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The Patterson-Ferrell Connection - Part 3

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The Patterson-Ferrell Connection to Robert and Elizabeth Patterson of 1810 Buncombe Co., NC

Last Revised: 9 March 2019

Before I discuss the Pattersons and Ferrells of Bedford, Warren, Cannon and Dekalb Counties, TN, let's take a step back and look at a Patterson couple that could have been the parents of John Patterson that married Ann Ferrell. The couple in question were named Robert and Elizabeth Patterson.

Robert Patterson was born between 1766 and 1774, based on census records (1800 & 1810 Buncombe Co., NC). However, he was most likely born closer to 1766/8. Circumstantial evidence indicates that Robert was a son of Thomas Patterson, who was born ca. 1736/40 in the Shenandoah Valley of Va in what is now Harrisonburg, Va. It was Augusta Co. at the time, but now Rockingham Co. Thomas was a son of Robert and Sarah Patterson, who died in 1775 and 1790, respectively, both in York Co., SC. This latter Robert was born ca. 1705/11 to William and Margaret Patterson.

Going back to Thomas Patterson, we know that he married Margaret Harrison on Dec. 24, 1761 in Augusta Co., Va. They moved to York Co., SC area shortly after that, where their apparent oldest son, John Patterson, was born ca. 1762/5. This John's daughter, Amy Jane Patterson (Kincaid), stated on the 1880 census that her parents were both born in SC. Her parents were John Patterson and Margaret "Peggy" Black. Based on that, and other evidence, there appears to have been at least one more son born to Thomas and Margaret, named Robert Patterson. It seems most likely that all of the children of Thomas were born in York Co., SC. Just keep in mind, however, that in the 1760's, it was referred to as Mecklenburg Co., NC, and then Tryon Co., NC, before it once again was claimed by SC.

Migration From SC to Buncombe Co., NC

This group of Pattersons show up in Buncombe Co., NC by the 1800 census. That said, my ancestor - the son John (b. 1762/5) - can be shown to have moved to NC between 1796 and 1798. HIS son Robert was born in SC in 1796. His next son, John Jr., was born in NC in 1798.

This is important to remember as we will see later that the John Patterson who married Ann Ferrell, is said to have been born between 1792 and 1795 in SC.

In 1800, Thomas Patterson and his son John Patterson, both of whom are my ancestors, were recorded on the Buncombe Co., NC census. Thomas' 50 acre tract of land was sold by the sheriff of Buncombe in 1804, however. No further trace of Thomas has been found. Did he die in Buncombe by 1804? Did he move away with some of his kids and grandkids? Did he have other children we have yet to identify?

B-017. 16 January 1804 Joseph Hughey to Caty Roberts, 50 acres West side French Broad River, including Thomas Patterson's improvement, beginning at a white oak George Black's corner on a ridge and runs north 25 degrees west 70 poles to a stake, then south 29 degrees west 100 poles to a post oak then south 52 degrees east 88 poles to a pine, then north 70 degrees east 22 poles to a Spanish oak then north 9 degrees east 90 poles to the place of beginning containing 50 acres the same being part of a large tract of land originally granted to Thomas Davidson and Mark Mitchel... Witnesses: Neily Patton & John Acton. Recorded: 2 June 1808.

His sons John (b. 1762/5) and Robert (b. 1766/8) were definitely still in Buncombe, however. See the following Buncombe deeds:

4-657. 2 August 1802 Richard Morrow to John Patterson, 100 acres West side French Broad River, between mouth of NewFound and Sandy Mush on Jenkin's Branch, runs north; Daniel Ponder, James Morrow, Andrew Patterson; July 1803; (WP: This John Patterson was the son of Thomas; Daniel Ponder was his uncle; James Morrow appears to have married a daughter of Peter Patterson, and therefore a 1st cousin of John Patterson; Andrew Patterson is not yet identified. He may have been a son of Peter as well, or perhaps another son of Thomas.)

