Sunday, March 14, 2010

Matthew Black's Wife?

I thought I would send this post to you all (the Black research group) since it involves the BLACK family as well. Follow the link to the actual post so you can see the images of the marriages and baptisms mentioned in my post. It's titled "Thomas Patterson's Wife?" as that was the focus of my post. However, the same question applies to Matthew Black.

One marriage to look at closely is the first one on the second page. A Matthew Black married a Margaret Ponder on 7 Jan 1762 there in Augusta Co Va.

I can only wonder if this was the same Matthew Black who moved to Clarks Fork at York Co SC just a few years later (mid 1760s), as so many others on this list did.

Was this the same Matthew Black who later moved to Burke Co NC? I would venture to say, Yes, I think it was the same.

If he was, then he was a few years older than I previously thought. Perhaps the Daniel Black of Burke NC who got a land grant in 1827 was a son of Matthew Black, and perhaps he was named after old Daniel Ponder Sr? This might also mean that Matthew Black of Clarks Fork who moved to Burke, perhaps he was NOT the son of Robert and Magy Cravens Black, but rather a brother or cousin of said Robert Black? I believe Robert and Majy/Magy Cravens Black were both born in the early 1730s, and this Matthew Black who married Margt Ponder must have been born around 1740-42, I would guess.

Wes Patterson

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