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Stewarts who remained in Stewarts Creek area

David Stewart, oldest son of Samuel and Lydia Harrison Stewart, was the first of the clan to move from the Harrisonburg, Va region to the Stewarts Creek location of modern day Forsyth Co NC. This was about 1748 when David and his wife Abigail moved to what was then Anson County (later Rowan, then Surry, then Stokes when they died, now Forsyth).

There is mention of Swan Creek, Snow Creek, Stewarts Creek. Were they all the same?

It appears that of all of Samuel's sons, his two oldest remained in this general area for the duration of their lives, i.e. David Stewart and Samuel Stewart Jr. There was a Reuben Stewart who was the son of David who also remained here for some time. Further research needs to be done to learn about these families. (see below)

STOKES COUNTY NC WILLS 1790-1864. Will of David Stewart (Stuart) Nov 24, 1801. Pr Dec 1807. Jamiah (Jemima) Harrison, Hezekiah Rankin, Lydia Potter and Abigail Curd, 20 shillings each. Five sons: John, David, Reuben, Samuel and Thomas, all my estate, also negroes (6 of them) Wife Abigail Stewart to be maintained, Execs John and Reuben Stewart. Wit: Thompson Glenn, Frederick Miller, and Henry Holder. Signed David (X) Stewart.

Dr Johnson says "Isaiah [Harrison] Jr was b Sept 27, 1689 and would have been 61 years old in 1750 and 64 when he entered land in 1753 (Swan Ponds) and in 1761 he would have been 72 when Isaiah appears on the tax list above.. pretty old for those days."

He further states "Joseph Harrison bought land from Anthony Furlerburg in 1758 on the E side Yadkin. In 1762 Thomas Harrison was a witness to a deed from Jacob Lash both sides Town Fork Creek, and in that same year Thomas was a witness to deed of Jacob Lash from Granville, on Mill Creek of Gargabs Creek, which Mrs Hulse takes to mean Gargales Creek, which later is called Muddy Creek and is located in SW Stokes Co."

Dr Johnson continues... "From THE STEWART CLAN MAGAZINE, Dec 1938. Article, STEWARTS OF OLD ROWAN COUNTY, NC -SAMUEL AND LYDIA STEWART OF YADKIN COUNTY. David Stewart, son of Samuel b c 1722 was in Augusta Co. VA 1747-48 when he "beat the bounds" (processioning boundaries I presume). About 1748 he got a Granville grant for 138 acres on the Yadkin in Anson Co. NC, later Rowan, then Surry... It was surveyed Jan 10, 1748-9 with chain carriers Abraham Potter and Anthony Heavely. David settled on Swan Creek probably before his parents came. He had a constable's beat on the north side of the Yadkin from Muddy Creek upward as shown in the minutes of the court 1753-1756. In 1757 he was granted 380 acres on the east side of Yadkin which he sold in 1779 to John Lynch. David and Samuel Stewart sureties 1762 on the marriage bond of JOSEPH HARRISON and ANN BALLS of Rowan. David and Samuel Stewart were execs of their father's will in 1770 and their mother's will in 1772. David Stewart had a daughter Lydia.

"Samuel Stewart, son of Samuel and brother of David b c 1724 m Elizabeth _____. He moved from VA to NC about 1751 probably before his parents. He obtained a grant of 646 acres 1751 with survey 1753. Later in 1762 he got another grant on the east side of the Yadkin on both sides of Swan Creek adjacent to his brother David. John Harrison was a witness. He and David may have been living in Stokes Co in 1790 for the census. There was also a Thomas Stewart, a Rev. War Vet in Surry who m Jane Potter."

Samuel Stewart later obtained a second grant for 332 acres, apparently on Swan Creek. "Will of Lydia Stewart. 11 Jan 1771, widow of Samuel Stewart. Surry Co. NC. It reveals a possible defect in title to the Swan Creek property. She states that if a clear title can be obtained, the land should be sold and divided equally among her sons David, Samuel, John and Isaiah. Samuel Stewart had left the other property to the two younger sons."

