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Was John & Margaret Black Patterson EVER in Pendleton Dist., SC?

Marty [Grant],

Time to ask the obvious question - a question I'm sure you knew I'd ask after reading your page. Great job on the page, too, I might add.

Any idea where "we" (collectively speaking, that is) ever came up with the "research" that my John and Margaret Black Patterson were in Pendleton District, SC in 1790? I was pretty much given that info from day one and have carried it forward to today.

Now you are stating that the John Patterson on page 8, Pendleton District SC 1790 that has been typically assigned to my John, might be Viola's John, if I understand your notes correctly.

I want to throw out a couple thoughts regarding that.
  1. I have never found any of the other York Pattersons and Blacks (for sure, anyway) in Pendleton District, SC. Always thought that was strange, if mine were there.
  2. John and Margaret Black Patterson's daughter, Amy Jane Patterson (Kincaid) - b 1793, always told her family that they were from Camden District, SC - which includes York Co. She never said anything about Pendleton, as far as I know. To reconcile this, my assumption was always that they moved back to York and then up to Buncombe. That seems weak, too, though.
  3. The other associated families from York who moved to Buncombe, appear to have moved straight there in the 1790s and early 1800s.
My John and Margaret had their oldest son about 1789, named Joseph B. Patterson.

Any thoughts?



Marty's page on this other John Patterson group of Pendleton District, SC from 1790 forward. Marty gave the following analysis which is what I referred to above:

Nancy Chapman was born ca 1769/70 per her age on the 1850 census (80). The same record shows her birth place as North Carolina. She is a proven child of Joseph Chapman (1745-1836) of old Pendleton District, SC (which later became Pickens District). Nancy was associated with Joseph and other Chapmans and was named as one of Joseph's heirs in his estate papers. His Revolutionary War Pension Record shows he was born in Halifax Co., VA and was living in Guilford Co., NC before the war. Perhaps Nancy was born in Guilford. 
Nancy's children are proven by an 1831 deed in Hall Co., GA. The oldest one was born ca 1790/94, so she must have married by ca 1790 or just after that. 
The 1790 census for Pendleton Dist., SC shows Joseph Chapman listed there with four females in his household. This would probably be his wife and three daughters. One of those could be Nancy if she wasn't married yet. However, there is a John Patterson listed just six houses away. His household is somewhat large for newlyweds though (1 male over 16, 2 males under 16 and 6 females). This may be a different John Patterson. Looking at this census there were four Patterson households there in 1790, a James Patterson and three John Pattersons. Here are each of those listings (since we don't know for certain that Nancy's husband was named "John").

p. 8 John Patterson 1-1-1-0-0

p. 9 Joseph Chapman 1-5-4-0-5

p. 9 John Patterson 1-2-6-0-0

p.10 John Patterson 1-4-5-0-0

p. 12 James Patterson 2-0-5-0-0
The only one who seems to fit is the John Patterson on page 8. His households suggests newlyweds with a small son and no other children. That fits what Nancy's family should look like at this point.....

William Wright of Augusta Co Va

Mr Wright,

I enjoyed reading your analysis of the William Wright family of Augusta Va. My Robert Patterson of Linville Creek Va was there during the same time period before moving south to SC in the 1760s, although some of his family returned to Augusta for a few years during the 1770s, namely, my line of Thomas Patterson, born ca 1740-44.

I still do not know the identity of Thomas Patterson's wife. Their oldest son was named John Patterson, born 1765 - my ancestor. There may have been a son named Alexander Patterson, also, and possibly an Andrew Patterson. There was also a son named Robert, too.

My Pattersons were heavily involved with the Black family, and also the Cravens and Harrisons and Ponders.

Do you think it's possible that Thomas' wife could have been one of William Wright's daughters, such as the one born 1735-41, or even Jean?

Thomas' father, Robert Patterson, was recorded in a court case with William Wright vs Thomas Linville.

