Monday, January 25, 2010

John Hauser 600 acre Grant

Thanks to Judy Cardwell for sharing the info with me concerning John Hauser's 600 acre NC Land Grant on 3 April 1780. I will not post her map online since I do not have her permission to do so. I'd rather wait and finish working up my own maps anyway. But I certainly appreciate Judy's providing this info to me. Her work is very important for the history of Forsyth County.

Other tracts from the 1770s and 80s in the southern half of the Stewarts Creek watershed, according to Judy's map, include the following:

  • Henry Holder, 200 acres, 3 Apr 1780 (same day as Hauser)
  • Michael Carver, 600 acres, 13 Oct 1783
  • John Lyon, 200 acres, 3 Nov 1784
Lyon bordered Hauser on the SW side, Holder to the north, and Carver was to the west of Hauser. Judy doesn't have the Carver and Hauser tracts connected, however. I don't believe they were connected, either. However, I do think that Hauser's tract, as well as Holder's and Lyon's, would have been a little further west based on mid 20th century deeds I've traced back to Hauser.

Mid 20th century deeds indicate that Leonard Ketner's lands would have been the long vertical "gap" between Carver's tract and Hauser's tract. Ketner Rd runs through the western edge of Ketner's old tracts, plus some other tracts to the west in some places. I still have a lot of research and mapping to do to show this, however.

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