ROWAN COUNTY NC MARRIAGE BONDS: "Joseph (X) Harrison and Arms Bawls 30 June 1762 with David Stewart, Samuel (X) Steward and Jacob Losh (Loesch or Lash)." This is very interesting to find these Stewarts WITH Jacob Lash so many times.

Another source sheds more light on David Stewart's family:

"David Stewart left a will dated 24 Nov 1801 in Stokes County, North Carolina. Researcher: Joyce Lindstrom."

This source also states "On June 5, 1781, David bought of John Lynch 200 acres on south fork of Stewart's Creek. David's land was in Stokes County when that county was formed. He was surety on the marriage of Thomas Stewart and Prudence Busey on May 4, 1791. He made his will on Nov. 24, 1801. He appointed his sons, John and Reuben Stewart as executors.

"He gave 20 shillings each to Jemima Harrison, Keziah Rankin, Lydia Potter, and Abigail Curd, and left to John, David, Reuben, Samuel, and Thomas Stewart, 'all my estate, land, negroes, and stock all kinds & household goods & plantation tools to be equally divided. My five sons are to have no division until the death of my wife Abigail whom they are to maintain.' John Stewart, one of the executors, moved to Knox County, Ky., where he gave power-of-attorney on July 19, 1819, to John Conrad of Stokes County and to attend his interest in his father's estate. Reuben Stewart, the remaining executor, sold on Mar 14, 1825 to Frederick Miller, for $450, 138 acres of land."

This tells us that the 138 acres on Swan Creek was what was sold to Frederick Miller in 1825. This is very important!!! It's equally important to note that David's son John assigned POA authority to a Conrad, likewise a resident of the region currently around Brookberry Farm and Stewarts Creek.

Samuel Stewart Jr was issued a land grant for 640 acres "above the head of Stewarts Run", named for David Stewart. It goes on to say "The tract had been entered on Oct. 9, 1751, in Granville's office, and a deed was issued Jan. 10, 1761, according to a notation on the order of survey... The surveyor's certificate, dated Apr. 23, 1753, says, 'I have surveyed for Samuel Stewart, junior, a plantation on the north side of the Yadkin and on the waters of Reedy [Muddy] Creek, beginning at a hickory David Stewart's corner, running from thence South...chain carriers: David and John Stewart. Ent'd 9th Oct. 1751.' The plat showed 646 acres, surveyed for Samuel Stewart, Junr."

This places David and his brother Samuel Jr next to each other, on Stewarts Creek in the 1750s (therefore not the modern day Surry Co lands). At this early date, David only owned land on what was later referred to as Swan Creek according to some sources. There are two major branches of Stewarts Creek that begin with a bunch of lakes or ponds, and then flow south, cross modern day Robinhood Rd and then come together, then join up with Lashes Branch or Creek, then flow east and then south into the modern day Brookberry Farm, south across Country Club Rd, joins Tomahawk Branch and then flows into Muddy Creek.

It was May 9, 1757 when their father, Samuel Stewart Sr, obtained his land grant for 508 acres on the E side of the Yadkin River. All of this is east of the Yadkin.

One more observation concerning "Lashes Creek". Looking at Judy Cardwell's page again, it appears that what she's referring to as Lashes Creek must be the creek flowing east from Beauchamp Lake into Stewarts Creek. This is on the southern end of Brookberry Farm. The 3 tracts of 200 acres each must make up the original 600 acre grant to John Hauser. I need to dig into that further. I can pull the 1789 deed to Christian Hauser, and both 1799 deeds to Samuel Vest and Matthew Brooks, all for 200 acres each, all three occurring in Stokes county, which means it's available online.

I also need to do some follow up research on Frederick Miller (any relation to Jacob Miller?) and the 1825 deed from Reuben Stewart to him, for 138 acres originally granted to David Stewart. I also need to identify this John Conrad.

More later...

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