B-17. 16 January 1804 Joseph Hughey to Caty Roberts, 50 acres West side French Broad River, including Thomas Patterson's improvement, beginning at a white oak George Black's corner... (WP: This was the sheriff selling Thomas Patterson's tract; it bordered George Black, who was a nephew of Thomas, as well as a 1st cousin to John Patterson, and also a brother-in-law to John Patterson; the next year, John Patterson bought 170 acre tract that also bordered this Thomas Patterson tract.)

10-55. 15 April 1805 Reuben Black to John Patterson, 170 acres originally granted to Thomas Davidson & Mark Mitchell on the west side of French Broad River, west side of a stoney ridge on Davidson's & Mitchell's old line; John Crownover, Isaac Miles; 1805; (WP: Same land that Reuben Black bought from George Black in Book 3 page 363 in the year 1802. Reuben and George appear to have been 1st cousins.)

10-83. 1805 Joseph Hughey to Robert Patterson, 100 acres West side French Broad River, upper side Turkey Creek; (WP: This is Robert Patterson, son of Thomas and brother of John.)

E-155. 12 May 1807 Ezekiel Sandlin to James Patterson, 70 acres Newfound Creek, joins George Black and Thomas Patterson's lands, beginning on a ridge Black's corner running east to Thomas Patterson's corner; John Love, Daniel Ponders; 22 August 1812; (WP: James later sold this tract to Reuben Black in 1816; Ezekiel Sandlin's father was William Sandlin of York Co., SC; it is believed that Ezekiel's wife was named Martha Patterson, and they definitely had a son named Robert Patterson Sandlin; it is possible that Martha was a daughter of Robert Patterson, and grand-daughter of Thomas; this James Patterson married Sarah Morrow / Marr; John Love and Daniel Ponder were both from York Co SC as well. James Patterson appears to have been a son of Peter Patterson.)

B-224. 29 August 1809 Clement Davis to Reason Davis, 100 acres lower side, running south on Turkey Creek; John Plemons, John Patterson; 23 November 1809; (WP: Clem Davis was most likely the father of this Reason Davis. Clem married an Elizabeth Plemons/Fleming. Clem was in Burke Co., NC in 1800. Clem and Reason were both next to Robert Patterson in Buncombe in 1810 census, and 4 households from Reuben Black. John Patterson, son of Thomas, was a witness, as was his neighbor and friend, John Pleming. This tract on Turkey Creek was near the Plemons/Plemings, and Morrows, and Ponders. This must also be where John Patterson's 100 acre was near, that he had bought in 1802 from Richard Morrow.)

E-136. 31 December 1810 Robert Patterson to Joseph Blact [Black], 100 acres Turkey Creek, upper side of Turkey Creek, west side of French Broad River; John Patterson, James Patterson; 5 August 1812; (WP: Lower in the deed it names grantee as Joseph BLACK. There were two Joseph Blacks in Buncombe during this time. They were apparently 1st cousins - one being a son of Joseph Black from York Co., SC, and the other being a son of Matthew Black, from York Co., SC and Burke Co., NC.)

Robert Patterson Leaves Buncombe Co., NC in 1810

There are other deeds of import from Buncombe, but for this article I would just say that there seems to have been a parting of the ways between brothers John and Robert Patterson around 1810. As you can see, Robert sold his land on the West side of the French Broad River in 1810, but John didn't begin selling the bulk of his land until 1815, 1818, and the last of it in 1820. John followed his sons and other relatives/neighbors into Haywood Co., NC between 1815 and 1820. There are deeds in Haywood involving John and his son Joseph B. Patterson, but there are none involving brother Robert. Robert has been proven to be the same Robert who owned land on Big Ivy Creek on the East side of the French Broad River as well. He was there as early as 1796, and still owned land there in 1810. However, Robert Patterson appears to have had an older son named Robert Patterson who took up residence on this Big Ivy land no later than 1810. Another theory is this land was actually on Jack's Creek, and that Robert living there in 1810 was married to Catherine and was the daughter of a Jane Patterson living nearby. Was this Jane the first wife of the older Robert? Was Jane the widow of one of the brothers from Clarks Fork in York Co SC, such as James Patterson or William Patterson, both sons of Robert and Sarah Patterson? There is some connection it seems, but more research needs to be done here.

