Thursday, December 27, 2018

Thomas Harrison of Buncombe NC 1800 Census

For years I've read online about the Thomas Harrison of Buncombe Co., NC who lived there during the late 1790's and early 1800's, being in the 1800 census in a household of 14 members. However, I have checked the transcripts of that census numerous times never to find him listed. There is a John Harrison listed, but not a Thomas Harrison.

I also kept forgetting to check the original microfilm of that census, which you can do online in many places, including if you have a membership. I finally remembered the other night to check for this since I am writing a book on the Pattersons and their relatives pertaining to that time period.

And surprise, surprise. The transcribed version on the OBCGS site simply missed this line. I wonder how many others were missed? Thomas Harrison WAS on the microfilm version of the 1800 Buncombe census, right before John Harrison. See below.
1800 Buncombe Co NC Census - Thomas Harrison and John Harrison
This serves as a strong reminder to me to always check the original source, when at all possible.


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  1. hello wes im related to the black family to im there 9th great granddaughter to margaret black and susannah black and im a also great granddaughter to harrison and patterson this is fanstatice work


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