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Was John & Margaret Black Patterson EVER in Pendleton Dist., SC?

Marty [Grant],

Time to ask the obvious question - a question I'm sure you knew I'd ask after reading your page. Great job on the page, too, I might add.

Any idea where "we" (collectively speaking, that is) ever came up with the "research" that my John and Margaret Black Patterson were in Pendleton District, SC in 1790? I was pretty much given that info from day one and have carried it forward to today.

Now you are stating that the John Patterson on page 8, Pendleton District SC 1790 that has been typically assigned to my John, might be Viola's John, if I understand your notes correctly.

I want to throw out a couple thoughts regarding that.
  1. I have never found any of the other York Pattersons and Blacks (for sure, anyway) in Pendleton District, SC. Always thought that was strange, if mine were there.
  2. John and Margaret Black Patterson's daughter, Amy Jane Patterson (Kincaid) - b 1793, always told her family that they were from Camden District, SC - which includes York Co. She never said anything about Pendleton, as far as I know. To reconcile this, my assumption was always that they moved back to York and then up to Buncombe. That seems weak, too, though.
  3. The other associated families from York who moved to Buncombe, appear to have moved straight there in the 1790s and early 1800s.
My John and Margaret had their oldest son about 1789, named Joseph B. Patterson.

Any thoughts?



Marty's page on this other John Patterson group of Pendleton District, SC from 1790 forward. Marty gave the following analysis which is what I referred to above:

Nancy Chapman was born ca 1769/70 per her age on the 1850 census (80). The same record shows her birth place as North Carolina. She is a proven child of Joseph Chapman (1745-1836) of old Pendleton District, SC (which later became Pickens District). Nancy was associated with Joseph and other Chapmans and was named as one of Joseph's heirs in his estate papers. His Revolutionary War Pension Record shows he was born in Halifax Co., VA and was living in Guilford Co., NC before the war. Perhaps Nancy was born in Guilford. 
Nancy's children are proven by an 1831 deed in Hall Co., GA. The oldest one was born ca 1790/94, so she must have married by ca 1790 or just after that. 
The 1790 census for Pendleton Dist., SC shows Joseph Chapman listed there with four females in his household. This would probably be his wife and three daughters. One of those could be Nancy if she wasn't married yet. However, there is a John Patterson listed just six houses away. His household is somewhat large for newlyweds though (1 male over 16, 2 males under 16 and 6 females). This may be a different John Patterson. Looking at this census there were four Patterson households there in 1790, a James Patterson and three John Pattersons. Here are each of those listings (since we don't know for certain that Nancy's husband was named "John").

p. 8 John Patterson 1-1-1-0-0

p. 9 Joseph Chapman 1-5-4-0-5

p. 9 John Patterson 1-2-6-0-0

p.10 John Patterson 1-4-5-0-0

p. 12 James Patterson 2-0-5-0-0
The only one who seems to fit is the John Patterson on page 8. His households suggests newlyweds with a small son and no other children. That fits what Nancy's family should look like at this point.....


  1. Randolph Co NC Pattersons - UPDATE:

    NC state grants to Alexander Patterson in 1782 and 1786.

    Witnesses to grants / deeds were Alexander Patterson (1783, 1788), Tryon Patterson (1788), Thomas Patterson (1789), and John Patterson (1792 x2).

    1790 Census: Alex, Thomas, and John, with 2 additional adult males in Alex's household.

    5/12/1810 - Elizabeth Patterson to Demsy Jackson - bondsman John Patterson.

    9/26/1812 - John Patterson to Hannah York - William Patterson.

    12/07/1802 - William Patterson to Ruthy Patterson - Charles Patterson.

    March 181x - William Patterson to Sarah H---on - John Patterson.

    1815 Tax List:
    Pattersons - William, Charles, David, John, William, James, Mary.

    1820 Tax List:
    Pattersons - John, James.

    Based on these records, it seems to me that many of these folks WERE still in Randolph through the year 1800 and afterward. I do NOT think it likely that these Randolph Co NC Pattersons to be connected to the ones in Buncombe Co NC.


  2. I've established that I'm a descendant of Alexander Patterson found in Oconee County, SC in 1795. I believe the Alexander in York was the same man, and that's where my 4th great-grandmother Elizabeth was born in 1789. And that he was the same man found in Randolph County, NC.


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