Friday, April 16, 2010

Edward Hughes facts

Facts to keep in mind as I plot the Yadkin Valley tracts:

1) On 27 May 1757- Edward Hughes to Edward Underhill of Chowan CO 188 acres s/side of Yadkin adj to Abraham CREASON -- Jon. Hanby and William Sheppard

2) Samuel Davis 579 acres directly opposite George Forbush, passed into Edward Hughes' hands in 1752. Source

3) John Pelham lived adj Edward Hughes near the Shallowford before 1756. In the spring of 1756, Pelham sold his tract to Nathaniel Wiltshire. Source

4) Nicholas Harford bought 331 acres from Edward Hughes at the shallowford in 1753. Harford was in the Shenandoah by 1742 and the Yadkin by 1753. Source

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