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Stewarts Branch Notes

The following notes are a collections of records found regarding "Stewarts Branch" aka "Stewarts Creek", which is presumed to be also "Tomahawk Branch", a branch of Muddy Creek in modern day Forsyth Co, NC, formerly Stokes Co (1789-1849), formerly Surry Co (1771-1789), and formerly Rowan Co (1753-1771). appears that James [Crook] joins his oldest son and daughter's families, acquiring land on Stewart's Creek in Stokes Co., NC,... and either in process of moving, or staying with one of them, missing inclusion in the 1790 U.S. Census of either Va. or N.C. - but dies in late 1791, and his will is of record there in Stokes Co. with very positive namings:

Stokes Co., N.C., Will of "Jeams" Crook: Oct. 22, 1793 -Wife: Elizabeth (5 slaves plus land); sons: Bignal "Jeamy, Jeremiah (all land on Stewart's Branch, Stokes County), William; daughter: Mary, wife of Richard Bennet. Executors: wife and son Bignal; witnesses: Christian Lash and John Shemel. (James Jr. and Jeremiah do not yet seem to be of "age".) Probated: December Term, 1793.

March term, 1794, Stokes County, N.C.: Inventory of Estate of James Crook in detail.
Another source,, says Jeremiah Crook was born circa 1767.
1785, March 14...Surry Co... NC deed BK C pg 199-200. ...Spencer Altum of Mongomery Co, to Zebedee Billator 70pds. 100 acres Stewarts branch adj. Mr. Cosart's land on northwest. Witnesses: Nathaniel Lash, James Reynolds, William (mark) Garrot. Signed: Spencer (mark) Altum s/Ann Altum.
WILL: A true inventory of the Estate of Michael Hauser, deceased.
First, four hundred acres of land on Stewarts Branch, one hundred and twenty seven acres upon Mill Creek, ..... August the 18th 1789

[Added 28 April 2009]
This map shows the Yadkin River region from the 1830's, and shows were a "Stewart Creek" and also a "Swan Creek" are located. The former is just west of Mt. Airy in modern day Surry Co and flows into the Ararat River which in turn flows into the Yadkin River on the north side. The latter (Swan Creek) is located just west of Elkin in modern day Wilkes Co (formed 1778) and flows into the Yadkin River from the south side. This particular Stewarts Creek (of which there are many) actually begins in Virginia, west of I-77 and the town of Lambsburg. It flows south past the western edge of Mt. Airy, NC and into the Ararat River. Said river continues to flow south past the western edge of Pilot Mtn and into the Yadkin River, which is flowing east at this point. As for Swan Creek, it clearly flows north (both branches of it) into the Yadkin River about a mile or so west or SW of Elkin, NC.

While it is possible that these Stewarts lived around one or both of these locations, I don't believe that to be the case, or at least not the Stewarts which came from Harrisonburg, Va in the late 1740's and early 1750's.

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