Sarah Patterson (b. 1742/44; d. after 1793)

Parents: Robert & Sarah Patterson

Siblings: Mary | Thomas | Abigail | Sarah | James | Peter | Robert | Elizabeth | Lydia | William

Children: Susannah | Sarah Margaret George Robert | Joseph 

By Wes Patterson (Last Revised: 4 April 2017)

Sarah Patterson appears to have married Joseph Black of York Co SC. This is based on her father's statement in his 1775 Will where he mentions Sarah, and then also mentions leaving land to her that was between him and Joseph. 
I likewise give and bequeath unto my daughter Sarah one cow and calf, and what is between Joseph and me.
Then there is also the signature of Joseph Black on the jacket of the Will. Given that there are no other Josephs mentioned in the will, these must be one and the same. 

Evidence from the John and Margaret Black Patterson family, and also from the James and Susannah Black Kincaid family, help give us clues as to some of the make up of this larger family. I descend from John Patterson (son of Thomas) who later married Margaret "Peggy" Black in the late 1780's. Family data shows us that her sister was Susannah Black, who married James Kincaid, also of York Co SC. Amy Jane Patterson was born in 1793, a daughter of John and Peggy. William D. Kincaid, a son of James and Susannah, was born in 1789. William and Amy, 1st cousins, later married in 1815. Amy lived until 1889, and much of this information comes from her descendants, quoting her. 

Furthermore, John and Peggy Black Patterson's oldest son was Joseph B. Patterson, born in SC in 1789. I am convinced he was named for Joseph Black, Peggy's father. Joseph and his younger brother, John Patterson Jr, both named sons Joseph B. Patterson, as well. Not only was there an older Joseph Black in York Co SC, the various members of his family and the Matthew Black family, all migrated to Buncombe Co NC. It appears to be without question that the two younger Joseph Blacks of Buncombe from the early 1800's were sons of Joseph Sr and Matthew. It is my belief that Matthew's son Joseph Black later married a woman named Sarah "Sary" Patterson, daughter of Thomas Patterson.

Needless to say, Joseph Black of York Co SC was a prominent figure in the Black and Patterson families of York Co SC. He married Sarah Patterson, daughter of Robert and Sarah Patterson. The circumstantial evidence seems overwhelmingly clear to me that the Blacks of Buncombe were from Matthew and Joseph, and since we have been able to identify many of the members of Matthew's family, we are able to deduce who is from this older Joseph and Sarah Patterson Black family.

We know that daughter Susannah Black was born about 1763, so we can estimate from that date that perhaps Sarah was born ca 1742/44.

Sarah and Joseph Black had at least the following children. I descend from Margaret.
  1. Susannah (b. ca 1763; d. 1840/50); m. James Kincaid
  2. Sarah "Sary" (b. 1765/66; d. 1850/60); m. (?William) Durham
  3. Margaret "Peggy" Black (b. ca 1767; d. 1850/60); John Patterson
  4. George (b. ca 1770; d. 1850); m. Jane Duncan
  5. Robert (b. 1770/74; d. ____); m. ____
  6. Joseph (b. 1775/84; d. ____); m. ____

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