in Surry County. The witnesses were Christopher Stanton, Charles Hickerson, and Edward Hughes. She named as executors her sons, David and Samuel Stewart. She asked, "that out of my estate a title be obtained for a certain tract of land on the south side of the Yadkin River adjoining Benjamin Pettit's and James Carson's lands (Kerson), and if such title can be obtained the same be sold and the value thereof be equally divided unto my beloved sons David, Samuel, John, and Joseph Stewart." She gave her son, Benjamin, "an iron pot now in his possession." I give unto my son Joseph's daughter Lydia a good heifer or a young cow." She gave her bed and furnishings to her grand-daughter Lydia, daughter of her son David. An inventory of her estate, made Feb 12, 1773, amounting to 135-6-10, was presented Feb 16, by David and Samuel Stewart. [According to the Yadkin County Historical Map, "Lydia Steward 1770" and "James Carson 1763" were situated next to each other in northeastern Yadkin Co, very close to the south side of Yadkin River, and just north of the Richmond Rd near Yellow Bank Ford. It was situated on a branch of Baileys Creek. Other names for this creek are Millers Creek and Hughes Creek. Need to follow up on this closer. At this time, I do not know how they acquired this land. It must have been by deed, as there are not grants for any land on the south side of the Yadkin for Samuel or Lydia Stewart.] (revised 5 Apr 2010)

  21. 1772 (Aug 6), Rowan Co minutes of Court of P&QS, Bk 3 Pg 365: "Joseph Gentry licensed to keep a public ferry at his own landing opposite to David Steward's Fishing Place." This became known as Joseph's Ferry, and later became known as Brooks Ferry (Matthew Brooks). Today this is where Yadkinville Hwy (Old 421) crosses the Yadkin River at Old 421 River Park.

  22. 1774, Samuel Stewart (Jr) and Elizabeth Stewart (his wife) to Joseph Williams (Surry Bk A Pg 95), witnessed by John Harrison, and bounded as "adj. David Stewart.... riverbank..." and George Stown to the east and John Howard to the south and west... 335 acres. Joseph Williams later sold 239 acres of this tract, North side Yadkin River on both sides SNOW Creek adj David Stuart and John Lynch. Williams sold the 239 acres to Thomas Smith, who in turn was bound by the courts on 11 May 1779 (Bk I Pg 131) as follows: "Thomas Smith bound to his mother, Sarah Smith, for L10,000 NC money if he molest his mother or keep her from peaceably possessing during her widowhood the 239 A bought from Jos. Williams on N side of Yadkin R on Snow Crk. Wit: John Hudspeth, Wm Meredith." It went on to say this land formerly belonged to Samuel Stewart.

  23. 1774 (Dec 4), Surry Co Will Bk 1 Pg 36a: Will of Tyree Glen, names wife Sarah, sons Jeremiah and Thomas to have home plantation and Island land. All my children: Suckey, Aggy, Jeanney, Jeremiah, Thomas. Exrs: William Bryant, Thomas Adaman. Wit: Samuel Gentry, Joseph Stewart, Benjamin Stewart, James Glen. Prvd by Gentry, Benjamin Stewart, and James Glen.

  24. 1775 (May), Matthew Brooks bought 124 acres from Benjamin Stewart, part of 508 acres granted to Samuel Stewart Sr in 1753. The sale is recorded in Surry Co. NC. Book A p 169, and described as being on the "bank of Yadkin River".

  25. 1777, Wilkes County formed from Surry County.

  26. 1778 (Apr), Joseph Harrison to John Lynch, 147 acres adj David Stewart, John Miller, Frederick Miller (Surry Bk A Pg 221). This must have also been on the east side of Yadkin River and very close to the river.

  27. 1778 (Nov 13), Richard Thomason entered 400 acres Surry County on the North side of the Yadkin River adj the lines of Joseph Stewart and Martin Hauser and Joseph Phillips - 13 Nov 1778; grant issued 13 Oct 1783. This was entry #950 in Agnes M. Wells' Joseph Winston: His Land Entry Book, Surry County NC Land Entries 1778-1781. (revised 3 Feb 2010)

  28. 1778 (Dec 29), Matt Brooks enters 300 acres of land in Surry Co. on the S fork of Bershavia Creek adjoining Martin Howzar, Jos. Stewart, Benja. Stewart, and myself including his improvement for quantity. - Brooks had already purchased 124 acres from Benjamin Stewart in 1775, part of the 508 A grant to Samuel Stewart Sr, land on which the latter Stewart had lived - and died. (revised 13 Feb 2010)

  29. 1779 (Feb 2), David Stewart sold 380 acres on east side bank of Yadkin River, to John Lynch, adj. Thomas Smith, Lynch, Miller (Surry Bk A Pg 261). This was the 380 acre grant David was issued in May 1757.

  30. 1779 (Feb 3), John Lynch entered 100 A up river adj land he bought from David Stewart Sr, including the Fish Pott and Seine Landing. A "seine" is a net that is lowered vertically into the water and used to catch fish. Given the 1772 entry where Joseph Gentry operated a public ferry opposite to David Stewart's "Fishing Place", I'd say this "fish pott" and "seine landing" apply to David Stewart's former property (380 acres) which he sold to John Lynch the day before Lynch entered this 100 acre grant adjacent.

