Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Stewarts Creek, Tomahawk Creek, Lashes Creek

Judy Cardwell has helped me get a better understanding of where these creeks are today, and why all the confusion in modern maps.

Bottom line... the creek that runs N to S through Brookberry Farm is Stewarts Creek. Further upstream, toward Robinhood Rd, a couple creeks flow into it from the west. The largest tributary, according to Judy, is Lashes Creek. This is important to remember. This is also along the northern part of Brookberry Farm, and even to the north and west of the farm.

As Stewarts Creek runs S and approaches Country Club Rd, another creek flows into it from the west. On some maps that is referred to as Little Tomahawk Creek, and flows from Beauchamp Lake into Stewarts Creek.

Some modern maps refer to Stewarts Creek as Tomahawk Creek or Reynolds Creek, but it's really Stewarts Creek.

Then, as the main branch flows S and under Country Club Rd (formerly Shallow Ford Rd, from Old Salem to Lewisville), yet another large creek flows into it from the west, just before it dumps into Muddy Creek. This westerly creek in the old deeds is THE Tomahawk Branch or Tomahawk Creek. A couple modern maps show the same thing, but most modern maps label this as Reynolds Creek. That could be because just west of Stewarts Creek, this westerly creek flows under Styers Ferry Rd and passes beside the L.A. Reynolds Nursery. Nonetheless, it really is Tomahawk Creek.

Therefore, my past assumptions were incorrect as to the proper location of Tomahawk Creek. I want to thank Judy for helping me with this, as she has done extensive research on the Vest family and others along all of these creeks. There is no question as to the location of Tomahawk Creek.

That said, I have always believed Stewarts Creek (Branch, Run) was where it is. And, it runs a long way, beginning at the lakes along Lake Forest Rd some two miles or so north of Brookberry Farm. Somewhere along this creek, and I now presume it to have been further north from the modern Brookberry Farm, the Stewarts lived during the 1750s - 1770s. David and Abigail Stewart are thought to have lived there first near some "ponds", and then later his parents, Samuel and Lydia Harrison Stewart, also lived there, beginning about 1754, roughly. Other family members most likely lived here also, but for now I'm simply trying to document the Brookberry Farm owners, and then I can work my way up the creek later.

Another important historical tidbit... During the 1750's, the Great Wagon Road traversed this section of the country. Later, a newer part of the Great Wagon Road was laid out along the modern Yadkinville Highway. But during these early years, it snaked across this part of the country on a path lost long ago. That said, it crossed Stewarts Creek SOMEWHERE along the way between the northern end at the ponds and the southern end at the modern day Brookberry Farm. That was the early route from Bethania to Lewisville to the Shallow Ford of the Yadkin River.


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