Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Two New Court Records Found for Robert Patterson

Two More Court Records from Augusta Co VA found for Robert Patterson of Linville Creek

By Wes Patterson

Last Revised: 21 August 2018

Robert Patterson lived near Linville Creek in Augusta Co VA from the late 1730’s through the late 1760’s, before moving south to what is now York Co SC along Clarks Fork. He died there in 1775.

Over the years I have attempted to maintain a timeline of recorded events for his life. Records that were publicly entered and available to anyone today. Records that have survived court house fires and other disasters. Records that I KNOW make reference to him.

There are numerous references to jurors in Augusta Co VA during the 1700’s named Robert Patterson. But there were always two or more in residence, therefore such a record is impossible to distinguish which Robert Patterson is meant. Therefore, I do not count these records. But surely, some of these belong to Robert of Linville Creek as well.

Nevertheless, today’s discovery of two more records that I can accurately determine to be “my” Robert Patterson, now bring the total of such records to 90! Never would I have imagined that so many confirmed records could be found of such an individual who lived on the frontier his entire life – and that during the 1700’s.

Today’s Discoveries

The records found today are both from the Augusta Co VA Court books, as researched and abstracted by Harald Reksten. 04-110 means Book 4, Page 110. See following:

  • 04-110. 20 March 1754, Ordered that Robert Patterson, Joseph Bryan, John McDonall and John Brown or any three of the them being first sworn before a Justice of the Peace for this County do appraise in Current Money the personal Estate and Slaves (if any) of Benjamin Copeland decd as shall be shown them by his admtor and return the appraisement thereof to the next court.
  • 06-179. 16 August 1758, Ordered that John Herdman, Robert Patterson, David Ralston and Jeremiah Harrison or any three of them being first sworn do appraise the personal estate and slaves if any of William Woods decd and return the appraisement to the next Court.

Benjamin Copeland’s case

In the first case, that of the appraisal of the estate of Benjamin Copeland, I already had the subsequent records that show Robert Patterson (his mark “R”), along with Joseph Bryan and John Brown returned the appraisal for Copeland’s estate on 29 May 1754, and then an additional appraisement was returned on 15 March 1755. Furthermore, Robert Patterson was a creditor on the estate as recorded on 17 November 1758. See Robert Patterson’s signature “R” mark from the 1755 appraisement entry:

There is no doubt whatsoever that this is our Robert Patterson of Linville Creek. John Brown was a neighbor of Patterson’s also. Joseph Bryan also lived on Linville Creek for just a few years. He would later become the father-in-law of the famous Daniel Boone.

William Woods’ case

Less is known of William Woods by this author, however, I can say with 100% certainty that John Herdman, David Ralston, and Jeremiah Harrison were all neighbors of Robert Patterson on Linville Creek. In fact, Harrison was Patterson’s brother-in-law.

Given the certain relationship between Patterson and Harrison, and the close proximity to John Herdman and David Ralston (aka Rollstone) as near neighbors, I am convinced this Robert Patterson is the one who lived on Linville Creek near the head drafts of both Linville Creek and Cooks Creek.

See the Timeline of Recorded Events for Robert Patterson for more details.

Wes Patterson

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