Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Thomas Patterson of Buncombe County NC book status

The last three years have been very time consuming with a career change and many life changes. But all is good and writing has resumed on the book pertaining to my Thomas Patterson ancestor and related families. The book is called "Thomas Patterson of Buncombe County NC". 

I am currently working my way through the branches of John Patterson and Margaret Black's family. John was the oldest son of Thomas Patterson and Margaret Harrison. My rough draft has already completed the two older generations, plus the branches of Joseph B. Patterson Sr and George Patterson. Currently working on the branch of Amy Jane Patterson Kincaid. Also yet to work on are Robert Patterson, John Patterson Jr and Amos Patterson.

Thus far, over 800 pages are completed in the book. We'll have to see how much has to be edited out. Hopefully none. Perhaps it will have to be broken into multiple volumes?

More coming...



  1. yes amy jane patterson kincaid is my 5th great grandmother and susannah jane is my 4th great grandmother.look forward to see what u post.

  2. Dear Wes, My name is Kent Babcock and I am your 4th cousin, once removed, the two of us sharing 12 cM of DNA. Our most recent common ancestor is John Patterson and Margaret Black. Amy Jane Patterson is my 2nd great grandmother. An expression of gratitude to you for your website (kudos to you for all your efforts and researching) and your tree on Ancestry.com both of which have provided invaluable insights. Good luck with your writing.

    Have you ever done any Y-DNA testing or would you be willing to consider doing so? If so, I would be immensely interested to learn what insights Family Tree's Big Y 700 would reveal regarding our shared Patterson lineage. Please contact me if you would be willing to discuss the matter further. My e-mail address is babcockk@yahoo.com Fingers crossed you will.

    1. hello im the great granddaughter of john patterson and margaret and amy jane patterson is also my great grandmother through susannah jane kincade chastain vis sally clark chastain dyer and her daughter ida e dyer coombes and ruth f coombes

  3. Since I have started working with the Old Buncombe County Genealogical Society, I have switched gears on the title of the book making it more Buncombe Co centric. At this time, I believe the book will be titled "Thomas Patterson of Buncombe County NC". It will be split into two volumes most likely, each being under the 400 page limit. I'm currently about 80% finished with the book.

  4. Looking forward to this! Needing a new book to buy! :)


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