11 March 1745, William Wright vs. Thomas Linville.--Writ 11th March, 1745. Thomas Linville told Robert Patterson that he had paid to William Wright a certain sum of money which was due to said Wright's father. Order by William Wright's, 10th December, 1744, to Robert Patterson to collect the account.

Any idea who "said Wright's father" was, by any chance? Were they any kin the Wrights of Sussex Co DE and Long Island, NY - where the Harrisons had migrated from? There were kin to the Gideon and Peter Wright clan from those locations.

Wes Patterson
North Carolina

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Peter Patterson of York Co SC

The following email was sent to Harald Reksten, a fellow descendant of Robert "R" Patterson, who died in York Co SC in 1775. I descend from Robert's oldest son Thomas, Harald descends from son Robert (II), and then there's the son Peter, which has not been well documented previously. That said, we're making a valiant attempt at it:


We've discussed the Patterson males that might be tied to Peter before, such as Andrew (possibly), and then more importantly, James, John Marion, and Peter.

As far as daughters are concerned, he appears to have had at least 4 daughters, according to the 1790 and 1800 census records. One born before 1790, another about 1789, another about 1790/91, and the 4th b/w 1790 and 1800.

I have believed for a few years now (actually, since 2003) that the second daughter was named Jane, b 1789. There was a Jane who moved to Buncombe roughly around 1805-1810 and then married a James Freeman about 1811/12. She was born in 1789 in SC. Their two oldest children were named Abigail Freeman (1813) and Peter Patterson Freeman (1816). There were 7 more kids born after that, all 9 being born in Buncombe.

James Freeman's parents were named Aaron Freeman and Mary Bentley (Freeman). Haven't we seen a York deed or two that has Peter Patterson AND an Abigail Patterson listed? Ah, yes - here it is:

E-502 13 July 1797 Peter Patterson of York County to Malcolm Henry of York County for 150 pounds, 150 acres, on the waters of Clarks fork of Bullock Creek being Patterson's branch and also 80 acres adjoining the above and Peter Patterson's lower field, the ridge road above Jacob Peters School House, Robert Love's corner at cross road and -------Ponder. Also 62 acres, adjoining and originally granted to Robert Patterson Sr., deceased, and is on both sides of Clarks fork. Witnesses: Robert Love, William Henry and Abigail Patterson. Samuel Watson J.P.

I was out walking a few minutes ago and then I was reminded of a person from Buncombe I found a few years that I couldn't ever tie to anyone. I now am quite certain this is yet another grandchild of Peter. I'm speaking of a boy named Robert Patterson Sandlin, born June 03, 1815, Buncombe, NC. This fella was the son of Ezekiel Sandlin and Martha ______.

I just did a follow up search and found that some Sandlin researchers believe Martha to have been a Patterson, but cannot prove it. Martha was born in 1790 in SC. She most certainly could be the 3rd daughter of Peter Patterson.

Get this... they supposedly married in SC around 1807, according to one source. They moved to NC about then and their children were all born in Buncombe. I also know that James Patterson (m Sarah Marr/Morrow) moved to Buncombe b/w 1805-1810.

Ezekiel Sandlin was the son of William Sandlin and they were from York Co SC, Kings Creek area - probably not far from the Ponders. After they moved to Buncombe, guess where they lived. Here's the abstract, followed by explanation:

(Buncombe Co NC)
(E 155) 5/12/1807 (8/22/1812)
Ezekiel Sandlin to James Patterson, 70 acres, "…Newfound Creek, joins George Black and Thomas Patterson's lands…, beginning on a ridge Black's corner running east to Thomas Patterson's corner…"
Witnesses: John Love & Daniel Ponders

(12/271) 3/8/1816
James Patterson to Reuben Black, 70 acres, (same land James Patterson had bought from Ezekiel Sandlin in 1807.) - "…Ridley Pence's corner…. (both men living in Buncombe at this time)"
Witnesses: Nathaniel Harrison & Jane Harrison

This means that Ezekiel Sandlin lived on the western side of Thomas Patterson. My John Patterson lived on the eastern side of Thomas Patterson. George Black lived to the south of them all. George Black was the brother in law of John Patterson. It appears now that Ezekiel Sandlin may have been the brother in law of James Patterson, as this was the same James who married Sarah Morrow. Remember that John Patterson had bought a different tract of land a little further away from a Richard Morrow.

