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Love's United Methodist Church Cemetery

This post is to document the location of Holton, Carmichael, Jones, Grubbs, Dilworth, Plummer, and Clemmons graves at Love's United Methodist Church Cemetery. The cemetery is located in Walkertown, NC (Forsyth Co.). Family members buried at this cemetery were ancestors of Virginia Holton (Fishburne). Virginia was the mother of Ginna Fishburne Patterson, as well as Chip Fishburne, and Dana Fishburne Kwiatkowski. Virginia was married to Charles Carroll Fishburne, Sr.

Here is the Location of Cemetery on Google Maps.

Here is a Map of Grave Locations in the Cemetery.

Here is my Photo Gallery of Pictures taken in this Cemetery.

Family Graves in Cemetery (Ancestors of Virginia Holton Fishburne)

John Quinton Holton, Jr.
1897 - 1931
#1 in map
Clara Carmichael (Holton)
1896 - 1983
#1 in map
Virgil Salathiel Carmichael
1870 - 1898
#2 in map
Rosa Jane Jones (Carmichael) (Jones)
1876 - 1963
#2 in map
Isaac Newton Carmichael
1847 - 1928

Martha Jane Clemmons (Carmichael)
1844 - 1920
#2 in map
Simon Jordan Jones
1846 - 1887
#3 in map
Lucy Dilworth (Jones)
1847 - 1905
#3 in map
Mary Plummer (Clemmons)
1828 - 1883?
to Mary's left is a daughter with a stone
to Mary's right, is her husband, without a stone
Salathiel Stone Clemmons (no stone)
1822/23 - 1922
#5 in map
Harvey Dilworth
1808 - 1891
#4 in map
Elizabeth Moore (Dilworth)
1813 - 1869
#4 in map
John Grubbs
1799 - 1845
#5 in map

Ancestors of Virginia Holton Fishburne

Ancestors of Isaac Newton Carmichael

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