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Another documented record for Robert Patterson Who Died 1775 York Co SC

Years ago when I first became aware of the Peaked Mountain church records from Augusta Co Va, I didn't know enough about the neighbors and kinsman of my Pattersons to put two and two together on this record. But I now know enough about them to confidently claim another record as being that of my Robert Patterson of Linville Creek, VA who later moved to and died in York Co SC in 1775.

"At a Meeting of ye Congn. November 1st 1763
Muddy Creek quarter for 3 years in 1st Capt Warren was concerned as Collector in Arrear £2.0.3 and from Robert Peterson & Archd. Hopkins for ye year 1762 two reced. 12.15.3 ½.
Ordered that John Davies & Majr. Smith inspect into their Collectors expence Since the Commencement of the Congn. & appoint New Collectors & return an account to ye Session & Daniel Love & Samuel Hemphill act so for Cook’s Creek quarter & Jas. Magill & Edward Irwin act so in North River quarter & yt. This resolution be publickly read next Lord’s day."

This was a church business meeting held on November 1, 1763, in Augusta Co VA a few miles west of Harrisonburg. In this same set of old records from this church, we also have the marriage record of Robert Patterson's son Thomas, styled as "Thomas Peterson". All of the Pattersons listed in these notes are spelled "Peterson", but they were all Pattersons. Most of them are of the other group of Pattersons closer to Staunton, and not my group.

On the other hand, any references to Linville Creek are certainly mine, 
and any references to Muddy Creek are potentially mine. Any references to Harrisons and Ponders and Cravens/Crevens are certainly mine. Cooks Creek is between Linville Creek and Staunton and is like Muddy Creek... could be mine, but not guaranteed.

However, "Robert Peterson" in this record (from the 1762 part) is immediately following the line on Muddy Creek. That part has always peaked my interest, but wasn't conclusive for me. But I now know who Archibald Hopkins was, and he was definitely from the part of Muddy Creek like my Robert Patterson was, west of Linville Creek (not south of it). Furthermore, Robert Patterson's younger half sister, Jane Adams, was married to Daniel Love. Archibald Hopkins married Jennet Love, sister of said Daniel. So Hopkins was a brother-in-law to Jane Adams Love (sister of Robert Patterson). And another Hopkins brother married another Love sister, as well.

Circled area is where Robert Patterson lived, about 1 mile west of the outer limits of modern day Harrisonburg, VA
Linville Creek is just to NE of circled area.
Muddy Creek is to the west of circled area.

You also see Daniel Love mentioned in the above notes, along with Samuel Hemphill. Mr. Hemphill was married to Mary Cravens in 1759 and recorded in these same Peaked Mtn church notes. Mary Cravens was the sister of Robert Cravens Jr, William Cravens, and Majey Cravens. 

Majey married Robert Black, who lived next farm over from my Robert Patterson, and then again next to him on Clarks Fork in York Co SC. 

Robert Cravens Jr married Esther Harrison, niece of my Robert Patterson, and also 1st cousin of my Thomas Patterson (via Esther's mother), as well as the 1st cousin of Margaret Harrison (who married Thomas Patterson) - (via Esther's father). Robert and Esther Cravens owned land next to my Robert Patterson in SC as well. 

And, William Cravens married a Jane Harrison, presumed sister of Margaret Harrison Patterson, and lived in SC for 7 years before returning to VA. William Cravens and my ancestor, Thomas Patterson were chain bearers together in 1767 in York Co SC for a survey for 150 acres for Robert Patterson Jr, son of my Robert Patterson (Sr). 

Samuel Hemphill even lived in York Co SC for several years.

There is NO DOUBT in my mind that Daniel Love, Samuel Hemphill, and Archibald Hopkins were key individuals that mixed with my Robert Patterson's people for years (generations), and therefore I am convinced more than ever that this is indeed my Robert Patterson in 1762/63.

Wes Patterson

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