Furthermore, Thomas Patterson's land was sold by the sheriff, and it changed hands a few times and ended up being owned by this same James Patterson. The land that John was living on next to Thomas's land had been bought by John from Reuben Black, son of Matthew Black of Burke Co NC and formerly of York Co SC. We see that James P later sells this Sandlin tract to Reuben Black. It is believed that Reuben's grandparents were Robert and Madge Cravens Black, by the way.

And last but not least, Nathaniel and Jane Harrison were siblings, and children of Joseph Harrison, and grandchildren of Nathaniel Harrison who signed Robert Patterson's 1775 will in SC.

Oh, and one more caveat. Notice that Ridley Pence lived next to them also, in 1816. John Patterson sold his land next to all this to Abram Pence, no doubt some relation to Ridley. These Pattersons were selling their land from 1815 to 1820 and moving a little further west into Haywood Co NC. A few years later, Abram Pence shows up next to John Patterson and his oldest son Joseph Black Patterson in Haywood. Abram Pence's daughter, Cassey Pence, married John Marion Patterson, brother of the above James Patterson.

Confused yet?

I don't see how this Martha could be a daughter of my Thomas, nor your Robert. If she's from the Robert "R" clan, it has to be Peter. We can't forget the daughters of Robert "R", but this Martha couldn't have been Sarah's (m Joseph Black), nor could she have been Lydia's (m John Black). While it's possible she could have been Elizabeth's (m Daniel Ponder), according to Ponder researchers, the youngest daughter they had was born in 1788, so it doesn't seem likely that she could be Elizabeth's daughter.

I am of the opinion that this Martha Sandlin was the third daughter of Peter Patterson.

Your thoughts?


P.S. I'm doing a quick review right now of your York SC deed abstracts and noticed this:

O-005-071 (Charleston) 18 February 1785 James Wilson of Camden District, farmer to John Wilson of same 4 pounds sterling, 200 acres the lower end of a survey in said district on Kings Creek adjacent Wilkinsons branch. Witnesses: Robt. Patterson, Willm. Sandlin. Proved: 19 February 1785 in Camden District by William Champion. Recorded: 15 March 1785.

Willm. Sandlin was the father in law of this Martha whom I'm suggesting is the daughter of Peter Patterson!

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Conrads of Lewisville, NC

The following notes are simply a compilation of scattered notes I'm pulling together concerning the Conrads who lived on or near the Stewarts Creek region of Lewisville / Vienna.

Leonard Conrad (1787-1865) m. 1) Annie Vest, 2) Rebecca Lash, probably d/o George Lash Jr. and Nancy Wall

Children of Johann Jacob Conrad (1751-1818) and Catharina Weybrecht Johann Conrad:
Jacob Conrad (1779-?)
Daniel Conrad (1783-?)
Leonard Conrad (1787-1865) m. 1) Annie Vest, 2) Rebecca Lash, probably d/o George Lash Jr. and Nancy Wall
Elisabeth Conrad (1789-aft. 1850) m. Martin Leinbach (1791-1848)
Johann Jacob and Catharina married in Pennsylvania in 1775, and probably didn't arrive in NC until 1777.

Which John Conrad was the POA (1825) for John Stewart (son of David Stewart)? Was it Leonard's brother? It wasn't Leonard's father as he died in 1818. Leonard's father was probably known as Jacob Conrad Jr.

His parents were Johann Jacob Conrad and Maria Catharina Royer.

Must also consider the following families of Christian and John Conrad, uncles of Leonard.

