Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Pictures of Older Family Members Keep Coming In

More and more pictures of older family members continue to pour in. The last 5 or 6 weeks have been quite exciting for me. So far I have only posted pictures related to the William Harden "Bill" Patterson (1832-1883) family, but many others have been sent to me from other generations and family branches as well.

Tonight I have added seven more pictures to the Bill Patterson Family Photo Gallery. They include pictures of 1) Aunt Callie (Patterson) and her husband Dutch Hickey, 2) another picture of Uncle Bunyan Patterson and his wife Arvy, 3) Uncle Lump Patterson, 4) Aunt Emma Patterson Queen, 5) Lewis G. Queen, husband of Emma Patterson, 6) Aunt Jeff (Patterson) and her husband Uncle Roe Owenby, and 7) my great-grandpa "Lije" Patterson, and his son Clint (my grandpa), and my dad Francis and all his siblings, taken in the summer of 1948 on a trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains.

I also talked to my distant cousin, Dwight Mason, today. He says that the pictures his mother, my late great-aunt Nellie Patterson Mason, had are now in the possession of his brother, Dwayne Mason. I'll be contacting him soon as I know Aunt Nellie had a different picture of William Harden Patterson that I want to copy and post. Aunt Nellie was a daughter of Lije Patterson.


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  1. I have spoken with Dwayne a couple times recently and probably in August we'll be coordinating our schedules to meet in Blairsville, GA for me to scan a bunch of pictures Aunt Nellie had. Sam Nichols will most likely be there at the same gathering and will bring his picture(s) of his grandparents, Lula Patterson Gray and James Gray.



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