Lydia Patterson (b. 1755/58; d. 1786/88)

Parents: Robert & Sarah Patterson

Siblings: Mary | Thomas | Abigail | Sarah | James | Peter | Robert | Elizabeth | Lydia | William

By Wes Patterson (Last Revised: 6 April 2017)

Lydia Patterson was the youngest daughter of Robert and Sarah Patterson. She was named on Robert's 1775 Will in York Co SC. She was born in the 1750's on Robert Patterson's Linville Creek property in Augusta Co VA about three miles west of Harrisonburg, VA. The family moved to what is now York Co SC in the 1760's to land along Clarks Fork of Bullocks Creek near Kings Mountain.

When the Pattersons moved to SC, other families that migrated to the same location included Harrisons, Cravens, and Blacks. Some say the Blacks were part of the larger Matthew and Mary Black clan, but I have no proof of this. If this is true, it's possible that sons of this older Matthew and Mary include Robert, Gawin/Gavin, and Joseph. All three of these men moved their families to York Co SC, and older sons of Robert included John and Matthew, although this younger Matthew may have actually been a brother of Robert as opposed to a son. This has not been proven for sure yet.

This younger Matthew had married Margaret Ponder in Augusta Co VA a year or so prior to their move to SC. John Black later married this Lydia Patterson in the 1770's. Joseph Black married Sarah Patterson, sister of this Lydia. And Daniel Ponder Jr (sister of Margaret) married Elizabeth Patterson, another sister of this Lydia. Another Ponder sibling was Mabel Ponder, who married Robert Patterson Jr. The afore-mentioned Robert Black was married Majey/Maggie Cravens, a daughter of Robert Cravens Sr and Mary Harrison. 

Other families with connections at Clarks Fork in SC who came from the Linville Creek area of VA were Nathaniel Harrison, Robert Cravens Jr, and William Cravens. The two Cravens men were brothers of the afore-mentioned Majey Cravens (Black). Robert Cravens Jr married his 1st cousin, Esther Harrison. Esther was a daughter of Jeremiah Harrison and Elizabeth Patterson (sister of Robert Patterson Sr.)

William Cravens married Jane Harrison, sister of Nathaniel Harrison. Another sister of Jane and Nathaniel Harrison was Margaret Harrison, who married Thomas Patterson on Dec. 24 1761 in VA not long before they moved to Clarks Fork in SC. Thomas Patterson was a brother of this same Lydia Patterson. 

Regarding this Lydia Patterson and John Black, another researcher named Keith Dull years ago passed along some information about John and his two wives and the children he had by both of them. Lydia was his first wife, and she apparently died about 1786 or thereabouts. After that John remarried to a woman named Jane, and they had a few more children. John Black and his family eventually moved to Pulasky Co KY where they settled and died.

John Black and Lydia Patterson had the following children:
  1. son (b. ca 1779; d. ____)
  2. Moses (b. ca 1781; d. ____)
  3. Mary (b. ca 1782; d. ____)
  4. son (b. ca 1784; d. ____)
  5. Naomi (b. ca 1786; d. ____)

John Black and Jane ____ had the following children:
  1. Jane (b. ca 1789; d. ____)
  2. Agnes H. (b. ca 1790; d. ____)
  3. Priscilla (b. ca 1792; d. ____)

John Black died in August of 1830 in Eubank, Pulasky Co, KY. Jane died there in 1834. If anyone has any more details you could share that would be appreciated. Thank you.

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