Probable children of Christian Conrad and Maria Boeckel:
Maria Catharina Conrad (1772-1830) m. Johann Christian Hauser (1766-?)
John Conrad (1774-1841) m. Catharina Spainhour (1775-1862)
Peter Conrad (1777-1850) m. 1) Maria Magdalena Schumacher? (1781-1818), 2) Catharina Spainhour (1787-1866)
Anna Magdalena Conrad (1782-1863) m. Peter Pfaff (1773-1865)

Christian Conrad came to NC in 1769 and settled on the land his father had purchased the preceding year. Maria Boeckel was originally listed on this page as Boeke. We now think she may be a Boeckel - but who were her parents? And were there other children in this family?

We are not entirely sure that John and Peter Conrad are their sons, but they fit nicely into the sequence of children. Also, Peter named a son Christian.


Children of Johannes Conrad and Catharina Romig:
John Conrad (1778-1850) m. 1) Elizabeth Miller (1782-1837), 2) Mrs. Margaret Grimes (abt. 1806-?) was she the Margaret Harris who married Benjamin Grimes in 1825?
Anna Elisabeth Conrad (1780-1781)
Jacob Conrad (1782-1839). Did he marry Catharina Krause in 1809? and/or Catharina Krieger?
Abraham Conrad (1784-1869) m. Phillipina Christina Loesch (1788-1847)
Isaac Conrad (1790-1832) m. Charity Wolff (1804-1857)


So we have a John Conrad brother of Leonard we know nothing about. Then there's two other John Conrads who were 1st cousins of Leonard, one of whom married a Spainhour and the other married a Miller. Both are eligible to have been the John Conrad who acquired part of David Stewart's lands.


The Sharon UMC site says that Leonard Conrad was the son of Jacob Conrad, one of the 3 brothers who came to this area.

Leonard's wife, Annie/Janie/Chanie Vest, was the daughter of Samuel Vest Sr, and sister of Charles Vest Jr, as shown on Judy Cardwell's page at

Leonard and Chaney are both buried at Sharon UMC.

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Hauser Family Info

Mark Arslan has a great website dedicated to properly documenting the Martin Hauser family which migrated through this Stewarts Creek region.

I will try to contact Mr Arslan...

David Stewart's 138 acre tract

David Stewart (Stuart) had a tract of 138 acres on which he lived. This was on Stewarts Creek. This land was sold to Frederick Miller in 1825 by David's last executor, his son Reuben Stewart.

Miller later sold 63 acres of this to John Spease in 1837, and prior to that in 1833 he sold 50 acres to John Conrad. This 1833 piece was where David Stewart had actually lived, according to the deed.

I'll map out the details further at a later time, but for now, we know that 113 of the 138 acres on Stewarts Creek passed into the Spease and Conrad families, with the dwelling location passing to John Conrad.

More later...

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Stewarts who remained in Stewarts Creek area

David Stewart, oldest son of Samuel and Lydia Harrison Stewart, was the first of the clan to move from the Harrisonburg, Va region to the Stewarts Creek location of modern day Forsyth Co NC. This was about 1748 when David and his wife Abigail moved to what was then Anson County (later Rowan, then Surry, then Stokes when they died, now Forsyth).

There is mention of Swan Creek, Snow Creek, Stewarts Creek. Were they all the same?

It appears that of all of Samuel's sons, his two oldest remained in this general area for the duration of their lives, i.e. David Stewart and Samuel Stewart Jr. There was a Reuben Stewart who was the son of David who also remained here for some time. Further research needs to be done to learn about these families. (see below)

STOKES COUNTY NC WILLS 1790-1864. Will of David Stewart (Stuart) Nov 24, 1801. Pr Dec 1807. Jamiah (Jemima) Harrison, Hezekiah Rankin, Lydia Potter and Abigail Curd, 20 shillings each. Five sons: John, David, Reuben, Samuel and Thomas, all my estate, also negroes (6 of them) Wife Abigail Stewart to be maintained, Execs John and Reuben Stewart. Wit: Thompson Glenn, Frederick Miller, and Henry Holder. Signed David (X) Stewart.

