Monday, November 2, 2009

Latest on Brookberry Farm Research

For the last several days, or even a week now, I've been emersing myself in Forsyth Co NC deeds. Debbie (McCann) helped me discover that Forsyth County (the county in which I live) has an online site for looking up old deed indexes and the deeds themselves going back to the county's inception (1849). What a huge time-saver and money-saver.

I have found 25 deeds which make up the Brookberry Farm landholdings. All of these deeds initially were to Bowman Gray and/or Gordon Gray, with most of them going to both Bowman and Gordon. These men were brothers, sons of Bowman Gray Sr. It also appears that we can do the same for Stokes Co NC, which prior to 1849 would be the county in which the farm was located. This is great news concerning our ability to track these deeds efficiently.

I have cataloged these deeds in a spreadsheet, and have identified 4 or 5 of the largest tracts I want to tackle first. I'll be tracking these deeds back to the original owner(s), and will hopefully discover that Samuel Stewart was one of said original owners.


  1. I can't wait to see how all of this is going to come together! Debbie

  2. My name is Jim Conrad. My family once owned part of Brookberry Farm. We are not sure when or who they sold to and would love any info found. We think that my great grandfather lived there with his wife Caroline until he was killed at the battle of Fredericksburg in late 1862 and is buried at nearby Sharon Baptist Church. They may have sold it before and moved to the land where Dave and Scotty Neill now live. From passed down stories,that is where they lived when my grandfather was born in 1858, and is where my father was born in 1906. They sold the 382 acres in 1936 for about $11.00 per acre.
    Thanks for any information.


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