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Margaret Adams: Mother of Robert Patterson

Margaret Adams: the mother of Robert "R" Patterson

Last updated 27 Feb 2018

In 2010 I wrote an article about the identity (much of which is confused) of Robert Patterson's mother. I speak of the Robert Patterson who was born circa 1705-1711 and married Sarah, and made his mark "R". Robert wrote his will and died in 1775 in York Co., SC.

His mother was named Mary Margaret but last name is not known for certain. She went primarily by the name of Margaret, but did on occasion have records entered in her first name Mary. She was first married to William Patterson. After his death, she was married to John Adams (aka Addams). She was quickly widowed a second time, and thereafter was known as Margaret Adams, Mary Adams, or Widow Adams.

For more details on these various names and the misunderstanding of her being named Margaret Donnell... see the article I wrote in 2010.

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Black Family of Clarks Fork SC and Cooks Creek VA

Matthew and Robert Black of Clarks Fork, York Co SC and Cooks Creek, Augusta Co VA

Last Updated 2018-02-16

During the 1760's, there were several households within the BLACK family who settled along Clarks Fork of Bullocks Creek in what is now York Co SC. This location is very close to the NC line just south of Kings Mountain. However, during the 1760's, it was actually claimed by NC, first under Mecklenburg Co, then Tryon Co. Prior to that even, it was known as Craven Co SC, but by the 1770's the boundary line was resurveyed and it was determined this area was inside SC, and the newly formed York County.

Surveys and Land Grants were issued by NC during the 1760's and early 1770's for this Clarks Fork (CFBC) region and has been preserved to this day. Four men acquired land along CFBC during the 1760's named Matthew Black (Jr), Robert Black, Joseph Black, and Gowen Black. For more information on my interpretation of their relationships, so my main page on the BLACK family

How many of these men actually lived in Augusta Co VA just west of Harrisonburg, along Linville Creek and Cooks Creek? For certain, Matthew Black (Sr) and Robert Black. I believe Matthew Sr to have been the father of Robert, Matthew Jr, and Joseph. There was also a Gawin Black in Augusta not far from Matthew and Robert. It is unclear if he was a brother of Matthew Sr, and or a son. It is also unclear if he was the same "Gowen Black" who moved to CFBC in SC, or if that Gowen was another son of Matthew Sr.

The following records are a summary of documented records in VA and NC and SC regarding these Blacks. The Va location today is in Rockingham Co Va. Not all records for all Blacks in York Co SC are recorded. But the ones listed include the ones from Clarks Fork and may possibly include some unrelated Blacks, but that fact is unclear at this time.

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Disposition of Robert Patterson Sr's York Co SC Land

Disposition of Robert Patterson Sr's York Co SC Land

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Last Updated 2018-01-22

I've written many times regarding the disposition of Robert Patterson's lands on Clarks Fork of Bullocks Creek (CFBC) in York Co SC. I am tracking well over 50 specific tracts along Clarks Fork - some of which are overlapping. Nonetheless, I believe I am getting much closer to determining what happened to his land - at least over time. All of this is very near Smyrna, SC and just south of Kings Mtn Military and State Parks.

Robert (d.1775) had two known tracts in SC - the 200 ac tract he was granted in 1767 from NC, and the 150 ac tract he inherited from his son James Patterson, formerly owned by Robert Cravens Jr.

I have plotted these tracts in Deedmapper and am continuing to fine-tune the precise placement of these and surrounding tracts. Of the 50+ tracts I've already plotted, many are subsequent transfers of ownership of existing tracts already plotted. But in many cases, I need clearer descriptions. So here's hoping later deeds pertaining to these tracts will be clearer and more accurate. I'm in the process of increasing my field of work to look at over 125 tracts around Clarks Fork and Kings Creek.

Thus far, here is my interpretation of what I've found regarding Robert Patterson Sr's land. His two tracts on my index are #1 (200 ac) and #8 (150 ac). The following image shows the dimensions of the 200 acre tract (#1).

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