That said, for years, I have been under the impression that the Robert Patterson recorded in 1820 Haywood Co., NC was the brother of John. I no longer believe that to be the case. Furthermore, I had never been able to find John's son Robert (b. 1796) in the 1820 census. He certainly wasn't still living with John based on John's enumeration. So the Robert living next to John in Haywood, I now believe to have been the son of John. I believe the younger male in the household was the Robert Patterson, b. 1796, and perhaps the elder folks in the home were family members of his wife. But it really makes no sense (and never has) that John's brother, Robert, would be living with him in Haywood, but never owning any land whatsoever, when he HAD been a land-owner in Buncombe during the previous decade.

Where Did Robert Patterson Move to after 1810?

So where was Robert Patterson of 1810 Buncombe (the brother of John... the son of Thomas), in the 1820 census? That is a good question. I've never been able to track down his children either. Based on the 1800 and 1810 Buncombe census records, it seems the following children would be the makeup of Robert's family:
  • ??? Son b. 1791/94 - Robert Patterson, b. ca. 1790, m. Catherine
  • Daughter b. 1791/94
  • Son b. 1791/94 - John Patterson, b. 1792/3, m. Ann Ferrell
  • Daughter b. 1795/1800
  • Daughter b. 1795/1800
  • Son b. 1795/1800
  • Daughter b. 1801/10
  • Son b. 1801/10
As you can see, there was a son old enough to be the John Patterson who married Ann Ferrell.  I previously thought he was the oldest son, but he may have been the second son of Robert.

One other caveat about these Pattersons of Buncombe on the West Side of the French Broad River... Newfound Baptist Church was founded in 1803, and Daniel Ponder was one of the key leaders of this church. He had married Elizabeth Patterson, younger sister of Thomas. Daniel was very much involved with John and Robert Patterson during the Buncombe years. The only other Pattersons mentioned in the Newfound church minutes (from 1803-1815) were John Patterson and his wife "Peggy", Robert Patterson and his wife "Elizabeth", Joseph Patterson (son of John), and a woman called "Sary Patterson" whom I believe was later referred to as "Sary Black". We know that Thomas Patterson had a teenage daughter in the 1800 Buncombe census. I believe this Sary Patterson to have been her, and that she married one of the Joseph Blacks before 1810. John and Robert were both deacons, and both of them and their wives were at one time excommunicated from the church for several months with some of the Plemons family over a family dispute between the church leaders and the Plemons family. The only person who was not a Patterson or a Plemons, was John Duncan. He was the father-in-law of Joseph B. Patterson, however. There was definitely some sort of family ties between these folks. I have to wonder if Robert Patterson's wife Elizabeth was a Plemons? I don't know, however, and cannot prove it. There was also a Piety Patterson named in the minutes, but her relationship to these Pattersons is not yet known.

The group who were excommunicated from the church in 1809 were all later reinstated to fellowship at the church.

As close as this group was, the separation that occurred in 1810 was quite obvious with the lack of records in Buncombe and Haywood involving this Robert Patterson. We do know that Robert Patterson owned land in Rabun Co., Ga, beginning in 1826, died around early 1830 or late 1829. There were court records in 1830 and 1831 regarding the personal property (land) in Rabun belonging to "Robert Patterson, dec'd". Joseph Patterson (presumably the son of John) was granted the right to administer the sale of the land on behalf of the heirs of Robert. Since the original writing of this, additional records in period newspapers have shown on-going estate records into the early 1830's, and where this land was in Rabun Co. - just to the southeast of the town of Clayton, GA.

What I glean from this is that Robert died no later than March of 1830 when the first court record took place. Elizabeth could have still been alive. But there were definitely heirs still living. Given the fact that John Patterson (b. 1762/5) had three of his sons living in Rabun Co., Ga in 1830 (Joseph, John Jr, and George - my ancestor), it seems apparent that this was the Joseph administering the sale of the land. Also, given that Robert's two oldest sons were in their 30's by this time (1830), meaning they were old enough to handle the estate themselves, I would assume they lived elsewhere and were not close enough to take care of their father's estate. 