Dr Johnson says "Isaiah [Harrison] Jr was b Sept 27, 1689 and would have been 61 years old in 1750 and 64 when he entered land in 1753 (Swan Ponds) and in 1761 he would have been 72 when Isaiah appears on the tax list above.. pretty old for those days."

He further states "Joseph Harrison bought land from Anthony Furlerburg in 1758 on the E side Yadkin. In 1762 Thomas Harrison was a witness to a deed from Jacob Lash both sides Town Fork Creek, and in that same year Thomas was a witness to deed of Jacob Lash from Granville, on Mill Creek of Gargabs Creek, which Mrs Hulse takes to mean Gargales Creek, which later is called Muddy Creek and is located in SW Stokes Co."

Dr Johnson continues... "From THE STEWART CLAN MAGAZINE, Dec 1938. Article, STEWARTS OF OLD ROWAN COUNTY, NC -SAMUEL AND LYDIA STEWART OF YADKIN COUNTY. David Stewart, son of Samuel b c 1722 was in Augusta Co. VA 1747-48 when he "beat the bounds" (processioning boundaries I presume). About 1748 he got a Granville grant for 138 acres on the Yadkin in Anson Co. NC, later Rowan, then Surry... It was surveyed Jan 10, 1748-9 with chain carriers Abraham Potter and Anthony Heavely. David settled on Swan Creek probably before his parents came. He had a constable's beat on the north side of the Yadkin from Muddy Creek upward as shown in the minutes of the court 1753-1756. In 1757 he was granted 380 acres on the east side of Yadkin which he sold in 1779 to John Lynch. David and Samuel Stewart sureties 1762 on the marriage bond of JOSEPH HARRISON and ANN BALLS of Rowan. David and Samuel Stewart were execs of their father's will in 1770 and their mother's will in 1772. David Stewart had a daughter Lydia.

"Samuel Stewart, son of Samuel and brother of David b c 1724 m Elizabeth _____. He moved from VA to NC about 1751 probably before his parents. He obtained a grant of 646 acres 1751 with survey 1753. Later in 1762 he got another grant on the east side of the Yadkin on both sides of Swan Creek adjacent to his brother David. John Harrison was a witness. He and David may have been living in Stokes Co in 1790 for the census. There was also a Thomas Stewart, a Rev. War Vet in Surry who m Jane Potter."

Samuel Stewart later obtained a second grant for 332 acres, apparently on Swan Creek. "Will of Lydia Stewart. 11 Jan 1771, widow of Samuel Stewart. Surry Co. NC. It reveals a possible defect in title to the Swan Creek property. She states that if a clear title can be obtained, the land should be sold and divided equally among her sons David, Samuel, John and Isaiah. Samuel Stewart had left the other property to the two younger sons."

ROWAN COUNTY NC MARRIAGE BONDS: "Joseph (X) Harrison and Arms Bawls 30 June 1762 with David Stewart, Samuel (X) Steward and Jacob Losh (Loesch or Lash)." This is very interesting to find these Stewarts WITH Jacob Lash so many times.

Another source sheds more light on David Stewart's family:

"David Stewart left a will dated 24 Nov 1801 in Stokes County, North Carolina. Researcher: Joyce Lindstrom."

This source also states "On June 5, 1781, David bought of John Lynch 200 acres on south fork of Stewart's Creek. David's land was in Stokes County when that county was formed. He was surety on the marriage of Thomas Stewart and Prudence Busey on May 4, 1791. He made his will on Nov. 24, 1801. He appointed his sons, John and Reuben Stewart as executors.

