Ginna's Paternal Ancestors: Fishburne, et al

By Wes Patterson (Last Revised: 31 March 2017)

My wife was born Ginna Fishburne, daughter of Charles Carroll Fishburne and Virginia Holton (Fishburne). 

Ginna's Fishburne ancestors are as follows, beginning with the oldest generation: 

  1. William Fishburne I (b. 1688; d. 1756) m. Mary Elmes
  2. William Fishburne II (b. 1730; d. 1760) m. Ann ____
  3. William Fishburne III (b. 1760; d. 1819) m. Sara Snipes
  4. Francis Beattie Fishburne (b. 1786; d. 1824) m. Mary Cussings Bellinger
  5. Francis Beattie Fishburne (b. 1807; d. 1883) m. Caroline Legare Roach
  6. Charles Carroll Fishburne (b. 1843; d. 1885) m. Mary Isabel Bellinger
  7. Francis Beattie Fishburne (b. 1873; d. 1925) m. Anita Legare Bellinger
  8. Charles Carroll Fishburne (b. 1919) m. Virginia Holton
  9. Ginna Fishburne (b. 1953) m. Wes Patterson

Charles Fishburne's Maternal Family Lines 

The following surnames make up Charles Fishburne's ancestors. If you have any info on any of these families that you'd like to share with me, I'd certainly appreciate it. Thank you. 

  • BELLINGER Family: Ginna's grandmother (includes BEAUMONT, ROACH, BULL, BUTLER, McGREGOR, LEGARE, GREENLEAF, European Royal families
  • BELLINGER Family: Ginna's g-grandmother (includes D'OYLEY, BULL, BUTLER, PINCKNEY, COTESWORTH, BREWTON, SALLEY/SALIN, JONES, BRUCE, European Royal families)
  • ROACH Family: Ginna's gg-grandmother (includes McGREGOR, LEGARE)
  • BELLINGER Family: Ginna's ggg-grandmother  (includes CUSSINGS, PALMER, BULL, AGARD, BUTLER, European Royal families)
  • SNIPES Family: Ginna's gggg-grandmother (includes SANDERS, CLAY)
  • ELMES Family: Ginna's gggggg-grandmother (includes CANTEY)

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