Friday, April 1, 2016

Family Pics: Davis and Langley

I recently borrowed five pictures my mom has framed and hanging on her walls. I took them home and scanned them in high resolution and uploaded to my online Photo Gallery. Here are those pictures and details about them. My mother is Vanza Davis Patterson.

Vanza's parents: Lettie Langley and Troy Davis

Troy Lee Davis 1909 - 1988
Lettie Mae Langley (Davis) 1915 - 1990

Lettie's parents: Vanza McGhee and George Thomas Langley

Evanzalene "Vanza" McGhee (Langley) (Davis)
1894 - 1969
George Thomas Langley
1886 - 1921

Troy's parents: Ruth Barber and Wesley Davis

Ruth Frances Barber
circa 1868 - 1940
Wesley Davis
1844 - circa 1911/12


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