"He gave 20 shillings each to Jemima Harrison, Keziah Rankin, Lydia Potter, and Abigail Curd, and left to John, David, Reuben, Samuel, and Thomas Stewart, 'all my estate, land, negroes, and stock all kinds & household goods & plantation tools to be equally divided. My five sons are to have no division until the death of my wife Abigail whom they are to maintain.' John Stewart, one of the executors, moved to Knox County, Ky., where he gave power-of-attorney on July 19, 1819, to John Conrad of Stokes County and to attend his interest in his father's estate. Reuben Stewart, the remaining executor, sold on Mar 14, 1825 to Frederick Miller, for $450, 138 acres of land."

This tells us that the 138 acres on Swan Creek was what was sold to Frederick Miller in 1825. This is very important!!! It's equally important to note that David's son John assigned POA authority to a Conrad, likewise a resident of the region currently around Brookberry Farm and Stewarts Creek.

Samuel Stewart Jr was issued a land grant for 640 acres "above the head of Stewarts Run", named for David Stewart. It goes on to say "The tract had been entered on Oct. 9, 1751, in Granville's office, and a deed was issued Jan. 10, 1761, according to a notation on the order of survey... The surveyor's certificate, dated Apr. 23, 1753, says, 'I have surveyed for Samuel Stewart, junior, a plantation on the north side of the Yadkin and on the waters of Reedy [Muddy] Creek, beginning at a hickory David Stewart's corner, running from thence South...chain carriers: David and John Stewart. Ent'd 9th Oct. 1751.' The plat showed 646 acres, surveyed for Samuel Stewart, Junr."

This places David and his brother Samuel Jr next to each other, on Stewarts Creek in the 1750s (therefore not the modern day Surry Co lands). At this early date, David only owned land on what was later referred to as Swan Creek according to some sources. There are two major branches of Stewarts Creek that begin with a bunch of lakes or ponds, and then flow south, cross modern day Robinhood Rd and then come together, then join up with Lashes Branch or Creek, then flow east and then south into the modern day Brookberry Farm, south across Country Club Rd, joins Tomahawk Branch and then flows into Muddy Creek.

It was May 9, 1757 when their father, Samuel Stewart Sr, obtained his land grant for 508 acres on the E side of the Yadkin River. All of this is east of the Yadkin.

One more observation concerning "Lashes Creek". Looking at Judy Cardwell's page again, it appears that what she's referring to as Lashes Creek must be the creek flowing east from Beauchamp Lake into Stewarts Creek. This is on the southern end of Brookberry Farm. The 3 tracts of 200 acres each must make up the original 600 acre grant to John Hauser. I need to dig into that further. I can pull the 1789 deed to Christian Hauser, and both 1799 deeds to Samuel Vest and Matthew Brooks, all for 200 acres each, all three occurring in Stokes county, which means it's available online.

I also need to do some follow up research on Frederick Miller (any relation to Jacob Miller?) and the 1825 deed from Reuben Stewart to him, for 138 acres originally granted to David Stewart. I also need to identify this John Conrad.

More later...

Stewarts Creek, Tomahawk Creek, Lashes Creek

Judy Cardwell has helped me get a better understanding of where these creeks are today, and why all the confusion in modern maps.

Bottom line... the creek that runs N to S through Brookberry Farm is Stewarts Creek. Further upstream, toward Robinhood Rd, a couple creeks flow into it from the west. The largest tributary, according to Judy, is Lashes Creek. This is important to remember. This is also along the northern part of Brookberry Farm, and even to the north and west of the farm.

As Stewarts Creek runs S and approaches Country Club Rd, another creek flows into it from the west. On some maps that is referred to as Little Tomahawk Creek, and flows from Beauchamp Lake into Stewarts Creek.

Some modern maps refer to Stewarts Creek as Tomahawk Creek or Reynolds Creek, but it's really Stewarts Creek.

Then, as the main branch flows S and under Country Club Rd (formerly Shallow Ford Rd, from Old Salem to Lewisville), yet another large creek flows into it from the west, just before it dumps into Muddy Creek. This westerly creek in the old deeds is THE Tomahawk Branch or Tomahawk Creek. A couple modern maps show the same thing, but most modern maps label this as Reynolds Creek. That could be because just west of Stewarts Creek, this westerly creek flows under Styers Ferry Rd and passes beside the L.A. Reynolds Nursery. Nonetheless, it really is Tomahawk Creek.

