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Newfound Baptist Church Minutes

Just a reminder that the book on Newfound Baptist Church Minutes 1802-1865 is available for purchase and is a great resource for various families from Buncombe Co, NC in the early 1800's. This book is 150 pages and is fully indexed. Some of the families recorded in these minutes include Abel, Addington, Ball, Black, Brookshire, Cole, Duncan, Freeman, Goldman, Grantham, Gudger, Gunter, Harrison, Huckaby, Ingram, Kelly, Longmire, Macombe, Miles, Miller, Morrow, Mullins, Patterson, Plemmons, Ponder, Roberts, Sams, Sandlin, Snelson, Webb, Wever, Wilson, Wood, Woodfin, Worth and many others. 

The following is an excerpt from three months of 1811. This will give you a flavor for what can be gleaned from the book.

March the 16 Day 1811 the church met according to appointment and after worship proceded to the busness of the day, 1) brought the Busness forward concerning Sister Patterson [Margaret Patterson] and laid it over till next meeting in course and John Longmire is to cite her to attend next meeting, 2) appointed John Longmire and Bro Ingram to urge Bro James Trumbleston to proceed and settle the busness concerning A note wherein Bro John Plemmons is liable to buy it and to try to get it settled By our next meeting, 3) the church appoints Bro John Patterson assistent clerk and for him to keep a small Book for the purpose of Recording the proceeding of the Church, 4) the church appoints as following Brethren to settle any matter of dealings in The church before go to Law to [wit:] Daniel Ponder, John Wells, Thomas Ingram, Thomas Plemmons, Thos Woofin [Woodfin], John Patterson, John Roberts. Adjournd.

April the 20 Dy 1811 the church met and after divine worship proceed to the business of the day, 1) the busness of Sister Patterson [Margaret Patterson] laid over Till next meeting in course, 2) the busness of Bro Tumbleston measurably settled, 3) Eday [Edy] Johnson excommunicated from this church for transgression and refusing to give the greved members satisfaction and also refuse to come forward and hear the church. Adjournd.

May the 18th day 1811 the church met and after devine worship proceed the busness of the day, 1) the busness concerning Sister Patterson [Margaret Patterson] Brought forward and the agrieved members with her, an her acknowing her fault therefore she is restord to fellowship as Formerly, 2) this church agrees that our next July meeting be a communion season and this church agrees to petition to Cane Creek and Mud Creek for ministers to attend us at that time and the clerk is to rite to them on that subject, Bro is to try to get the nessary elements for the communion Sundy May the 19 Day 1811, then Recd Polly Morrow into our church fellowship by Expearance. A D [Adjourned].

The direct link to the OBCGS eBay store for this book is: Newfound Baptist Church Minutes 1802-1865 by Wes Patterson.

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