Saturday, July 23, 2011

Jerry Patterson and the "Montana Gus"

Are you familiar with the movie Lonesome Dove?

Then you should also be familiar with the character Gus McCrae, played by actor Robert Duvall.

As pop-culture would have it, we Americans have adopted aspects from this movie into our own culture, such as the specific type of cowboy hat worn by McCrae. This particular hat is called a "Montana Gus".

Don't ask me why. It was news to me, too.

Just this week my cousin Jerry returned from his annual pilgrimage to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. You know... the Grand Tetons... spectacular, western landscapes... Lonesome Dove!

It's easy to see why Jerry loves to visit Jackson Hole each year. The following picture gives us a glimpse of the Grand Tetons in the background. But wait a minute! The mountains aren't the focus of this photographic masterpiece.

Behold! I present... Jerry Patterson in a self portrait demonstrating the "Montana Gus".

Jerry Patterson - Jackson Hole, WY - the "Montana Gus"

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