Monday, November 30, 2009

William Wright of Augusta Co Va

Mr Wright,

I enjoyed reading your analysis of the William Wright family of Augusta Va. My Robert Patterson of Linville Creek Va was there during the same time period before moving south to SC in the 1760s, although some of his family returned to Augusta for a few years during the 1770s, namely, my line of Thomas Patterson, born ca 1740-44.

I still do not know the identity of Thomas Patterson's wife. Their oldest son was named John Patterson, born 1765 - my ancestor. There may have been a son named Alexander Patterson, also, and possibly an Andrew Patterson. There was also a son named Robert, too.

My Pattersons were heavily involved with the Black family, and also the Cravens and Harrisons and Ponders.

Do you think it's possible that Thomas' wife could have been one of William Wright's daughters, such as the one born 1735-41, or even Jean?

Thomas' father, Robert Patterson, was recorded in a court case with William Wright vs Thomas Linville.

11 March 1745, William Wright vs. Thomas Linville.--Writ 11th March, 1745. Thomas Linville told Robert Patterson that he had paid to William Wright a certain sum of money which was due to said Wright's father. Order by William Wright's, 10th December, 1744, to Robert Patterson to collect the account.

Any idea who "said Wright's father" was, by any chance? Were they any kin the Wrights of Sussex Co DE and Long Island, NY - where the Harrisons had migrated from? There were kin to the Gideon and Peter Wright clan from those locations.

Wes Patterson
North Carolina

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