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Margaret Patterson Adams Timeline of Recorded Events

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By Wes Patterson (Last Revised: 15 August 2018)

Margaret Adams - as she was known the majority of her life - was never named Margaret Donnell. I discuss that on the Bio page, so I won't go into the details here, other than to mention it since she is so widely "known" by that name. Her name was Margaret _____ Patterson Adams, and the following are all known recorded events pertaining to her that have been found to date.

Index of Events

  1. (DE) 2 May 1727, Philip Dirnie, marriner, of Sussex to William Burton of Somerset Co. Maryland… North side of Broad Kill...  Witnessed by Margret Addams
  2. (VA) 13 November 1740, Mary Adams 340 acres.
  3. (VA) 3 September 1744, Will of Margaret _____ Patterson Adams.
  4. (VA) 15 September 1744, The children’s statement included in the Will of Margaret _____ Patterson Adams.
  5. * (VA) 18 May 1748 Bond of Margret Adams with Richd. Dicton and Samuel Wilkins to James Patton First Justice for 100 pounds, for administration of Saml Adams, decd. *** This Margaret Adams appears to be the daughter-in-law of our Margaret Adams, so she is not the same person. ***
  6. * (VA) 26 August 1748 Appraisement of Samuel Adams by George Forbush, John States, Wm. Walling… Returned: 15 February 1748(9) Inventory & Appraisement of the Estate of Samuel Adams deced by Margrot Adams. *** This Margaret Adams appears to be the daughter-in-law of our Margaret Adams, so she is not the same person. ***
  7. (VA) 8 January 1752, Thomas Greeg, 100 acres joining No. Side of Adams Land joining Alex. Heron & Robt. Cravens land one Right.
  8. (VA) 10 September 1755, Thomas Harrison, 150 acres in Augusta County on a sinking Spring Branch of Linwells Creek adjacent Mary Adams [her line].
  9. (VA) 12 May 1759, Mary Adams, 340 acres in Augusta County on a Branch of Linwells Creek.
  10. (VA) 31 January 1761, John Harrison, 294 acres between branches of Smiths and Linvels Creeks and between Jno. Wright and Widow Adams Lands.
  11. (VA) 5 February 1764, Thomas Gregg, 300 acres on the So. Side Leonard Herron land joining Adams land & Thos. Harrison Cotton Patch.
  12. (VA) 16 February 1764, Thomas Greeg, 140 acres on a Dry Branch of Linvels Creek between Samples and Harrisons land joining Samples, corner to Herron, near Adams line, Adams corner, Harrisons line, Harrisons corner.
  13. (VA) 19 November 1764, Thomas Harrison and Sarah his Wife of Augusta to John Harrison of same for [blank], 150 acres on a Sinking Spring Branch of Linvells Creek; corner Mary Adams.
  14. (VA) 16 March 1768, Daniel Smith (Augusta) v. Robert Patteson (Carolina), mentions land of Mary Adams.
  15. (VA) 1 February 1770, Robert Patterson’s Disclaimer of rights to mother’s property, she being Margaret Adams.
  16. (VA) c. 1 March 1770, John Madison Junr v. Mary Adams [aka Margaret Adams], refers to Smith v. Patterson case.
  17. (VA) 22 March 1770, Smith v. Patterson, refers to land of Margaret Adams and the error of the tile under the name of Mary Adams.
  18. (VA) 17 April 1770, Daniel Smith v. Samuel Adams, refers to Patterson in property of Margaret Adams.
  19. (VA) 15 May 1770, At a Court held for Augusta County May the 15th 1770 The Last Will and Testament of Margaret Adams decd was proved by the oaths of Samuel Hull and Jacob Gum… ordered to be Recorded … Samuel Adams [obtained] Letters of Administration.
  20. (VA) 15 May 1770, Samuel Adams Administrator with the will of Margaret Adams decd do make or Cause to be made true and perfect Inventory of all … the goods chattels and … Signed: Samuel Adams, Joseph Dictum, John Madison Junr.
  21. (VA) 15 May 1770, Samuel Adams of North Carolina to Joseph Dictum, power of attorney to convey 340 acres on Branches of Linvells Creek devised by Margaret Adams and from him descended to Samuel as eldest son and heir, having been patented in the name of Mary Adams.
  22. (VA) 3 August 1771, John Harrison, 294 acres in Augusta County between the branches of Smith’s and Linvells Creek betwixt John Wrights and the widow Adams’ land on a ridge.
  23. (VA) 20 June 1772, Michael Bower and John Madison Jr, 340 acres in Augusta County on a branch of Linwells Creek. Whereas by patent 12 May 1759 Granted unto Mary Adams.
  24. (VA) 1 March 1773, Thomas Gragg, 140 acres in Augusta County on a dry branch of Linwels Creek between Samples and Hersons [sic] lands on a Limestone Hill adjacent said Heron and Harrison near Adams line.
  25. (VA) 26 April 1773, Thomas Gragg and Elizabeth his Wife of Augusta to George, 140 acres on Dry Branch of Linvels Creek Between Samples and Herrons land adjacent Herrons Line, corner Herrons, Adams line, Adams Corner, Harrisons Line, Harrisons Corner., granted to said Thomas Gragg by Patent 1 March 1763.
  26. (VA) 16 February 1779, George Davis and Sarah his Wife of Rockingham to Tunas Vanpelt, 140 acres on a Dry Branch of Linv--- Creek between Samples and Herons Lands first granted to Thomas Gragg 1 March 1773 and conveyed by said Gragg to George Davis bounded … near Adams line, South to said Adams corner, North on Harrisons --, Northwest to said Harrisons corner.
  27. (VA) 28 October 1793, John Harrison & Elizabeth his Wife of Rockingham to Robert Harrison and Reuben Harrison of same for £550, 534 acres in 3 tracts of land (1) 150 acres on Sinking Spring of Linvells Creek bounded by Mary Adams; (2) 294 acres between branches of Smiths and Linvills Creeks betwixt John Wright and Widow Adams lands.

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