Thursday, February 18, 2010

Getting my BLACK family straightened out

Hi, Wes,

I’ve been working on a genealogy project for the past month and found your website about the BLACK family. My 5th great grandmother is Nancy Black (b. 1763 in Tryon/Lincoln Co., NC), married to John Hardin Hambright, and according to Bible records in the National Archives, her parents were Gavin and Juda Black. I have military service records for Gavin Black dated 1783 where he served 123 days in the military for the Patriot cause. What I’m finding is that there are so many Gavin Blacks, my head is spinning. Your records show that Matthew and Mary Black are the parents for Gowin (I’m thinking, Gavin) Black. There is a large John S. Black family here in Texas and they are swearing that Gavin Black’s father is George Black…but they are offering no proof. As you may know, George Black was one of the signers of the Tryon Resolves, and was a JP in NC in 1771 (source: Colonial Records of NC).

I have no idea where the original story about Gavin Black and George Black got started, but it’s been published in a book, The History of Grimes County, Texas”. This part of the Black genealogy is also published in the Handbook of Texas ONLINE, see article on John Sullivan Black. I’m not one to believe everything I read without sources, so I’m trying to sort out this lineage for myself.

Can you tell me more about the BLACK lines from Matthew (I’ve read much of what you have on your site) and do you know if George fits into this anyway? What is your evidence for Matthew Black’s children? Do you have a will?... or are you basing this one the land deeds you’ve mentioned? I’d love to talk to you about this if you have the time.

Also, there is a family lore (not from me!) that says that Gavin Black married Sarah Hambright in 1790 and they had 5 children. This surely isn’t my own Gavin Black, Father of Nancy, but as a Hambright family historian, this is really throwing a monkey wrench in the works. I hope you have something to share that will help sort out this mess.


Rebecca Kohout

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  1. I too am interested in the Black family. I believe that Matthew Black is the father of James Black who was the father of Moses who was the father of James who was the father of Rebecca Melvina Black. Am I correct?


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