Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Brookberry Farm Deed Mapping

To date I have uncovered about 25 deeds that made up Brookberry Farm. As I have been mapping out those tracts on my Deed Mapper program I have discovered a couple "holes" in my overall "deed map" of the farm.

Using some maps of the farm online (official Brookberry Farm site map and Rezoning Request and Map) has helped me realize there may be a few more smaller tracts on the perimeter than I was previously aware of. I will need to investigate that further. According to the farm's official site, it is an 800-acre farm currently. Of course, that does not include the land that was sold to the Winston-Salem Forsyth County School system, which currently houses Meadowlark Elementary and Middle Schools. So this farm truly may have been 850-900 acres in its prime.

I am currently mapping out the northern tracts and have run into a couple snags. In some of these older deeds (early and mid 1900's), errors were made in surveying - I have discovered - and those errors in the boundary descriptions were carried from one deed of sale to the next. I have had to trace them back several sales in some cases to find an older deed for the same tract to find the correct dimensions for said tract.

Once I finish mapping the deeds in my possession, I'll search for the remaining tracts that I have apparently missed. Once that is complete, I'll then begin the "full steam ahead" research on tracing these tracts back to their original owners from the 1700's. I've actually already begun that a few weeks ago and have already discovered some very interesting details. But I'll save them for later.

By the way, an excellent site is "Captivated by Mandie", which is her blog from 2004-2005 when the initial housing development began on the farm. And of course, Bo Gray's blog is a tremendous resource for pictures and anecdotal details about the farm "from the inside" - inside the Gray family, that is.


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