My Presley Ancestors

By Wes Patterson

Last Revised: 20 August 2018

My Presley ancestors are as follows, beginning with the oldest generation: 

  1. William Presley
  2. Peter Presley
  3. Col. William Presley Sr. (b. 1608; d. 1655)
    m. Jane Newman
  4. William Presley Jr. (b. bef. 1629; d. ____) [pedigree]
  5. Peter Presley
  6. Mildred “Millie” Presley (b. c. 1690/70; d. 17__)
    m. Alexander Cleveland 
  7. Grace Cleveland (b. 1716; d. 17__) [pedigree]
    m. Edward Coffey Jr [
  8. Jesse Coffey (b. bef. 1755; d. ____)
    m. Nancy _____
  9. Cleveland Coffey (b. bef. 1780; d. 1843)
    m. Martha Brown
  10. Jane Coffey (b. 1811; d. 1897) [pedigree]
    m. Cannon Stephens [pedigree]
  11. John Stephens (b. 1844; d. 1882)
    m. Merzy Ann Byers [pedigree]
  12. Samuel Jaspar Stephens (b. 1873; d. 1938)
    m. Mollie Franks
  13. Wilma Stephens (b. 1904; d. 1991) [pedigree]
    m. Clint Patterson [pedigree]
  14. Francis Oliver "Frank" Patterson (b. 1940; d. 2015) [pedigree]
    m. Vanza Davis [pedigree]
  15. Charles Wesley "Wes" Patterson (b. 1968)
    m. Ginna Fishburne

Presley Maternal Family Lines 

The following surnames make up the maternal family lines of my Presley ancestors. If you have any info on any of these families that you'd like to share with me, I'd certainly appreciate it. Thank you.


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