Therefore, my past assumptions were incorrect as to the proper location of Tomahawk Creek. I want to thank Judy for helping me with this, as she has done extensive research on the Vest family and others along all of these creeks. There is no question as to the location of Tomahawk Creek.

That said, I have always believed Stewarts Creek (Branch, Run) was where it is. And, it runs a long way, beginning at the lakes along Lake Forest Rd some two miles or so north of Brookberry Farm. Somewhere along this creek, and I now presume it to have been further north from the modern Brookberry Farm, the Stewarts lived during the 1750s - 1770s. David and Abigail Stewart are thought to have lived there first near some "ponds", and then later his parents, Samuel and Lydia Harrison Stewart, also lived there, beginning about 1754, roughly. Other family members most likely lived here also, but for now I'm simply trying to document the Brookberry Farm owners, and then I can work my way up the creek later.

Another important historical tidbit... During the 1750's, the Great Wagon Road traversed this section of the country. Later, a newer part of the Great Wagon Road was laid out along the modern Yadkinville Highway. But during these early years, it snaked across this part of the country on a path lost long ago. That said, it crossed Stewarts Creek SOMEWHERE along the way between the northern end at the ponds and the southern end at the modern day Brookberry Farm. That was the early route from Bethania to Lewisville to the Shallow Ford of the Yadkin River.


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Sharon United Methodist Church

Sharon UMC is located just south of the SW corner of Brookberry Farm. They have a tremendous history chronicled on their website which gives great clues to the history of the community and the families involved in Brookberry Farm. Many of the former owners of BBF tracts are buried at Sharon.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Brookberry Conrad Pedigree

Faye Moran has an excellent history on the genealogy of many families of Stokes and Forsyth counties, and in this case, sheds light on the Conrads of Forsyth County in general, and Rufus and Robert C Conrad in particular. I don't find Vance E Conrad in this pedigree however, so there may not be any connection between him and these other Conrads. Really, the only Conrad who's lands were later in Brookberry was Robert C Conrad, but Rufus appears to be his 1st cousin.

Here are some genealogy details:

Children of Calvin Conrad and Edna Brown
Lucas Isaac Conrad (1866-1913)
Luther Conrad (1868-1878)
Robert Curtis Conrad (1872-1936) m. Della Sheets (1877-1936)
Mary Conrad
Titus Conrad

Then, going back one generation:

Children of Isaac D. Conrad and Sarah Maria Shamel
Selesta Conrad (abt. 1837-?) m. Elisha McKnight (abt. 1834-?), prob. s/o George McKnight and Lydia Elrod
Calvin Conrad (1838-1895) m. Edna Brown (1839-1908)
Gideon Conrad (1844-1886) m. Mary Jane Livengood (1846-1909)
George Dallas Conrad (1847-1917) m. Clementine Rebecca Cornish (1851-1934)
Lewis Conrad (abt. 1850-?)
Augusta Conrad (1852-1937) m. John Livengood
Regina Conrad (1853-1926) m. Julius Sylvester Norman (1851-1943)

Notice above that the McKnights and Elrods start showing up. Let's go one more generation back:

Children of Leonard Conrad and Annie Vest
Joseph G. Conrad (abt. 1808-aft. 1870) m. Nancy Stolz (abt. 1816-aft. 1870). Who were her parents?
Sarah Conrad (1810-1898) m. Nathaniel Ketner (1810-1879)
Isaac D. Conrad (1814-1882) m. Sarah Maria Shamel (1817-1905)
Samuel Conrad; named in his father's will (1865) as deceased, but left heirs
Susan Conrad (1818-1855) m. Nathaniel Hartman (abt. 1812-?)
Fizy or Fisa W. Conrad (1820-1905) m. George H. Flynt (1818-1893)

