Robert Patterson (b. 1748/53; d. 1828)

Parents: Robert & Sarah Patterson

Siblings: Mary | Thomas | Abigail | Sarah | James | Peter | Robert | Elizabeth | Lydia | William

By Wes Patterson (Last Revised: 4 April 2017)

Robert Patterson Jr was born between 1748 and 1752, in the Linville Creek area of Augusta Co Va. This area is about three miles west of Harrisonburg, Va in modern day Rockingham county.

By the time Robert Jr was 10-15 years old the family had moved to what was then Mecklenburg Co NC in the 1760's. From 1769 to the mid or late 1770's it was under the jurisdiction of Tryon Co NC. Once the boundary line between the Carolinas was surveyed and resolved, it turned out that the Clark's Fork of Bullocks Creek area where Robert Jr and his parents and siblings all lived was actually in SC. It had formerly been known as Craven Co SC in the 1750's and prior, thus the reason for his father's will in 1775 to be labeled as the Will of Robert Patterson of Craven Co SC. By the late 1770's it became known as York Co SC, and thus it still is today.

Robert Jr married Mabel Ponder between 1778 and 1780 in York Co SC. Therefore, he was single when his dad wrote his will in 1775, and therein having made Robert Jr and Peter (two of his sons) executors of his will. Robert Jr and Mabel lived in York Co SC until about 1795/96 at which time they moved to Rutherford Co NC. They may have lived briefly in Rutherford Co NC already back around 1787, but this move in the mid 1790's was permanent, at least in terms of leaving York Co SC.

Robert and Mabel's 14th and youngest child was born in Rutherford Co NC in 1803. Sometime after that they moved to McMinn Co TN. Robert Patterson Jr wrote his will in McMinn Co TN on 1-27-1828. He died shortly thereafter.

There are several descendants of Robert and Mabel who have done a tremendous job of documenting the large family of Robert Jr. I am especially indebted to them for sharing their work with me. They are Harald Reksten, Cay Devin, and Doris A.W. Oakes. Thank you all very much!

The following is a list of the 14 children of Robert and Mabel Ponder Patterson:
  1. Margaret (b. 1780; d. 1857); m. Samuel Blackburn
  2. Eda (b. 1782; d. 1863); m. John McIlheron
  3. Martha "Mattey" (b. ca. 1784; d. ____); m. Richard Moore
  4. William T. (b. ca. 1786; d. ca. 1862); m. Sarah Grigg
  5. Robert III (b. 1787; d. 1864); m. Margaret "Peggy" Nowlin
  6. Sarah (b. 1788; d. 1834); m. Jonathan Moore
  7. James (b. ca. 1789; d. ca. 1850); m. Margaret _____
  8. Nancy Eunice (b. ca. 1793; d. 1862); m. Joel Grigg
  9. Elizabeth "Betsey" (b. 1794; d. 1860); m. Isham Julian
  10. Mabel (b. 1796; d. 1884); m. John Poston
  11. son (b. ca. 1798; d. 1800/10)
  12. Anna (b. 1800; d. ____); m. James Green
  13. Samuel (b. 1802; d. 1892); m. Lillie Crowder
  14. Hannah (b. 1803; d. 1840); m. Jeremiah F. Strange

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