Conclusions & Key Questions

Where does this leave us? I have shown the background info for Robert and Elizabeth Patterson as "brief" as possible, without leaving out too many key details. But this doesn't prove any link between Robert Patterson (b. 1766/8) and John Patterson (b. 1792/3; m. Ann Ferrell). I still see the need for evidence in two critical areas.

1. We still need to see some evidence that there was ever a Robert Patterson in TN between 1810 and 1820, preferably around the Ferrells that young John married into. Most researchers agree that John Patterson married Ann Ferrell in TN and around 1814/16, roughly.

2. We still need to find some credible linkages between the families of Buncombe Co., NC and the families of Bedford, Warren, Cannon and Dekalb Co's, TN. 

1812 Bedford Co., TN Tax List

This is where the 1812 Bedford Co., TN Tax records come into play. Keep in mind that in 1812, Bedford Co. was a large county. There were quite a few Pattersons listed in various locations of Bedford in 1812, so let's take a look at them briefly.

The western section of 1812 Bedford was later divided into what is now Bedford, Marshall, and part of Coffee Co's. The Pattersons that were later in Marshall Co. are very well documented to have descended from Samuel and Martha Ramsey Patterson. This includes persons such as Robert, Andrew, William, Thomas, Alexander, and John Peter Patterson. There were others, as well, but these are the primary sons that would have been heads of household by 1812. 

In Capt. John Wortham's district within Bedford Co. in 1812, we see John Patterson, James Patterson, and Thomas Patterson. Then in Capt. Andrew Patterson's district, we see Robert Patterson and Andrew Patterson, and many Wilsons. These Pattersons are clearly part of the afore-mentioned Samuel Patterson clan from Lancaster Co., PA.

However, one of the districts of 1812 Bedford that was on the eastern part of Bedford at that time, was Capt. John Sutton's district. This part of 1812 Bedford bordered Warren Co., and parts of the eastern edge became Warren Co. by 1820. After that, the western part of Warren (along the eastern part of Bedford) became Cannon Co. This is "ground zero" for where the Pattersons and Ferrells lived. So who showed up in the 1812 Tax list from John Sutton's district? Here are some names of interest:
  1. John Ferrell
  2. ......
  3. Howell Heathcock
  4. ......
  5. Robert Patterson
  6. Rodham Douglas
  7. .......
  8. Harrison Ferrell
  9. Charles Ferrell
  10. John Ferrell
  11. William Ferrell
  12. John Ferrell
  13. ...........
  14. Charles Ferrell
Who was that Robert Patterson? He's the only Patterson in the eastern side of Bedford. And he's among all of the Ferrells, relatively speaking. We know that John and Ann Ferrell Patterson had a son named Robert Patterson, but he was born about 1815/17, and was their oldest son. In 1812, they weren't even married yet. So this Robert Patterson is obviously not the son of John and Ann. Could this have been the father of John? 

Were any of these other men listed in Sutton's district later in Warren or Cannon counties? We know the Ferrells were. I spot checked several other men listed here in 1812, and the Howell Heathcock and Rodham Douglas that I listed above most certainly had connections that back this up. Douglas was born in 1775 in Richmond Co., Va, and died in 1850/60 in Bedford Co., TN. So he certainly wasn't in the district that later became Marshall Co. As for Heathcock, he was in Warren Co. in 1820, and in Coffee Co. during the 1830's until 1848 when he died. Again, this is the northeastern part of 1812 Bedford, just like Cannon Co. land was in 1812.

What Happened to Robert Patterson, and John and Ann Ferrell Patterson, in 1820?

Another caveat about the John Patterson / Ann Ferrell family (and this Robert Patterson of 1812 too, for that matter)... none of them show up in any of these counties of TN in 1820. It was as if they had left TN for a few years. Why? Did they return to Rabun Co., Ga? I'd love to check the 1820 census of Rabun, but those records were destroyed and that is not a luxury we possess. Robert didn't buy land in Rabun until 1826, so he most likely was NOT in Rabun in 1820.