Children of Leonard Conrad and Rebecca Lash
Delphia Conrad (1827-1877) m. Milton Hartman (1821-1870)
John Leonard Conrad (1832-1862) m. Caroline L. Conrad (1836-1925)
Lucetta Conrad (1833-1873) m. 1) Lewis Hartman (abt. 1825-1865, 2) Joseph Brewer, s/o Henry Brewer and Elizabeth Boeckel
Julia Sybilla Conrad (1835-1902) m. Julius Abraham Transou (1832-1930)
James H. Conrad (abt. 1837-1911) m. Emily L. Gamble (1839-1911), d/o Andrew Gamble
Mary Ann Conrad (abt. 1844-?) m. Jesse Marshall (abt. 1840-?), s/o Tandy Marshall

The above family group shows that Isaac's step mother was Rebecca Lash, presumed niece of Nathaniel Lash, who is buried on Brookberry Farm! Robert C Conrad's land is known to have come from Leonard Conrad, as well. Flynts live just north of Brookberry, and Ketners were on the western edge of, and part of, Brookberry.

Children of Johann Jacob Conrad and Catharina Weybrecht
Johann Conrad
Jacob Conrad (1779-?)
Daniel Conrad (1783-?)
Leonard Conrad (1787-1865) m. 1) Annie Vest, 2) Rebecca Lash, probably d/o George Lash Jr. and Nancy Wall
Elisabeth Conrad (1789-aft. 1850) m. Martin Leinbach (1791-1848)

So, we see that the Conrads were intricately connected with these other Moravian and Brookberry Farm families.

Stewarts Creek confirmed to run through Brookberry Farm

I have updated my spreadsheet and there are actually 25 separate deeds I know of (no duplicates) that make up Brookberry Farm, by 1962. I am in the process of sketching out the boundaries and dimensions of all 25. I started with the first 3 tracts last night and already have a pretty clear understanding of where all 25 tracts are now. The first 3 are in the middle, and they tie all the others together, so that was a great exercise last night.

For the first time I now have my arms (and head) around the farm and all the tracts that make it up and who owned them just prior to the Grays.

In my list, track #1 actually (not further down like I had previously thought) is where the manor house is. It was the first tract bought (1946). There are 203 acres on that lot bought from Felix Webster in 1946, and that is the tract that goes all the way back to John Hauser, the northern third of his 600 acre grant.

Furthermore, this tract provides clear proof that Stewarts Branch (aka Run, aka Creek) runs through the middle of this tract which is in the middle of Brookberry Farm. And in looking at the deeds for this tract back through the 1800s and even the 1700s, they refer to it as Stewarts Creek, Branch, etc., and even as Stuarts Creek in one of them.

Proof (evidence) is a powerful motivator.

More later...

Monday, November 2, 2009

Stokes County, NC Online Deeds

This gets us back to the inception of Stokes county, which was around 1790, but there are 1787 deeds on this site.

Latest on Brookberry Farm Research

For the last several days, or even a week now, I've been emersing myself in Forsyth Co NC deeds. Debbie (McCann) helped me discover that Forsyth County (the county in which I live) has an online site for looking up old deed indexes and the deeds themselves going back to the county's inception (1849). What a huge time-saver and money-saver.

I have found 25 deeds which make up the Brookberry Farm landholdings. All of these deeds initially were to Bowman Gray and/or Gordon Gray, with most of them going to both Bowman and Gordon. These men were brothers, sons of Bowman Gray Sr. It also appears that we can do the same for Stokes Co NC, which prior to 1849 would be the county in which the farm was located. This is great news concerning our ability to track these deeds efficiently.

I have cataloged these deeds in a spreadsheet, and have identified 4 or 5 of the largest tracts I want to tackle first. I'll be tracking these deeds back to the original owner(s), and will hopefully discover that Samuel Stewart was one of said original owners.

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