Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Stewarts Creek confirmed to run through Brookberry Farm

I have updated my spreadsheet and there are actually 25 separate deeds I know of (no duplicates) that make up Brookberry Farm, by 1962. I am in the process of sketching out the boundaries and dimensions of all 25. I started with the first 3 tracts last night and already have a pretty clear understanding of where all 25 tracts are now. The first 3 are in the middle, and they tie all the others together, so that was a great exercise last night.

For the first time I now have my arms (and head) around the farm and all the tracts that make it up and who owned them just prior to the Grays.

In my list, track #1 actually (not further down like I had previously thought) is where the manor house is. It was the first tract bought (1946). There are 203 acres on that lot bought from Felix Webster in 1946, and that is the tract that goes all the way back to John Hauser, the northern third of his 600 acre grant.

Furthermore, this tract provides clear proof that Stewarts Branch (aka Run, aka Creek) runs through the middle of this tract which is in the middle of Brookberry Farm. And in looking at the deeds for this tract back through the 1800s and even the 1700s, they refer to it as Stewarts Creek, Branch, etc., and even as Stuarts Creek in one of them.

Proof (evidence) is a powerful motivator.

More later...

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