I believe that Robert and Elizabeth Patterson left Buncombe around 1810 and moved to Bedford Co., TN. I believe it was he who was on the tax list there in 1812. Their oldest son (or cousin) Robert married Catherine in Buncombe in 1809 or 1810 and remained there, while son John married to Ann Ferrell in Bedford and had several children before moving back to Rabun Co., Ga by the 1820's. By 1830, Robert and possibly Elizabeth had died, and so John and Ann moved back to TN where her family, the Ferrells, were living. Thus a few years passed and by 1830, his cousin Joseph Patterson, still living in Rabun, was asked to sell Robert's land there in order to settle the estate for the heirs.

Earlier I stated that two issues needed to be resolved. The first issue, that of finding a Robert Patterson in Bedford Co., TN between 1810 and 1820 has "potentially" been answered.

The other issue, however, is can we find any families of Bedford, Warren, and Cannon counties that previously had roots in Buncombe, or even Burke Co., NC? The families of Buncombe had many relatives in Burke from the 1780's through the 1820's. I have previously (in other writings) established connections between Buncombe and Burke for the families of Plemons/Pleming, Black, Davis, and others who were relatives and close neighbors of John and Robert Patterson of Buncombe. But did any of these families move to this part of TN?

First, it should be noted that Robert Patterson of Buncombe (Turkey Creek) lived next to Clem Davis and had dealings with Davises, Plemons, and Harrisons. In Burke Co., NC in 1800, there were Plemons/Flemings there at that time, and they were clearly the same families. Clem Davis and other Davises were in Burke Co., NC in 1800, but a couple years later in Buncombe, next to our Robert Patterson in question. The Matthew Black clan of Burke Co., NC was prominent still in 1800, with many members of his family (kids and grandkids) moving into Buncombe by 1802 and the ensuing years. 

These Black families were very intermarried with this Patterson clan. For example, the older Joseph Black of York Co SC appears to have been the father of Margaret "Peggy" Black who married my John Patterson, son of Thomas Patterson. Thing is, Joseph Black was married to Sarah Patterson, sister of Thomas. Furthermore, there was a John Black who married another sister of Thomas, named Lydia Patterson. I do know there were other Pattersons that married Blacks, and both families came out of York Co., SC which at one time was called Camden District. 

So again, there was a very strong presence of families in the Jenkins Branch, Sandy Mush Creek, Newfound Creek and Turkey Creek section of Buncombe Co., NC just west of the French Broad River, that had many relatives still in Burke. These families apparently went back and forth between the counties in some cases.

The Gunters of Burke/Buncombe NC and Warren/Cannon TN

But what about Burke and Cannon Co., TN? Any matches there? Yes, the Gunter family, for example. Clayburn Gunter, James Gunter, and Gust (Augustus) Gunter, were all in Burke Co., NC in 1800. In 1790 Burke, Clayburn, Augustus and John Gunter were enumerated. Other Gunters who owned land in Buncombe Co., NC during that same time frame, were William and David Gunter.

The Gunters were neighbors to the Ferrells in what became Cannon Co., TN. Ann Ferrell's brother Enoch, married Mary Gunter. And their sister, Margaret Ferrell, married Clayborne Gunter, Jr. in 1820. As I mentioned in the previous post, researcher Kem Farr says that the John Ferrell family (father of Ann Ferrell) "lived in Gunters Hollow next door to the Gunters in 1820."

Also in my previous post I showed where John Patterson (who married Ann Ferrell) bought his first two tracts of land in Warren Co. (that later became Cannon Co.) in 1827 and 1829. Both were from Gunters. See following:

  • Land Deed Genealogy of Cannon Co. TN 1836-1857, Deed Book B:
    James Gunter of Warren County to John Patterson 30 acres that Augustin S. Gunter now lives on, it being a part of a 140 acre tract that Cleburn [Claburn] Gunter now lives on. 4 Oct 1827. (p.471-473)
  • Land Deed Genealogy of Cannon Co. TN 1836-1857, Deed Book B:
    Augustin S. Gunter of Warren County to John Patterson a tract of land in Warren County on the waters of Dry Fork of the Caney Fork. 25 Dec 1829. (p.470-471)
  • Land Deed Genealogy of Dekalb Co. TN 1838-1869, Deed Book A:
    Enoch Jones, Claborn Gunter, George Watson, Joseph Banks, John Enoch, William Alexander, and C. Ferrellthe heirs jointly of John Ferrell, all of Warren County, to Charles Ferrell seven tracts of land on Herricane Creek containing 71 acres. Other names on the deed were John Ferrell, Elizabeth Jones, Alexander C. Ferrell, John Patterson, Ann Patterson, Martha Watson, Jane Banks, Margaret Gunter, and John Ferrell Enoch. 22 Oct 1829. (P.547-550)
  • Warren Co. TN Will Book 1:
    John Patterson is the executor of the will of Clabourn GUNTER dated 31 Jan 1835 and porved 6 Apr 1835.