  31. 1779 (Aug 30), Benjamin and Joseph Stewart to Matthew Brooks L520, 384 acres east side Yadkin being part of 508 acre Granville grant to Samuel Stewart Sr. Wit: William Thornton, Agness PRICE, and James Blackwell. Signed Benjamin (X) Stewart, Joseph (X) Stewart and Elizabeth (X) Stewart. (SURRY COUNTY DEEDS 1779-1797, p 55) [witness William Thornton appears to have had relations with the Gentrys from their years in Va prior to coming to Rowan/Surry. Witness Agness Price appears to be the daughter of one John Price V and Sarah Brown (Price) of Halifax Co, Va. Agness' sister, Elizabeth Sarah "Sandy" Price, married James Blackwell V, presumeably the 3rd witness on this deed.] This tract was bounded by the bank of Yadkin River and running "down the river".

  32. 1780, Isaiah Stewart received a NC Grant (Surry, Bk M Pg 407) along Logans Creek in what is now eastern Yadkin County, not far from Matthew Brooks Ferry (old 421). I am not sure the acreage at this time, however. Isaiah was another son of Samuel and Lydia Harrison Stewart.

  33. 1781 (June 5), David Stewart bought 170 acres from John Lynch on east side of south fork of Stewarts Creek, adj Frederick Miller and Robert Lanier (Surry, Bk B Pg 126). I am not sure what happened to this tract. It appears that 12 acres of it was sold to Frederick Miller by David Stewart in 1795 (Stokes Bk 2 Pg 258). It also looks like the 138 acres sold by Reuben Stewart to Frederick Miller in 1825 (Stokes Bk 8 Pg 366) was also on the east side of south fork of Stewarts Creek, and possibly more of this "170" acres from John Lynch. If so, this only accounts for 150 acres, all sold to Fr Miller. So... I'm a bit confused here. I see where Reuben Stewart (son of David) sold 67 acres to Daniel Davis in 1812 (Stokes Bk 7 Pg 58), bounded by Foster Phillips and Martin Hauser and the river bank. Reuben also sold 51 acres to Foster Phillips in 1812 (Stokes Bk 5 Pg 699), bounded by the river bank and also the mouth of a small branch. Now I'm really confused. If David bought "170" acres from Lynch on Stewarts Creek (east side south branch) and then sold 12 and 138 acres with the same bounds, both to Frederick Miller... then this land his son is selling along the bank of the Yadkin (in Stokes Co) has to be part of the Anson grant for 138 acres he received in 1748. (revised 2 Feb 2010)

  34. 1781 (Aug 15), Deed from Robert Harrison by his attorney Matt Brooks to Samuel Kirby.

  35. 1785 (Feb 17), Surry Co Deed Bk C Pg 291, Mark Phillips to Thomas Smith for L50, 200 A on middle fork of Double Creek adj Joseph Williams and John Hix, wit: John Lankaster, Zebediah Billitor, David Stewart.

  36. 1785 (Aug 13), Surry Co Deed Bk C Pg 249, John Lancaster Senior to William Holman 350 pounds for 290 acres on Stewarts Creek. Signed, John Lancaster. Witnesses: Thomas Smith, David Stewart, and William Stewart. Proved in court 15 Nov 1785, deed from John Lancaster to William Holloman: oath David Stewart. This land was purchased 14 May 1782 from Robert Lanier, John Lynch to John Lancaster, Sr. Interesting to note a family connection between Hollimans and Matthew Brooks and George Lash Sr. See my post regarding this. (revised 24 Feb 2010)

  37. 1789, Stokes County formed from Surry County.

  38. 1798 (Apr 23), Marriages of Rowan County, NC, 1753-1868, by Brent Holcomb, page 83: Cooper, David and Ann Miller, 23 April 1798, David Stewart bondsman, E. J. Osborn, D.C. wit. (revised 9 April 2010)

  39. 1801 (Nov 24), Will of David Stewart (Stuart). Proved Dec 1807. Jamiah Harrison [Jemima, wife of Nathaniel Harrison], Hezekiah Rankin, Lydia Potter and Abigail Curd, 20 shillings each. Five sons: John, David, Reuben, Samuel and Thomas, all my estate, also negroes (6 of them) Wife Abigail Stewart to be maintained, Execs John and Reuben Stewart. Wit: Thompson Glenn, Frederick Miller, and Henry Holder. Signed David (X) Stewart. (STOKES COUNTY NC WILLS 1790-1864) Henry Holder had at least one grant on waters of Stewarts Creek. And this being in Stokes county rules out the possibility that this land was in modern day Yadkin or Wilkes. This was in modern day Forsyth Co.

  40. (David Stewart did not personally sell all of his land. The deeds of Surry and Stokes for all of his sons must be consulted before any final conclusions about the disposition of David's lands can be finalized.)

  41. 1849, Forsyth County formed from Stokes County.

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