Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Rev Craig Baptisms in Augusta Co Va 1740s

Rev. John Craig was a Presbyterian minister in the Shenandoah Valley during the 1740's. He recorded in his own diary all baptisms and marriages he performed in the valley from 1740-1749. Those records were transcribed years ago into a book, and a few years ago I took pictures of the pages from this book. They are posted here.

On page 1, you will see a baptism of Abigail Patterson, daughter of Robert Patterson. This occurred in 1740. This Robert Patterson was my gggggg-grandfather. He is different from the other Robert Patterson mentioned later in these records. How do we know the difference? "My" Robert lived next to Jeremiah Harrison, and they both lived near the "Halfway House". There are very few references to the Halfway House in these records. Three I think. All of them are related to Jeremiah Harrison (two) and Robert Patterson (one).

The book is titled List of Baptisms by Rev. John Craig, Augusta County, Virginia, 1740 - 1749. Click on one of the images, then you should be able to navigate from one to the next in your browser.

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