What immediately SHOUTS at me is that the key Gunter men in the first two deeds are James and Gus Gunter, plus Claburn Gunter. These are the same three men who were on the 1800 Burke Co., NC census! Furthermore, John Patterson winds up being the executor of Claburn Gunter's will in 1835. 

The Gunters had been in Warren Co., TN as early as 1803 and showed up on the 1812 Warren Co. Tax list. Apparently the Ferrells (and Pattersons) had not yet moved to live next to them until after 1812. Gunters listed on the 1812 Warren Tax list were James, Clayborne, Augusta, John, and another John. Again, these were the same men previously recorded in Burke Co., NC.

Gunter researcher, George Baumbach, wrote in 1995 (John Gunter of Chesterfield Co., VA & Guilford-Rockingham Cos., NC & Some of His Descendants, privately published, Raleigh, NC), the following about this Gunter family:

"Joel GUNTER, Private, North Carolina Continental Line, $96.00 Annual Allowance, $533.60 Amount Received, April 16, 1819 Pension Started, Age 76, Suspended May 1, 1820, Restored September 8, 1825, Died August 29, 1829; applied 9 Aug 1825, Warren Co, TN, aged 71 [see below], and had originally applied 29 Jul 1818 (also in Warren) (RW Pension File S38780). Joel GUNTER, d 22 Aug 1839, Warren Co, TN, was the son of John and Amy TILLOTSON Gunter of Chesterfield Co, Virginia, later in Guilford Co NC. He also resided in Spartansburgh Co SC where he is listed on the 1790 Census of Spartansburgh Co. By 1812 he was in Warren Co., TN along with brothers James Glass GUNTER, Augustus GUNTER, & Claiborne GUNTER. These brothers migrated to Warren Co., TN via Burke Co., NC. On 1812 Warren Co TN tax lists were two John GUNTERS, one of whom was the son of Augustus. The other was possibly John GUNTER, another brother to Joel, who was a Cherokee Indian trader, and ancestor of American humorist, Will ROGERS. Joel died at the home of his daughter, Frances WADE in Warren Co., TN."

Final Summary

At this time, I believe enough evidence has been shown to make a link between Burke and Buncombe Co's, NC on the one hand, as well as Burke Co., NC to Bedford/Warren/Cannon Co.'s, TN on the other hand. 

That is enough information for now. While I have no empirical proof that the Robert Patterson of 1812 Bedford TN is the same Robert Patterson of 1800 & 1810 Buncombe NC, and while I have no empirical proof that the Robert Patterson of 1812 Bedford TN was the father of John Patterson that married Ann Ferrell in 1814/16, I believe both links to be accurate conclusions. The supporting, circumstantial evidence in Burke and Buncombe, along with the evidence in Bedford, Warren, and Cannon Co's TN, as well as the Rabun Co., Ga evidence, all seem to fit a pattern. While one doesn't prove the other, none of these evidences conflict with the others, either. 

DNA Link Reminder

More importantly, this would be a great time to remind everyone that there IS a DNA link between the Cannon Co., TN Pattersons and the Buncombe Co., NC Pattersons. We have already established that in Parts 1 and 2 of this series. The question is, How? How are they related?

In Part 4, I plan to present evidence for the link between the Robert Patterson of Big Ivy Creek and Turkey Creek in Buncombe Co., NC (1795-1810) to the greater family of Robert Patterson (1705/11 - 1775) of York Co., SC. Until then...

Wes Patterson

The Patterson-Ferrell Connection: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

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