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Fergusons of Chester Co, SC

There was a Thomas Patterson who owned land next to a John Ferguson in Chester Co, SC in the 1760s and 70s. Was this my Thomas Patterson? Was this my John Ferguson?

The following info is from an online query I found about other Fergusons of Chester Co, SC - but the email address the poster used is no longer valid.

UPDATE: I found his web page at but again, the email address is not valid.


From: Mike Ferguson III
Subject: Ferguson DNA Project
Date: Fri, 21 Oct 2005

I am Mike Ferguson III, I have submitted for a Y-DNA37 - Male 37 marker paternal test. I have a well documented family history from my 6th Great-grandparents James & Agnes (Adams) Ferguson of Chester District, South Carolina to myself. Colin I hope from this you can fill in Places, Most Ancient Paternal, Notes & Details.

6th GGP James Ferguson Jr. married Agnes Adams (Fishing Creek, Chester District, South Carolina)

5th GGP Samuel Ferguson Sr. married Isabella Barber (Rocky Creek, Chester District, South Carolina)

4th GGP Samuel Ferguson Jr. married Rachel Telford (Chester District, South Carolina)

3rd GGP James Bluford Ferguson Sr. married Nancy E. Lott (Carrol County, Mississippi)

2nd GGP John Lott Ferguson married Mary Susan Holman (Madison County, Texas)

GGP Will Samuel Ferguson married Mary Kathrene Thompson (Madison County, Texas)

GP Mike Ferguson Sr. married Hazel Marie Andrews (Madison County, Texas)

Parents Mike Ferguson Jr. married Garland Ann Boswell (Madison County, Texas)

Mike Ferguson III, I married Barbara Sue McEachern (Tarrant County, Texas)

From James and Agnes upward there are two theories:

1.In the book "My Ferguson Ancestors in America 1680-1993" by James Edward Ferguson with major contributions by Walter Whatley Brewster using deed records, wills, etc they have added on the following generations.

8th GGP John Ferguson Sr. married Ann Stubbleson (of Essex County, Virginia) the original immigrant from Scotland.

7th GGP James Ferguson Sr. married Anne ? (Goochland County, Virginia)

A. In an article by John Markham Ferguson Jr, with a letter from David Dobson (Scottish Writer) research is done that compares a seventeenth century ships passenger list against Virginia headright lists of the same time period. Analysis is that John Ferguson of Essex County, Virginia sailed in May 1666 on the ship Phoenix of Leith out of Leith, port of Edinburgh, Scotland and landed in York County, Virginia before December 11, 1666. There was a James Ferguson who was born ca. 1652 also on this ship. Possibly Johns brother, cousin,?.

B. There is also other research done through Scots Origins that lists John Ferguson Sr of Essex County, Viriginia parents and grandparents as follows:

10th GGP Alexander Ferguson married Beiggis Miller (Gargunnock, Stirling, Scotland)

9th GGP John Ferguson married Janet Turnbul (Gargunnock, Stirling, Scotland)

2. In the book "The Fergusons of Texas" by Ouida Ferguson Nalle, the books genealogy agrees with mine up to James & Agnes Ferguson. Then the book states the following: "The Ferguson line descends from William Ferguson, called "Old Squire." He fled from Scotland with his three brothers after the death of Olivier Cromwell in 1658. His father, Alpha Ferguson, was killed and his property confiscated by the Crown. Three other brothers who had fought on the side of the king remained in Scotland. A tattered Bible once carried by Old Squire Ferguson in the Cromwell campaigns is a precious possession of the Fergusons of Texas. By 1758 the Fergusons were in South Carolina. They fought in the Revolutionary War."

I would like to find out if there is anyone in Scotland who knows these Fergusons who fought during the time of Olivier Cromwell?

I noticed in the participation list there are descendants of John Ferguson of Essex County, Virginia who married Ann Stubbleson. It will be interesting to see how well we match up.


Mike Ferguson III


  1. I've been looking for the actual farm locations of James Ferguson and his son Adams Ferguson. Have you by chance identified the location of their homesites?

    1. No, I have not been able to find there exact locations.


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